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Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Discuss Political Issues, Right? Not So Fast, Experts Say – 03/22/18
Article asks how you approach articulating your company's stance on big issues in the wake of instances of tragedy and political controversy, quoting Professor Megan Kashner on how business leaders are actually in a position to open the lines of communication around an issue rather than fan the flames further.


Beyond Meat, And How Radical Wins – 03/22/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle discusses the radical approach of the plant-based protein company Beyond Meat, which micro-analyzed a hamburger to try to replicate the sizzle and taste.


Top Three Elements of Recruiting Rockstars – 03/22/18
Article interviews Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman on making sure you hire the right person.


The NRA boycotts force companies to walk a precarious tightrope – 03/22/18
This is a republication of a Kellogg Insight article, which interviews Professor Brayden King and Professor Tim Calkins on company responses to NRA boycotts.


Facebook: Your personal info for sale – 03/21/18
Article discusses the latest Facebook privacy scandal, quoting Professor Kent Grayson on how Facebook tracks consumer activity and “can deliver personalized information to you based on your behaviors." Professor Grayson was also quoted on this topic in Chicago Tribune.


‘Siri, what do you do best?’ – Why voice-search assistants need to specialize – 03/21/18
Article by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney discusses how the increasing amount of electronic assistants lends itself to specialization. Sawhney mentions that Apple’s Siri would be the perfect navigation companion to Amazon’s Alexa, which stays at home.


The Frog and The Price: 7 Ways Recruiting is Just like Dating – 03/21/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses the common mistakes people and organizations make when searching for a new love interest or hire.

The Washington Post

Go ahead and #DeleteFacebook. But here’s the change we really need – 03/21/18
Article discusses what changes need to take place after the latest Facebook privacy scandal, quoting Professor Brayden King on how many are calling to boycott Facebook for past indiscretions. “The only way the boycott will be effective is if it creates enough reputational damage that regulation becomes a reasonable option or if advertisers leave en masse.”

Garnet News

Snapchat Stumbles with Clueless ad – 03/19/18
Article by Professor Ellen Taaffe highlights how Snapchat has received backlash for promoting an ad that appeared to make light of domestic abuse suffered by Rihanna.


Toys ‘R’ US stores may be closing, but name will live on – 03/19/18
Article discussing the legacy that the Toys ‘R’ Us will leave behind quotes Professor Alexander Chernev, who said brand buyers who succeed are those with stronger operations like logistics but who lack emotional connections with their customers. Also covered in Business Insider and U.S. News.

Financial Times

Life after Trump: White House alumni face an uncertain future – 03/17/18
Article discusses the challenges for Trump employees will face heading back into the job market. The article quotes Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman, who said recruiters are typically most interested in what impact a candidate has had regardless of where they worked.

The Economist

States are finding new ways of killing enemies abroad – 03/15/18
Article on the history and future of assassinations cites research from Professor Benjamin Jones on the number of assassination attempts from 1875-2004.

Harvard Business Review

What if Companies Were Required to Tell Workers What Their Colleagues Earn? – 03/15/18
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris discusses whether companies should tell employees what their counterparts at other companies as well as what their own colleagues earn at work.

The Atlantic

Why a Study on Opioids Ignited a Twitter Firestorm – 03/14/18

Article on the Twitter firestorm created by a study on overdose-reversal drugs interviews Professor Craig Garthwaite about how these studies are conducted, and their potential shortcomings.

Influence Digest

Kellogg School of Management Prof. Jeff Hyman Talks Entrepreneurship, Books, & Trump – 03/13/18
Article interviews Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman about his background and his new book on finding the winners and igniting your business.


Dumping, Cheating And Illegality: Trump Misleads The Public On Steel Tariffs – 03/12/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how President Trump has been misleading the public by wrongfully associating steel tariffs with cheating and dumping.

Poets & Quants

Top Business Schools: Northwestern University’s Kellogg’s School of Management – 03/12/18
Article profiles Kellogg’s EMBA program, quoting Associate Dean of Kellogg’s Executive MBA Global Network Greg Hanifee on how the EMBA at Kellogg is a three-way intersection: “It starts with developing yourself to be the best leader you can be combined with research and rigor our faculty bring to classroom. This is met with a cross-cultural collaboration and team approach that has been at the heart of Kellogg for so long. It sets the stage for students, for whatever their potential might be.” Student experience insights from recent EMBA alumna Sandy Rodriguez are also included.


When The Headhunter Calls, What Will Your Best Employee Say? – 03/10/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses ways you can “headhunter-proof” your organization and minimize the chances of losing your top people.


As Robots Threaten More Jobs, Human Skills Will Save Us – 03/10/18
Article by Professor Mohan Sawhney explores how as robots and artificial intelligence continue to threaten jobs, humans will be able to protect themselves using empathy.

Huffington Post

I Worked in Corporate Accountability for a Decade. Here’s the Truth About Corporations Gettoing ‘Woke’ on Guns – 03/10/18
Articled delving into how companies respond to gun violence cites research by Professor Brayden King on which companies are most likely to respond to public pressure.