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The Washington Post

What to watch for in President Trump’s long-awaited drug-price speech – 05/10/18
Article about what to expect in President Trump’s drug-price speech quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said a lot of what the administration focuses on is the out-of-pocket payments of the patients at the pharmacy. Professor Garthwaite was also quoted on this topic in Bloomberg and


To Attract the Best, First Understand Why They Leave – 05/09/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses the importance of understanding why employees leave and remedying that problem to help bring in rockstar employees.

Poets & Quants

The Big Picture in Business Analytics – 05/09/18
Article highlights the emergence of business analytics programs at top MBA programs, noting Kellogg’s analytics pathway as well as its cross-disciplinary program for data analytics. The article mentions that Kellogg’s program is “built around the observation that managers do not always have a sense of what analytics can do for them, and data scientists do not always understand enough about a manager’s problem to be helpful.”


How to launch your career right, according to the dean of Kellogg School of Management – 05/09/18
Article by Dean Sally Blount discusses how to increase the chances of success for young women as they begin their careers.


Artificial Intelligence, Collective Cerebella, Attention and our Future – 05/08/18
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott discusses what control people will begin to cede as artificial intelligence continues to grow.

Business Insider

A cutting-edge new cancer treatment has two different price tags, and it could be the future of how we pay for drugs – 05/07/18
Article about the different price tags for a new cancer treatment cites research from Professor Craig Garthwaite about concerns with indication-based pricing, which prices drugs based on what the drugs are treating.

The Conversation

Most successful entrepreneurs are older than you think – 05/07/18
Article by Professor Benjamin Jones discusses his research which found that the age of a successful entrepreneur is actually much older than people expected. This research was also covered in Fast Company and Quartz.


Fair Play: T-Mobile, Spring Push Regulators to Examine Emerging Technology – 05/06/18
Article discusses the legal issues surround a merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, quoting Professor David Dranove on the difficulty of predicting how this will impact the future on the industry.

The Wall Street Journal

Americans Should be More Financially Literate. But What Does That Mean? – 05/06/18
Article by Professor Benjamin Harris analyzes what it truly means to be financially literate and dissects the difference between understanding the theory behind decisions and understanding practical steps needed to be in good financial health.


Trump Administration Talks Trade with China – 05/05/18
Podcast interviews Adjunct Professor Phil Levy about the Trump administration’s plan for dealing with trade with China.

Chicago Tribune

In quest for tech leadership positions, Chicago women band together to challenge ‘bro fest’ – 05/04/18
Article discussing the challenges Chicago women face in breaking into the male-dominated tech industry, highlights Betsy Ziegler and her path to becoming the first female CEO of the incubator 1871.


Trump’s Team Gives a Master Class in How Not to Deal with China – 05/04/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy critiques how President Trump mishandled trade negotiations with China, ultimately ceding leverage to China in negotiations.


Despite Youth on Farm, Abbott Ventures Chief Avoids Spreading Manure – 05/04/18
Article features Adjunct Lecturer Evan Norton, discussing his role as CEO of Abbott Ventures as well his thoughts on the market landscape of medical devices and diagnostics.


New Global Standards for Reporting Brand Value Can Help CEOs Grow Share Price – 05/03/18
Article quotes Professor Bobby Calder: “Companies would do well to know what their brands are worth in comparison to other assets. That way they can manage for growth. At the very least, they should be smarter about making marketing investments. If investors can see a brand as one of the key assets underlying a company’s viability, they can make investment decisions that are not beholden to quarterly earnings.”


Demystifying Executives Development: Four Skill Sets for Aspiring C-Suite Execs – 05/03/18
Article by Dean Sally Blount outlines the four types of development and learning paths associated with each, to demystify executive development.

Harvard Business Review

Toxic Workplaces – 05/03/18
Podcast interviews Professor Nicholas Pearce about how to be an agent for change in a toxic workplace environment.


People With ‘Too Many Interests’ More Likely to be Successful, According to Research – 05/03/18
Article discusses how people with too many interests are actually more likely to be successful. Cites research from Professor Brian Uzzi, who found that the most impactful scientific papers often have teams with atypical combinations of backgrounds. The article cites a second study from Professor Uzzi, which found that the top performing scientific studies cited atypical combinations of other studies.


You’ve Climbed the Corporate Ladder. What’s next? – 05/03/18
Article republishes a Kellogg Insight piece by Professor Ellen Taaffe on life after climbing the corporate ladder. Taaffe discusses how corporate executives realize they still have time left to begin the next chapter of their careers.

U.S. News & World Report

Company Signs to Watch for Ahead of Earnings – 05/03/18
Article cites research from Professor Matthew Lyle, who found that the stock of companies that announced earnings outside of regular trading hours were more volatile for at least three trading days following the announcement.


To Win the Talent War, Arm Yourself with a Recruiter – 05/02/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses the importance of making one of your first hires a gifted talent recruiter. Hyman says a talent recruiter can help develop a culture and create an employer brand that will attract great employees.