Kellogg in the News

The Wall Street Journal

#NikeBoycott Is Over. Why Retail Activism Rarely Changes Sales. – 09/16/18
Article discusses how the politically fueled decision to boycott Nike likely will not last long, quoting Professor Brayden King about how consumers aren’t as consistent with their behaviors and beliefs as we may think.

The New York Times

Why Do People Stay When a Hurricane Comes? – 09/14/18
Article by Professor Nicole Stephens discusses her research from Hurricane Katrina, which examined the motivations behind people who stayed to weather the storm, and outsiders’ perceptions of those people.


Northwestern Professor Philip Kotler On Today’s CMO – 09/13/18
Article features Professor Philip Kotler’s as he answers questions about today’s CMO, noting that CMOs must now be experts at digital marketing with information and mathematics being crucial.


National Budget Conference and Economic Growth Forum – 09/13/18
Video features Professor Ameet Morjaria as he speaks at the Uganda Growth Forum, covering topics on constraints to promotion and value addition in Uganda’s Coffee Sector.


What Europe’s Copyright Law Changes Could Mean for U.S. Publishers – 09/12/18
Article discusses the potential effects of Europe’s copyright law changes for U.S. publishers, quoting Professor James Conley on how it will change the relationship between publishers and platforms.

Fast Company

It’s Never Too Late for Your Career to Peak – 09/12/18
Article features research from Professor Dashun Wang, which says that no matter what your age, no matter if it’s your first day on the job or your last years before retirement, you are equally likely to do the best work of your career–to get on a “hot streak.” Also reported in Fortune and The Ladder.


Onboarding Fail: How You Can Prevent Great Hires From Leaving Too Soon – 09/12/18
Article by Professor Jeff Hyman discusses that “failure to invest the time and effort to onboard new hires is one of the most common organizational mistakes” made by companies.


Northwestern Professor Philip Kotler On What’s Next For Marketing – 09/12/18
Article features Professor Philip Kotler’s take on what’s next for marketing, including the importance of CMOs becoming more ingrained in artificial intelligence.


Free Tuition; False Economy? – 09/12/18
Podcast features Professor Craig Garthwaite as he discusses NYU Medical School’s decision to grant all their students a free education, noting that it doesn’t target incentives correctly.

Musk’s defiant, rebel CEO persona is putting his company and its investors at risk, say management experts – 09/11/18
Article takes a look at the Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s rebel persona and how it may be negatively impacting the company’s stock, quoting Professor Nicholas Pearce on the fascination with “edgy, trendy leaders who are willing to push the envelope.”

Chicago Tribune

London’s calling, and it wants more Chicago businesses to cross the pond – 09/06/18
Article discusses how the city of London has opened an office in Chicago aimed at making it easier for Chicago-based companies to expand across the pond, and vice versa, quoting Professor Sarit Markovich on how this could prove vital for startups looking to go to London.

Chicago Tribune

Battling Amazon: Chicago-based ShipBob lands $40M, opens Cicero warehouse – 09/06/18
Article discusses the expansion of e-commerce logistics company ShipBob after it received $40 million in new investments, quoting Professor Sunil Chopra on his belief that there is room in the e-commerce world for a company besides Amazon.


Nike – Dream Crazy – A Rich Opportunity To Learn About Brand Management In The Digital Age – 09/06/18
Article by Professor Derek Rucker explores the advertising strategy of Nike in the wake of the Colin Kaepernick centered ad, noting that it is very consistent with Nike’s brand of “Just Do It.”

The Wall Street Journal

No, A Salad Doesn’t Make that Burger Healthier – 09/06/18
Article takes a look at the ways people kid themselves about food, including a concept coined by Professor Alexander Chernev known as the “negative calorie illusion.” Research conducted by Chernev found that “if you ask people to estimate the calories in a hamburger, they will usually estimate more calories for a hamburger by itself than for a hamburger with a few sticks of celery or a carrot salad on the side.”


Corporate Market Power Surges, Markups Skyrocket And Just A Handful Of Companies Are To Blame – 09/05/18
Article discusses how economists see wage growth slowing simply from a mismatch in bargaining power between the position of workers and their employers, citing a study from Professor Efraim Benmelech that looked at the impact of employer concentration on wages in local labor markets.


Too Good To Be True: You Must Resist The Temptation To Oversell Candidates – 09/04/18
Article written by Professor Jeff Hyman discusses the temptation for some organizations to over exaggerate to job candidates, arguing that it is never beneficial to give a new hire a false picture of what lies in store once they start working.


Don’t Waste Your Time Watching Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings – 09/04/18
Article by Professor Jörg Spenkuch uses his research to examine the importance of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, arguing that his political ideology will likely not be known until the court’s next high-profile close vote.

The Wall Street Journal

How to Reduce Home-Ownership Risk – 09/03/18
Article by Visiting Associate Professor Benjamin Harris takes a look at shared-appreciation agreements starting appear in the housing market, noting that these agreements allow home buyers to sell a share of their home’s future appreciation and they won’t entirely replace mortgages.


Most Panels Suck: Burning Man, Unconferences And Generating Real Value From Events – 09/01/18
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott argues that the success of any event stems from the event’s objectives and a person’s purpose for attending. “Speakers and topics are classic event ingredients, but they’re neither necessary nor sufficient for success.”

Crain's Chicago Business

Too few female CEOs? How we solve it – 08/31/18
Article by Sally Blount takes a look at how the selection process of becoming a CEO is driven largely by males in the C-suite, thus causing an immediate disadvantage for women trying to become CEO. “Since most incumbent CEOs and board members are men, they set the culture, tenor and tone for determining who is fit to succeed.”