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Guinness Is the Latest Beer to Boycott N.Y.'s St. Pat's Parade, but How Much Does It Matter? – 03/17/14
Article mentions Professor Brayden King’s study that boycotts tend to succeed only when they generate a high level of sustained media attention and, even when they do, effects on sales in the long term are “statistically insignificant.”

Discovery News

Discovery Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra launch All-New Meditation Experience ‘Finding Your Flow’ – 03/17/14
Oprah Winfrey and Professor Deepak Chopra announced the launch of their latest, all-new meditation experience “Finding Your Flow,” which is open for registration starting today at www.Oprah.com/meditate. The free 21-day meditation experience, which begins on Monday, April 14, will serve as a powerful and energizing inner guide for transforming your life.

Government Executive

Cheating Pays—But Imagine Your Future Self – 03/17/14
Article covers Professor Loran Nordgren’s research of people’s living-in-the-moment mentality and if it might prove effective for deterring him from pursuing a bad decision.

Evanston Now

Kellogg Students Offer School Consolidation – 03/13/14
Three Kellogg student offer operation models to help School District 65 and 202 with consolidation under the guidance of Professor Therese McGuire.


Obamacare Could Lead to 25,000 New Businesses a Year – 03/13/14
Article covers “entrepreneur lock” and how it has affected the job market, and cites Professor Craig Garthwaite’s research that suggests the Affordable Care Act could lead 500,000-900,000 people to leave the labor market—many of whom will start new businesses.

Inside Counsel

More Data Needed in Ongoing Patent Troll Debate – 03/13/14
Article discusses the apparent rise in lawsuits by patent trolls and quotes Professor Daniel Spulber who is currently conducting research on the topic.

EE Times

Patent Data Missing in Troll Debate – 03/12/14
Reports on the current debate about the U.S. patent system and quotes Professor Daniel F. Spulber.

Information Week

Patent Data Missing in Troll Debate – 03/12/14
Article discusses the apparent rise in lawsuits by patent trolls and quotes Professor Daniel Spulber who is currently conducting research on the topic.

News One

Some Boycotts Are Effective But Not For the Reason You Think – 03/12/14
Article discusses Professor Brayden King’s research on why some boycotts succeed, while others don’t.

Business Standard

Empowered consumers more likely to switch brands – 03/11/14
Covers a news release that includes Professor Derek Rucker’s research, along with Yuwei from Jiang Hong Kong Polytechnic University, about the impact of a person's perceived sense of power on their likelihood to switch products or brands.

Chicago Tribune

The argument against raising minimum wage – 03/11/14
Professor Craig Garthwaite comments on raising minimum wage, saying “I don't think we should be doing anything to dissuade people from entering the job market right now."

Huffington Post

Business Leadership, Governance, and a Victory for Adam Smith – 03/11/14
Bylined article by Professor Daniel Diermeier shares insights from “Filling the Governance Gap: Aligning Enterprise and Advocacy,” a conference co-hosted by Kellogg and the Aspen Institute.


When Geico Accelerated Past Allstate – 03/10/14
Professor Tim Calkins discusses Geico’s consistent positioning statement of low rates and how that has help them surpass Allstate in car insurance.

Poets and Quants

The Lowdown On My Kellogg Admissions Interview – 03/10/14
Article covers applicant’s interviewing experience for his Kellogg MBA application.

The New York Times

Study: Women Who Can Do Math Still Don’t Get Hired – 03/10/14
Article covers Professor Paola Sapienza’s research that found men and women have equal math skills but downplay their abilities. Coverage also ran in the Huffington Post, “Women Aren't Bad At Math, But New Study Suggests Both Genders Think They Are.”

Chicago Tribune

Northwestern University startup a finalist in cancer treatments competition – 03/04/14
Orpheden Therapeutics, a NW backed student startup, is among 10 finalists in the Breast Cancer Startup Challenge, a competition aimed at mining previously unused medical patents. The team is comprised of six students from Northwestern School of Law, Feinberg School of Medicine and Kellogg. The CEO of the startup is John Kuelper, who is both a student in the law school and at Kellogg.

Reuters’ Sustainability.com

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: A view from Europe on corporate accountability – 03/04/14
Article is by Caroline Kaeb from the 2014 Kellogg School of Management/Aspen Institute Business and Society Leadership Summit and she discuss the difficulty corporations face when operating across many countries while trying to uphold corporate social responsibility.

The Guardian

One thing Spain can teach us: how not to spread the wealth in your country – 03/04/14
Op-ed by Professor Therese McGuire on Spain’s revenue collection and wealth distribution system.

Associated Press

Ellen's Oscar celeb selfie a landmark media moment – 03/03/14
Professor Tim Calkins discusses the example of product placement from Samsung in the most tweeted picture from the Oscars: Ellen DeGeneres’ celeb-filled selfie. BusinessWeek also covered the story, along with more than 400 media outlets nationwide. A full excel chart noting the coverage is available upon request.

Crain’s Chicago Business

NU's 'Purple Pricing' profs take concept to market – 03/03/14
Article covers Professors Sandeep Baliga and Jeffrey Ely’s method of Purple–Pricing for tickets, which is a modified Dutch auction pricing system. Professors Ely and Baliga are in talks with other schools about using their “Ticker” product to sell seats. The article mentions Fast Company’s article that named the NU athletic department to its list of the 10 most innovative companies in sports in 2014.