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Career Advice: Where should you sit at work? This is the secret to success, new research suggests – 12/16/17
Article discusses research by Professor Dylan Minor, which sheds light on exactly which type of high-performing co-workers will be most helpful to you: For optimal results, people with complementary, not identical, skills should be paired together.

Chicago Tribune

Best architecture of 2017: Apple Store, Unity Temple and the Biennial in a remarkable year – 12/15/17
Article recaps the architectural highlights in Chicagoland this year, noting Kellogg’s Global Hub among the top new structures: “At once visually dynamic and calmly ordered, the atrium of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management building created an instant indoor town square for students at the elite business school.”

Chicago Tribune

Help Squad: Navigating the ins and outs of the sharing economy – 12/15/17
Article discusses why so many people still opt to participate in the sharing economy, quoting Professor Kent Grayson. "For providers, barriers to entry are much lower," he said. "You don't have to build a hotel, you have one in your house. You don't have to get a city certification, you can start driving for Uber."


Lead Change Or Decline: The Future Of The Automotive Industry-- And Every Industry – 12/14/17
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott explores how established players can navigate radical marketplace change. “Focus your core businesses on medium-term performance while building new platforms and partnerships for what’s next. To do so, incumbents must first transcend past success. Vigilance against over-confidence that what won in the past will prevail in the future.”


Allbirds, How To Take A Leap Of Faith To Success – 12/14/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle discusses the story of Allbirds, a profitable Kellogg start-up, and how various aspects, including faith as a business principle, has made the company so successful.


Lighthizer's Global Trade Governance Critique – 12/12/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy gives four legitimate critiques of how the trading system under US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is currently operating.


Venezuela's PDVSA settles lawsuit with China's Sinopec – 12/12/17
Article discusses the settlement between Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA and its Chinese counterpart Sinopec. Even in the context of delayed debt payments by Venezuela, Adjunct Lecturer Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez said “when you think about the cash flow at PDVSA, it’s not a difficult sum to pay.”

Tax reform and health policy should be linked — just not via the individual mandate – 12/11/17
Article by Professor Craig Garthwaite discusses how tax reform and health policy are inexorably linked, despite protests that they are separate. Republicans have a unique opportunity to significantly improve health insurance markets and produce the conditions for truly revenue-neutral and conservative tax reform, which would involve repealing the tax break for employer-provided health insurance.

The Wall Street Journal

How a Cause’s Perceived Distance Affects Charitable Giving – 12/10/17
Article by Professor Rima Toure-Tillery discusses how by changing a few words in their pitches, charities can overcome donors’ reluctance to give to places perceived as far away.

Chicago Tribune

More companies find spending on corporate responsibility increases the bottom line – 12/08/17
Article takes a look at major companies rolling out corporate social responsibility plans, quoting Adjunct Lecturer Shannon Schuyler. “For large companies, investing in a corporate social responsibility plan, as Kraft Heinz just did, is the minimum of what’s expected.”


The Global Dominance Of White People Is Thanks To The Potato – 12/08/17
Article takes a look at how improved labor productivity, surging population, and outmigration are all thanks to the potato, citing research done by Professor Nancy Qian.

The Hill

Though valuable, bitcoin unlikely to replace traditional currencies – 12/08/17
Article by Professor Sarit Markovich discusses her perspective on the future of bitcoin, noting how bitcoin may ultimately become a way to keep and grow value, rather than a means of transacting value between parties.


CVS’s $68 Billion Bid to Bring One-Stop Shopping to Health Care – 12/07/17
Making them part of the same company that delivers care and offers health insurance can ensure it doesn’t happen, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite. When different parts of the system combine, “everyone’s profit motives are aligned at providing care that leads to good outcomes.” Politico also interviewed Craig on this topic.

Chicago Tonight

Bitcoin Price Soars Ahead of Launch of Futures Trading In Chicago – 12/06/17
Professor Sarit Markovich is interviewed on what bitcoin is and why more and more investors are giving it a hard look.

How ‘the Weinstein effect’ is influencing office holiday parties – 12/05/17
Article discusses how some companies are scaling back the office holiday party, or they are canceling it altogether, amid headlines over sexual assault allegations, quoting Professor Nicholas Pearce on the situation. “Holiday celebrations are going to feel a little different this year in many organizations. More People will be paying attention to their behavior.”

Also covered in: Yahoo! Finance and Chicago Tribune.


The Overlooked Actor That Could Crash Bitcoin – 12/05/17
Article written by Professor Sarit Markovich explains Bitcoin’s recent rise and whether a crash is looming, noting that Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange, is the biggest actor in the possible crash. Also covered in: WTTW, Quartz.


This Design Change Could Transform the iPhone as We Know It – 12/05/17
Article written by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney discusses how Apple recently acquired a patent for flexible folding display that could bring together form and function for next-generation iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches.


What Indie Beauty Companies Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Scaling – 12/04/17
Article takes a look at Indie beauty companies and what they can teach big companies, noting that you shouldn’t throw hundreds of options at customers -- too many can quickly backfire. According to research from Kellogg, the phenomenon of “choice overload” can leave customers dissatisfied with their final choices -- or, worse, can cause them to abandon their shopping altogether.

Jason Jennings

Ep. 155 Three Recruitment Secrets That Will Make You Better At What You Do – 12/04/17
Podcast features Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman as he discusses three recruitment secrets to make you stand out in the talent search.

The Washington Post

CVS agrees to buy Aetna in $69 billion deal that could shake up healthcare industry – 12/03/17
Article discusses that CVS Health has agreed to buy Aetna in a $69 billion acquisition, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on the implications. “They’re going to be able to offer you a better-functioning insurance package. There’s some sense in which we’re seeing a reshuffling of the organizational structure, such that insurers are owning providers.” Also covered in: Vox, Bloomberg, NPR, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Bloomberg, CNN, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times.