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B-School Bulletin – 02/10/18
Article highlights insights from Professor Sarit Markovich on the issues that surround cryptocurrencies. Article also highlights as the NEST project, which Professor Kara Palamountain is a member of, and how the project recently won $15 million to help even preventable newborn deaths in Africa.

The Economist

Bitcoin and its rivals offer no shelter from the storm – 02/08/18
Article on the looming crypto-currency bubble quotes Professor Sarit Markovich, who said that many retail investors bought crypto-currencies not out of rational calculations but for fear of missing out.


How Many More Jobs Would There Be Without the Trade Deficit? – 02/07/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy examines the potential implications associated with a reduced trade deficit. Levy examines the common fallacy that reducing the trade deficit would actually lead to more jobs.

Poets & Quants

P&Q’s Top MBA Startups: Naked, Fitness Tracking in 3D – 02/07/18
Article spotlights the startup Naked Labs and interviews the company’s COO / Kellogg alumnus Ed Sclater. Since graduating from Kellogg in 2014, Sclater has worked on the product that shows how your body is changing with each workout.

My Startup Journey

" & EVC President" – 02/07/18
Professor Paul Corona has been featured on the Kellogg EVC Club podcast, "My Startup Journey." In this episode, Kellogg entrepreneur, David Hasebrook mentions taking Corona's course, "Personal Leadership Insights", which teaches MBA students what it takes to be an executive leader.

The Wall Street Journal

How do your Financial Adviser’s Fees Compares? Good Luck Figuring it Out – 02/07/18
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris discusses how to evaluate if you are getting a good value with your financial adviser. Harris highlights the difficulty in obtaining industry information on the different rates advisers charge.

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Small Progress for Women MBA Founders – 02/06/18
Article highlights the top women-founded MBA startups. The article mentions Kellogg startup Wise Apple, which was ranked the No. 82 women-founded startup.

Strong Suit

Strong Suit, Help Your Staff Achieve Work/Life Integration. Help Your Bottom Line. – 02/06/18
Podcast conducted by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses how to have a successful work/life integration, which is key to a fruitful personal and career life.

tharawat magazine

The Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises: The Quest for Theory-Driven, Evidence-Based Frameworks – 02/06/18
Article interviews Professor Justin Craig about Kellogg’s unique center for family enterprises. Craig discusses the role of the center, its research priorities, and how it plans to help family-driven businesses in the future.

WGN Radio

The Opening Bell 2/6/18 – 02/06/18
Radio interview features commentary from Professor Derek Rucker on the best Super Bowl ads, including the Amazon Alexa ad.

ABC Chicago

Reviewing the Super Bowl ads – 02/05/18
Video features commentary from Professor Derek Rucker on the winners and losers from Kellogg’s Super Bowl Ad Review.

Associated Press

Here’s a look at the best and the worst Super Bowl ads – 02/05/18
Article showcases the best and worst ads from the 2018 Super Bowl. The article quotes Professor Tim Calkins about the heavily-criticized Ram truck spot. Also seen in The Washington Post.

Associated Press

Ram truck ad using MLK speech draws backlash – 02/05/18
Article discusses the Ram truck ad that aired during the 2018 Super Bowl and used a MLK speech in the background. The article quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said the use of the speech to promote Ram trucks strikes many people as crass.


Commentary: Ram Probably Should’ve Read MLK’s Whole Speech Before Using it in an Ad – 02/05/18
Article by Professor Nicholas Pearce calls out Ram for its controversial Super Bowl ad, which used a voice over from MLK’s speech to help sell the company’s trucks.

New York Times

Ram Trucks Commercial with Martin Luther King Jr. Sermon is Criticized – 02/05/18
Article highlights the Ram trucks Super Bowl ad which used a MLK speech in the background. The article quotes Professor Tim Calkins about the controversial ad.

Poets & Quants

Kellogg MBAs Name Best Super Bowl Ads – 02/05/18
Article written by Kellogg student Rob Pothier recaps the student experience from this year’s Super Bowl Ad Review.

New York Times

Advertisers Eschew Politics for Humor in Super Bowl Commercials – 02/04/18
Article discusses advertisers move away from political commentary and towards humor for the Big Game. The article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on the backlash that Ram trucks has received for going political.

Poets & Quants

B-School Bulletin: A Tour of New York’s Speakeasies, and More – 02/03/18
Article highlights research conducted by Professor Adam Waytz on how people show more support for paternalistic policies if they believe recipients are not very mentally capable. The bulletin post refers to the recent Kellogg Insight piece about the full study.

Associated Press

Super Bowl Ads shy from politics and mind their manners – 02/02/18
Article explains how many of this year’s Super Bowl advertisers are minding their manners and trying hard to steer clear of everything from politics to the #MeToo movement with lightly humorous ads that don't offend, quoting Professor Tim Calkins. "It may be that advertisers with risky ads are waiting for the game, hoping to protect the surprise and break through the clutter.” Also published in The New York Times.

CBS News

Super Bowl 2018: The real contest — will viewers tune in? – 02/02/18
Article examines how after a year of bruising NFL TV ratings, analysts and advertisers are asking if the Super Bowl itself will emerge a winner — or suffer from a defeat if viewers tune out, quoting Professor Derek Rucker. “This is a critical test for the NFL. If they show a slip in ratings, the consequences will be massive. That price tag — $5 million for 30 seconds — is contingent on how many people are watching.”