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Chicago Tribune

Funny, heartwarming or serious: Will Super Bowl ads be super boring this year as brands skirt controversy? – 01/29/21
Article quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who says that brands must approach their advertisements with a critical eye this year, understanding that whatever is released could make or break the brand.


Super Bowl Ad Rookies Hope to Seize Field as Some Big Sponsors Exit – 01/29/21
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins who expects many advertisers to participate in the Super Bowl for the first time this year, which could prompt interesting discussion and controversy. Also in USA Today.


Donald Trump May Struggle to Pay Back His Empire’s Spiraling Debt – 01/27/21
Article features Professor Phillip Braun who discusses Donald Trump’s financial status post-presidency, and how he will handle his assets moving forward.

Northwestern Now

Dashun Wang Named to Thinkers50 Radar List – 01/27/21
Professor Dashun Wang was named to Thinkers50 Radar List for his “refreshing ideas on how we think about — and do — science and innovation.” Wang is recognized for his current research focus on the Science of Science. Also covered in Forbes.


This Kellogg MBA is Helping to Reduce Clothing Waste, 1 Pair of Jeans at a Time – 01/27/21
Article features Kellogg alumnus Marcus Schnieder ‘20 and his startup Again&Again, which he started during his time at Kellogg. Marcus mentions Kellogg’s entrepreneurship resources for aiding in his company’s success, and his valuable mentorship with Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle.

Crain's Chicago Business

Molson Coors Get in on Canned Cocktails – 01/26/21
Article quotes Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle who discusses Molson-Coors decision to enter the “ready-to-drink” cocktails market, saying that it’s a good move, but there’s still risk involved.

Harvard Business Review

Your Best Ideas Are Often Your Last Ideas – 01/26/21
Article by Professor Loran Nordgren discusses his research which explores the “creative cliff illusion” phenomenon: although creativity tends to either increase or stay the same across an ideation session, people assume that creativity drops off over time.

USA Today

GameStop Stock Plunges, But Overall Stock Market Delivers Gains After Wednesday’s Losses – 01/26/21
Article quotes Professor Matthew Lyle who discusses the volatility of the stock market and GameStop’s recent stock plunge. Also covered in additional USA Today article, CNBC article, NPR, NBC Chicago, and CBS Chicago.


Women Of The C-Suite: Andee Harris of ‘Challenger’ On The Five Things You Need To Succeed As A Senior Executive – 01/24/21
Interview features Adjunct Lecturer Andee Harris on her road map to success and how she remains a balanced and impactful leader.

The Wall Street Journal

15 Personal-Finance Lessons We Can All Learn from the Year of Covid-19 – 01/24/21
Article features Professor Scott Baker who offers a tip of advice for consumers in 2021- build an emergency fund to protect you during extraneous circumstances.

Trust Talk

Brands, Marketing & Trust – 01/23/21
Podcast features Professor Kent Grayson who discusses the “Wack-A-Mole” challenge in marketing and the efforts of truthfully communicating with your target customers.


The dangers of emerging market competition: Evidence from Rwanda’s coffee supply chain – 01/22/21
Article co-written by Professor Ameet Morjaria discusses his research that identifies the effects of increased competition on organization outcomes in weakly institutionalized environments.


Top 100 Discussed Research – 01/21/21
Professor Dashun Wang's research on the unequal effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on scientists was noted as the 27th most discussed research this year, based on attention score. Altimetric tracked 8.7 mentions of 3.4 million works.


What To Rethink When Investing In Both Growth And Value Funds – 01/21/21
Article features Professor Phillip Braun says that there is usually no benefit to be gained from investing in both growth and value funds, and that you should choose just one.

The Thinkers50

Radar Class of 2021 – 01/21/21
Professor Dashun Wang was named to the Thinkers50 Radar Class of 2021. Wang was recognized for his refreshing ideas on how society thinks about science and innovation, his research on the Science of Science, and his leadership of the Center for Science of Science.


The U.S. needs a ‘transformational leader’ now more than ever, Connect Frontier CEO says – 01/20/21
Newscast features Adjunct Professor Grant Harris who says that American’s need President Joe Biden’s leadership now more than ever as critical decisions and executive orders are on the horizon.

The New York Times

For Elite Golfers, Money Talks – 01/20/21
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite who discusses how appearance fees can create perverse incentives, making athletes less inclined to participate without a reward.

Crain's Chicago Business

Former Gatorade, Walgreens and PepsiCo Execs Betting on this Protein Water Brand – 01/19/21
Article quotes Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle who says that 2021 will be a promising year for consumers to try new and exciting brands, and that Protein2o’s new protein water has a bright future.


The Lesson Lenders Learned from the Great Recession: Forbearance Works – 01/19/21
Article references research by Professor Gregor Matvos which quantifies the benefits of the debt-relief measures proffered by the CARES Act during Covid-19. Professor Matvos is also quoted on his research in Money.

The New York Times

The Financial Minefield Awaiting an Ex-President Trump – 01/19/21
Article features Professor Phillip Braun, who discusses Donald Trump’s financial status post-presidency, and how he will handle his assets moving forward. Also covered in The Hill and KDKA Radio Morning show.