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5 Big Reasons Not to Hire for Culture Fit – 08/13/18
Article cites Professor Lauren Rivera’s research on hiring bias, noting that interviewers are often encouraged to prioritize looking for common personal connections instead of digging for common values.


Life Is Worth Living In Three Dimensions – 08/12/18
Article discusses how now more than ever, it is important to see humans in a three dimensional mindset, citing research from Professor Nour Kteily on the dangers of dehumanization.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Teachers pension fund levers up the risk in investment portfolio – 08/10/18
Article discusses how the state's biggest pension system is relying heavily on risky, expensive investments as it tries to claw its way out of a quicksand of unfunded pension liabilities, quoting Professor David Stowell, who explains that private equity has become more attractive in light of disappointing hedge fund returns.


Trump Tops Up Tariffs With Tweet As Turkey Teeters – 08/10/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy examines the pros and cons of why the Trump administration might want to double its tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum exports.


The most persuasive speakers sell their ideas well before the presentation – 08/10/18
Article by Professor Tim Calkins discusses the power of “pre-selling” your ideas before a meeting. By the time you give your presentation, you’ve already convinced the most important people in the room that your idea has merit, he says.

The Wall Street Journal

The Science Behind Career Hot Streaks – 08/10/18
Article by Professor Dashun Wang discusses his research, which shows that hot streaks are a fact in creative fields. Even more surprising: They can happen at any point, even late career.


A New Study Has Found a Way to Stop People From Believing in Conspiracy Theories – 08/09/18
Republication of a Kellogg Insight article featuring research from Professor Cynthia Wang, which examined the ways to reduce belief in conspiracy theories.

Bloomberg BNA

Dark Comedy About Labor Organizing Dubbed ‘Woke Plus’ – 08/08/18
Article discusses the film “Sorry to Bother You” and quotes Professor Adam Waytz, who says that one of the storylines in the film illustrates the relationship between a company motivated by profit alone and the loyalty and satisfaction of the employees.


Women in the C-Suite – 08/08/18
Professor Ellen Taaffe is interviewed on the topic of Indra Nooyi’s departure from PepsiCo, and what can be done to increase the number of women in the C-suite.


Go Small: Why You Should Shrink Your Workforce While Business Is Booming – 08/08/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses why it is a bad idea for CEOs to hire more people, even when the business is prospering. After a team grows past a certain point, it begins to be less efficient, and if there are employees that a business feels they no longer need, it is better to let them go when they are more likely to be able to find employment elsewhere.


Midterm Report Card On Trump Trade Deals – 08/08/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses President Trump’s trade deals, specifically deals with South Korea, China, and the European Union. Overall, the deals don’t achieve very much, especially when compared to those deals that came before, he says.


Proof That The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Are Older Ones – 08/05/18
Article uses the research of Professor Benjamin Jones to discuss the most successful age for entrepreneurs. Contrary to what many believe, research points to the optimum age being middle age and beyond, with a 50-year-old founder 1.8 times more likely to achieve upper-tail growth than a 30-year-old founder.


A Challenge to the Biggest Idea in Behavioral Finance – 08/05/18
Article discusses research by Professor Derek Rucker that challenges the idea that people tend to place more weight on avoiding losses than gains, a theory known as loss aversion. It goes on to say that the research does not have enough evidence to successfully challenge this long held belief in behavioral finance.

Los Angeles Times

Health insurance for dummies: Why we cover pre-existing conditions – 08/03/18
Article examines how the Trump administration this week issued a final rule on “short-term, limited duration insurance” that critics say will only make things worse for sick people. Article quotes Professor David Dranove, who explains that the more people in the insurance risk pool, the lower everyone’s costs.


MUSH, Mark Cuban, And How Space Aliens Win – 07/30/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle discusses the new product MUSH, founded by Kat Thomas and Ashley Thompson. The article goes over the story of the founding of the company and the keys to its success.


Seeking Billion-Dollar Ideas: Be Aware, Take Notes, Ask 'So What?' – 07/29/18
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott discusses the best ways to make profit. It discusses differentiated insight, or taking a different view than others, and considering the why and what of decisions.


Game Theory Hopes On Trump Are Wrong: There Will Be No 'Reagan Moment' On Trade – 07/29/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses Trump’s views on trade issues, and a hope based on game theory that Trump will experience a ‘Reagan Moment’ and change his strategy. However, as time goes on, there is no sign that the Trump administration will change.

Project Syndicate

Unlocking Private-Sector Funds for Sustainable Development – 07/26/18
Article discusses the research of Professor Aaron Yoon which shows that companies are more successful when executives take a balanced view regarding short term and long-term goals. Also covered in Barron's and East African Business Week.

Business Insider

Relationship experts agree that dating apps can be useful – but not necessarily for finding love – 07/25/18
Article discusses the effects of dating apps on those who use them and quotes Professor Eli Finkel, who says that online dating widens your pool of prospective mates, making them good ways to go just for variety and sheer number of options. Another relationship expert disagrees, saying that the amount of prospective partners can be distracting, causing people to not even interact with those they match with.


What Would A U.S.-EU Trade Deal Look Like? – 07/25/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy examines President Trump’s trade discussions to-date with the European Union and examines four possibilities for what a new trade deal might look like.