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3 reasons every employee needs a mentor – 05/02/15
Article written by Dean Sally Blount discusses why is it important to have a mentor and focuses on three significant contributions a mentorship brings: perspective, realignment, and encouragement.

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M7 Schools Launch Nepal Aid Drive – 05/02/15

Article talks about M7 b-schools’ collaborative fundraising efforts surrounding the recent Nepal earthquake, and quotes Kellogg student body president Ben Dowell saying that Kellogg knows friends and families affected firsthand by the disaster.


Game On – 05/01/15
This article cites Professor Neal Roese’s research on how people who see a three-year plan as an example may pay back their card statements more slowly than otherwise.

The Globe And Mail

George Garvin Brown IV: A family man rides the bourbon boom – 05/01/15
Article quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky on how Kellogg research showed family-controlled public companies have a 21 percent better return on investment on average compared with similar public firms that are not family businesses.


Get inside a hacker's mind – 05/01/15
Article co-written by Professor Moran Cerf explains the mentality behind a hacker’s mind and the social engineering, human psychology, and art of manipulation that goes on behind a seemingly simple hacking attempt.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago book news: Jeffrey Brown's latest 'Darth Vader' book published – 04/30/15
Article mentions Professor Philip Kotler and introduces his new book “Confronting Capitalism,” in which he explores 14 major problems affecting capitalism and offers tweaks to the financial system that will make capitalism more sustainable.


Building a World-Class Organization Through Values Based Leadership – 04/30/15
Article interviews Professor Harry Kraemer on his new book, “Becoming the Best: Build a World-Class Organization Through Values-Based Leadership,” and share his thoughts on leadership. Interview was also mentioned in the Huffington Post.

Harvard Business Review

How to Respond When Someone Takes Credit for Your Work – 04/30/15
Article quotes Professor Brian Uzzi on how to “make your enemies your allies” in a collaborative workspace and offers advice on what to do when someone tries to claim your work or ideas as their own.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Plan for data center under Block 37 wins Kellogg competition – 04/29/15

Article talks about a student team from Booth winning the Kellogg Real Estate Venture Competition with their proposal to locate a data center in the never-finished Chicago Transit Authority "superstation" below Block 37 in the Loop.

Harvard Business Review

How Emotional Intelligence Became a Key Leadership Skill – 04/28/15
Article quotes Professor Leigh Thompson on how self-regulation and the ability to detail a process for recognizing and rechanneling your negative emotions is a way to cope with envy at work.

Investor Business Daily

Take Steps To Become The Best You – 04/28/15
Article quotes Professor Harry Kraemer on multi-step advice on becoming the best version of yourself.

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From GMAT To Deposit: An Engineer’s Journey – 04/28/15

Article written by an incoming Kellogg student Dean Nordhielm talks about dos and don’ts for applying to b-school. 

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Negotiating MBA Job Offers: Dos & Don’ts – 04/23/15
Article gives advice on how MBA students should be negotiating their offers. Mentions a job negotiation panel organized the Kellogg Women’s Business Association and links to a student blog post on takeaways from the talk.

Chicago Tribune

Everywhere, hospitals are merging, but why should you care? – 04/22/15
Article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on hospital mergers. Too much market power is concentrated in the hands of too few large providers, she said, and she would be interested in learning more about how attorneys general can promote competition.


Corruption crackdown leads to Chinese Rich Elites fleeing – 04/21/15
Article quotes Professor Nicola Persico on the Chinese rich and elites fleeing the country due to the recent strict crackdowns on corruption on China, which he believes won’t bring much trouble or change to the current Chinese political status quo, but will bring new experiences and ideas once the rich return to China. This article is written in Mandarin.


The New CMO: Leading Change From The Outside In And Inside Out – 04/20/15
Article written by Professor Greg Carpenter talks about how P&G’s global marketing officer Jim Stengel changed the company and the brand for the better with a strategy of understanding the lives of consumers and understanding the internal challenges as well.

Huffington Post

Here's What Uber Is Doing For Its Very Best Drivers – 04/17/15
Article quotes Professor Derek Rucker on how Uber rewards its best drivers, how it’s a nice way of saying that the company cares about high quality and are working on ways to reinforce it, and also how the program motivates Uber drivers to provide better service.

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40 Under 40 Professors – 04/17/15
Article rounds up P&Q’s 2015 list of the best 40 under 40 business school professors. Kellogg professors Craig Garthwaite and Lauren Rivera were among those featured.


How Power-Hungry Bosses Keep Their Power – 04/14/15
Article quotes Professor Jon Maner on his study, Divide and Conquer: When and Why Leaders Undermine the Cohesive Fabric of Their Group, which shows how bosses at the top of the hierarchy are often hostile toward members who are deemed powerful enough to challenge their authority, and divide subordinates to prevent alliances being formed.

Huffington Post

Shhh! Don't Tell Institutional Investors, but Sustainability Drives Returns in Real Assets – 04/14/15
Article features Lecturer David Chen, who discusses his role as CEO of Equilibrium Capital and how he incorporates sustainability into his investments. Chen also comments on the importance of financial engineering being a huge force for social good.