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Poets & Quants

Meet Kellogg’s MBA Class of 2019 – 10/30/17
Article features a profile of Kellogg’s MBA Class of 2019, including 12 Q&As with students from the incoming class.


Imagining Obamacare in 2020 – 10/30/17
Article imagines the Affordable Care Act in 2020, making projections from what the Trump administration is doing and says it will do to change healthcare laws, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on the expectations he had for the marketplace under the ACA.

Poets & Quants

Business School News Briefs – 10/29/17
Article rounds up top news from b-schools across the nation, featuring an story about Kellogg and Pritzker’s collaboration on an immersion program in San Francisco. The program will focus on the legal and business environment of startups, venture capital firms and technology companies, according to the Daily Northwestern article.

Chicago Tribune

Founders and investors dig into Chicago’s deal scene at Fund Conference – 10/27/17
Article says that start-ups are going to have to get more creative with their business ideas, as “all the easy stuff has been taken.” Professor Mohanbir Sawhney says, “When you start scaling a company, that’s when you need process, you need structure, and you need professional management,” which can be found in an MBA.

Clear Admit

Fridays from the Frontline: When Kellogg Says “Social Impact,” It Means Business – 10/27/17
Article by Kellogg student Sahar Jamal talks about what social impact means to her—and what it means at Kellogg—and why the common ground between the two made her choice of schools an obvious one.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Which Chicagoans are best at mentoring women? – 10/27/17
Article takes a look at Chicago executives who excel at mentoring women in different sectors, highlighting Adjunct Lecturer Troy Henikoff, who helps to mentor young Chicago entrepreneurs.

Huffington Post

How Well is American Capitalism Working? – 10/27/17
Article by Professor Philip Kotler discusses how well American Capitalism is working. Professor Kotler also discussed the topic of capitalism with Marketplace Radio.


How Consumers Could Be Affected If CVS And Aetna Merge – 10/27/17
Radio segment features Professor Amanda Starc as she discusses the implications of a possible merger between CVS and Aetna. Starc says that “consumers will probably not see a reduction in their prescription drug prices, if the deal goes through.”

The Hill

Unlike the national debt, your 401(k) is safe – 10/27/17
Article written by Visiting Professor Ben Harris discusses how Americans’ 401(k) plans are safe even if Congress passes the GOP tax plan. Retirement accounts are safe, and people have no reason to worry.


Science: Here’s How to Generate 26 Percent More Ideas at Your Next Brainstorming Session – 10/26/17
Article highlights by Professor Leigh Thompson that notes embarrassing personal anecdotes at the beginning of a brainstorming session can lead to more good ideas at the end of it.

Wall Street Journal

Deutsche, Barclays Feel the Investment Bank Burn – 10/26/17
Article explains how Barclays PLC and Deutsche Bank AG, the big European banks, have both recently said that trading revenue declined 30% in the third quarter. Professor David Stowell is quoted.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago-area hospitals have merger fever. Is it good for patients? – 10/25/17
Article explains how Chicago-area health systems are joining forces in an effort to improve patient care and lower industry costs; however, according to research and real-life examples this is not always good for consumers’ care and costs. Research shows that when hospitals merge in areas that already have few competitors, prices can increase by more than 20 percent, and Professor Amanda Starc. Professor Starc is also quoted in Politifact.


Peloton, And The Power Of Commercial Spirituality – 10/25/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle discusses the multidimensional home fitness company Peloton, noting that in just five years it looks like “it might be the next $1Billion+ high growth monster.” The corporation’s CEO John Foley attributes spirituality to the successful growth.

The Hill

#MeToo: Sexual assault inflicts dire economic costs as well – 10/25/17
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris takes a look at the #MeToo hashtag spurred by shocking allegations of sexual violence committed by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, noting that sexual assault and domestic violence could pose a real threat to the country’s economic state.


Critique Of NAFTA Provision Highlights Team Trump’s Misconceptions On Investment Abroad – 10/23/17
Article written by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy takes a look at US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer’s decision to take aim at the Investor State Dispute Settlement, which is key legislation to protect multinational companies that invest abroad.

Business Insider

A relationship psychologist reveals what you should ask yourself before getting married – 10/22/17
Video highlights Professor Eli Finkel’s novel “The All-or-Nothing Marriage,” noting that compatibility at a point in a relationship does not guarantee compatibility later in the relationship. He notes that if there is conflict in a partnership, both must deliberately decide to put forth the effort needed to become more compatible.

Chicago Tribune

From Spanish Steps to the new Apple Store, stairs provide spatial drama – 10/22/17
Article takes a look at stairs as the “indelible mark on the art of architecture,” highlighting the Collaboration Plaza’s bleacher stairs at Kellogg’s Global Hub as “a hot spot where future business executives eat, study, talk or type away on their laptops.” Associate Dean Matt Merrick is quoted.

Huffington Post

The Nightmare of Tax Reform – 10/20/17
Article by Professor Phil Kotler explains why the U.S. badly needs serious and comprehensive tax reform but it is not likely to get it.

New York Times

Why We Don’t Vote With Our Wallets – 10/20/17
Article references research underway by Professor Brayden King showing there is no correlation between public commitments to boycotts and subsequent purchasing habits of a brand.

The Hill

Congress is flying blind on tax reform – 10/20/17
Article written by Visiting Professor Ben Harris discusses the Trump administration and GOP leaders’ plan for rewriting the nation’s tax code, noting that it could have implications in household finances, business incentives, and government revenue—likely measuring in the trillions of dollars.