Kellogg in the News

The New York Times

Rethinking the Nail Salon by Glancing at the Starbucks Model – 01/14/15
Quotes Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla, who said that MiniLuxe will need to take care not to lose sight of its original goals as it expands, which is where Starbucks went wrong.

Al Jazeera America

Study: More women on corporate boards, but gender gap persists – 01/13/15
Quotes Professor David Matsa, who said that companies with women on corporate boards do tend to hire more female executives, which is an “indication that women’s representation does matter, and there are real effects.”

Chicago Tribune

Lovin' McDonald's ads? If not, still a win for them to be noticed – 01/13/15
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “It's hard to say something about McDonald's that people really notice. If there's one thing to be said about this current campaign, it's that people have noticed it and it has prompted a reaction.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

Illinois Medicaid penalizes another health plan – 01/13/15
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said that the penalized plan must prepare to potentially be flooded with patients who choose the plan voluntarily.

CNN Money

McDonald's new ad: Brilliant or tasteless? – 01/12/15
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “McDonald's is working very hard to rebuild its brand. Over the past couple of years it has taken a ton of hits. This new signs ad is incredibly heartwarming.”


Create Your Corporate Values By Design, Not By Accident – 01/12/15
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott argues that nurturing corporate values that support long-term success requires vigilance and constant attention from leadership at all levels. Values should be explicit, thoughtful and authentic.

Poets & Quants

To Employers, A Perfect MBA Looks Like This – 01/12/15

Article reports on Businessweek and GMAC’s employer surveys, both of which found that employers most value communication skills in MBAs. Quotes Betsy Ziegler, associate dean of MBA programs, who said, “As we think about what majors we should be offering, and what collection of classes in general, thematically what themes we should be talking about, recruiters are at the core.”


3 lessons every new leader should know – 01/10/15
Article by Dean Sally Blount advises people in leadership positions for the first time to recognize why they were picked, to build their teams and to find two or three good advisors.

International Business Times

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Trial: Social Conservatives Who See Suspect As Non-White Likely To Judge Harsher – 01/07/15

Article reports on a study by Professor Nour Kteily that found that potential jurors who consider themselves social conservatives and who harbor feelings of superiority over criminals and outsiders are more likely to view the Boston Marathon bomber as non-white, in spite of his ethnic Caucasian background, and to demand harsher penalties. The Washington Post also reported on the study.

The Atlantic

Why Are So Few Black People Using Bitcoin? – 01/07/15
Quotes Professor Nicholas Pearce, who said, “For African Americans in particular, I think the issue with Bitcoin is that it stimulates arms-length transactions. In the African American community, by and large, people tend to be more relationship-oriented than transactionally-driven.”

Daily Press

McDonnell trial: Shorter sentence still sends strong ethics signal – 01/06/15
Quotes Professor Juliet Sorensen, who said, "It is still a significant amount of time in prison for a person who has no criminal history and has never before been incarcerated, and considerably more than the sentence of probation sought by the former governor."


What successful women want in 2015 – 01/06/15
Article includes Dean Sally Blount’s goal of “inspiring growth in our people and teams: in terms of self-understanding, customer insight and market connectivity.”

Huffington Post

The São Paulo Stock Exchange Expansion Would Be a Good Move – 01/06/15
Article by Professor Susan Perkins argues the Sao Paulo stock exchange expansion into the national stock exchanges of Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru is likely to increase the liquidity of stock markets throughout Latin America, which will be needed to get past this economic downturn.


How Drug Company Gilead Outpaces Its Competitors—And Common Diseases – 01/05/15
Craig Garthwaite speaks to Fast Company about how high return drives innovation.


What Cuba’s new investors can learn from Coca-Cola – 01/05/15
Article by Professor Nicola Persico explains how Coca-Cola’s entry into Myanmar in 2013 illustrates the challenges and opportunities that businesses could very well face when they seek license to operate in Cuba.

The Guardian

Sustainable mining: an inherent contradiction in terms? – 01/05/15

Article reports on a white paper by the Kellogg Innovation Network that is meant to serve as a framework to inspire more mining companies to develop sustainable projects that could also boost their profits.

The New York Times

Do No Harm? It May Be Hard to Avoid With Health Law’s Medicare Cuts – 01/05/15
Article cites a study by Professors David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite and Christopher Ody that found that hospitals responded to the 2008 market collapse not by cutting staff but by trimming back in other specific areas, including advanced medical records and less profitable services like those for substance use treatment or those provided in trauma centers.

Daily Press

McDonnell sentence: Questions of ethics, deterrence, consequence – 01/04/15
Quotes Professor Juliet Sorensen, who said, "There is a difference between lending a helping hand and being convicted of a federal crime of corruption. The jury perceived this and I expect the judge will, too."


What moves global stock markets? Lately it’s been news out of Washington, D.C. – 01/04/15
Article reports on research by Professor Scott Baker that found that U.S. economic policy developments have increasingly triggered sharp stock market moves in the U.S. and across the globe.

American Association of Individual Investors

Corporate Reinvention and the Creation (or Destruction) of Value – 01/01/15
Article by Professor Lloyd Shefsky argues that amidst the many signs investors face in decision-making, the ability of a company’s leaders to handle major setbacks is particularly valuable to examine.