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Here’s How Old You Should be When You Start a Company, According to Science. – 04/16/18
Article cites research from Professor Benjamin Jones, which found that the ideal age to start a company is actually about 42 years old.


Do You Need to Fire a Top Performer? Here Are 4 Things to Do First – 04/16/18
Article cites research from Professor Dylan Minor, which shows that toxic employees spread negativity and often have a prima donna attitude, requiring high amounts of time and attention.


When It Comes to Work, Are You a Whirling Dervish? – 04/16/18
Article transcribes an interview with Professor Carter Cast about his new book “The Right and Wrong Stuff: How Brilliant Careers Are Made and Unmade.” The full podcast can be found here.


What's Next For Cannabis Branding – 04/13/18
Article examines the future of branding for cannabis, quoting Professor Tim Calkins, who foresees a highly competitive environment. “We will see very creative brand-building activities in the years to come. I anticipate that marketing investment will grow exponentially as companies work to carve out a leading position and capture value in an emerging market.”

Morgan Stanley Ideas

Storm Fund Wins 2018 Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge – 04/13/18
The winning proposal, the ASEAN Storm Resilience Fund, will help communities in Southeast Asia prepare for extreme weather events in the region.

The Wall Street Journal

Retirement Insurance Products Are Disappearing. And That’s Dangerous. – 04/13/18
Article by Visiting Professor Benjamin Harris discusses how the market for retirement insurance products is slowly and silently disappearing. From annuities to long-term-care insurance to employer-provided health insurance, insurance products are becoming both less available and less popular, which should make older Americans worried.


Trump To TPP: Don't Forget, America Last! – 04/12/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses whether or not President Trump is really thinking about a return to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, offering his four thoughts on the possibility of the United States finding its way back to the TPP.


Will Trump's Tariffs Have A Silver Lining Of Raising Revenue? Don't Bet On It. – 04/12/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy explains that although it’s certainly understandable why people would be looking for a silver lining to President Trump’s aggressive trade policies, there may be much less silver than one thinks.


The Most Important Lesson for Business Owners from Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony – 04/12/18
Article by Professor Kent Grayson discusses what business owners can learn from Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress, emphasizing the importance of trust and clearly communicating to customers and clients what they are buying.

The looming debt crisis will hurt these Americans the most – 04/11/18
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris discusses who will be most affected by the impending debt crisis and the higher borrowing costs that accompany it.


You don’t need a visionary to build a company with a vision – 04/11/18
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott discusses how a company can still be successful even if it lacks a superstar executive like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.


9 essential lessons from psychology to understand the Trump era – 04/11/18
Article cites research from Professor Nour Kteily regarding how thinking of some racial groups as less than human is uncomfortably common in America.

Chicago Tribune

Did Cambridge Analytica get your Facebook data? Chicago-area users are starting to find out – 04/10/18
Article about Chicago-area Facebook users discovering if their data has been breached quotes Professor Kent Grayson, who said most people likely won’t quit using Facebook.

Garnet News

Help Wanted: A Sea Change in Leadership for Gender Parity – 04/10/18
Article by Professor Ellen Taaffe delves into the lack of gender parity as the country celebrates Equal Pay Day.


New research shows successful founders are far older than the Valley stereotype – 04/10/18
Article about how successful founders actually defy the Silicon Valley stereotype cites research from Professor Benjamin Jones, which found that the average age founders of startups among the top 0.1 percent of highest-growth startups is actually 45 years old.


What Facebook Users Should Look for in Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony Before Congress – 04/09/18
Article by Professor Kent Grayson explains what Facebook users should be looking for in Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress to help them decide if they still trust Facebook with their data.


Rising Rents Factor Into Millennial Spring Home-Buying Market – 04/06/18
Article quotes Professor Craig Furfine on millennials and the housing market: “An alternative viewpoint is millennials have been reluctant to enter the housing market having witnessed the effects of the housing collapse of a decade ago. Now they see interest rates rising and they think now may be a good time to buy.”

The Washington Post

How 12 experts would end inequality if they ran America – 04/06/18
Article cites past research from Visiting Professor Benjamin Harris on how most purchasers would be eligible for a maximum credit equal to $12,000 for single taxpayers and $18,000 for married taxpayers.


Econ 101 No Longer Explains the Job Market – 04/05/18
Article discusses how the basic economic principles of supply and demand no longer explain the job market with the increase in employer power, citing research from Professor Efraim Benmelech, which found that in areas where there are fewer employers in an industry, workers in that industry earn lower wages.

Chicago Tribune

‘L’ cars, whiskey, soybeans and more: Illinois products could be socked by Chinese tariffs as trade dispute escalates – 04/05/18
Article discusses how an escalating trade dispute between President Trump and China could impact various industries. Quotes Adjunct Professor Phil Levy, who said the conflict between the U.S. and China represents an escalation of trade barriers not seen since the Great Depression.