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How Does Groupon Think About Social Innovation? – 07/05/14
The head of social innovation at Groupon says she was “fortunate to be a part of a cohort of social innovation leaders” early in her career “who were all working on identifying market-based solutions to social change,” including Professor Linda Darragh.

The Economist

Ideas, small but perfectly formed – 07/05/14
Reviewer says Professor Michael Mazzeo’s book, Roadside MBA, “succeeds admirably in its main aim, providing fresh examples to illustrate the basic tenets of MBA theory.”


How to Game Your First Workplace – 07/03/14
Lecturer Karen Cates provides advice to new hires on navigating the tricky politics of corporate culture.

University World News

Business degrees affected by anti-corruption campaign – 07/03/14
Article reports that there’s been a sharp drop in applications to EMBA programs in China because the government anti-corruption campaign has curbed funding for officials eligible for the courses. Kellogg’s partnership with Guanghua School of Management at Peking University is mentioned.

Blue Sky Innovation

How one developer school is 'engineering empathy' for the workplace – 07/02/14
Quotes Professor Adam Waytz, who said that companies such as IDEO and Microsoft that cultivate empathic employees see returns as well as improved innovation, because employees are more comfortable voicing new ideas.

Chicago Tribune

RadioShack facing static in its bid to reboot – 07/02/14
Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said he loved RadioShack’s Super Bowl ad but wondered if the company had truly changed in a meaningful way.


Book Review: Forget Harvard. Road trip to an MBA instead – 07/02/14
Reviewer says Professor Michael Mazzeo’s book, Roadside MBA, explains “big ideas in clean and simple language served up with a large dollop of humor.”

Thomson Reuters

Heard around Aspen – 07/02/14
Quotes Dean Sally Blount, who said, “Making a customer happy is almost a spiritual experience. It gives you a sense of purpose.”

The Wall Street Journal

Want to Get Into Business School? Write Less, Talk More – 07/02/14
Article reports on business schools cutting essays and placing a renewed focus on interviews, videos and other live interactions. Quotes Assistant Dean of Admissions Kate Smith, who said Kellogg’s video essays allow the school to meet applicants “face-to-face” before the interview process.

Crain’s Chicago Business

What standing in that long line says about you – 07/01/14
Article by Professor Martin Lariviere explains that a long line may be full of people trying to communicate the type of person they are to themselves or people who think others know something they don’t.


Do Americans Think Corporations Have the Right to Religious Freedom? – 07/01/14
Article by Professor Moran Cerf reports that most Americans agree that religious liberty is important for both individual employees and owners but do not think the same scope of protection should be granted to for-profit companies.

Wallet Hub

Ask the Experts – 07/01/14
Quotes Professor Neal Roese, who said people’s money is best spent on shared experiences rather than on objects this 4th of July.

Wallet Hub

Rates of Uninsured by State Before & After Obamacare – 07/01/14
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said, “The ACA has begun to make good inroads into covering the uninsured. But as the law is structured, we will probably never cover everybody.”

Chicago Tribune

Walgreen considers headquarters move: Is tax loophole unpatriotic? – 06/29/14
Quotes Professor Klaus Weber, who said, “People expect corporations to fulfill their citizen duties as taxpayers like everyone else.”

Chicago Tribune

Calvin Klein and the fabric of brand loyalty – 06/29/14
Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said, “A brand is a constellation of associations that help or facilitate consumers making decisions, so expectations become wildly important.” Also quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “Calvin Klein might be cutting product quality in an effort to build profits. This would not be a great sign for the long-term health of the franchise.”


Leaders Need To Walk The Talk When It Comes To Integrity – 06/29/14
Article reports on Professor Paola Sapienza’s research, which found that a real culture of integrity adds value to a company, although there was no correlation between organizations’ profitability and their advertised values.

The Tennessean

Five steps to help you take your next big risk – 06/29/14
Article cites Kellogg research that found women are more risk-averse than men when it comes to making important financial decisions, which in turn can affect their career choices.

Chicago Tribune

How three economists combined wanderlust and business – 06/27/14

Michael Mazzeo discusses taking a quieter, smaller, more nuanced approach to looking for innovative ideas.

The New York Times

The Trauma of Parenthood – 06/27/14
Op-ed by Professor Eli Finkel argues that the psychological distress new parents experience is at least in part caused by objectively bleak circumstances rather than simply the birth process’s toll on hormones.


Who Came Up With That? How MBA Essay Questions Get Written – 06/25/14
Article reports on the evolution of MBA application essays at Haas, Fuqua, Sloan, Kellogg and Booth. Article mentions Kellogg’s video essay and quotes Assistant Dean of Admissions Kate Smith, who said talking on camera is “is now a skill that students are going to need to have in the globally complex landscape of business.”