Kellogg in the News


Fix Your Useless Brainstorming Sessions in Two Minutes – 12/03/14
Article includes a video of Professor Leigh Thompson explaining how brain writing can neutralize employees with the strongest personalities, who tend to dominate brainstorming discussions, so that everyone’s contributions are heard.

Harvard Business Review

Wikipedia Is More Biased Than Britannica, but Don’t Blame the Crowd – 12/03/14
Article reports on research by Professor Shane Greenstein that found that on a per word basis Wikipedia is slightly less biased than Britannica and that the more revisions a Wikipedia article undergoes, the more neutral it becomes.

Brazilian Management Review

The effect of distribution on market share in different channels – 12/01/14
Refers to the research of Professor Lakshman Krishnamurthi about how product distribution has been identified as a major factor in explaining the variations in the market share of products from companies in various markets. (In Portuguese)

Crain’s Chicago Business

40 Under 40 – 12/01/14
The 2014 list includes Professor David Schonthal, who co-founded a health-tech incubator that will open in Merchandise Mart in early 2015. Quotes Professor Carter Cast, who said, “He's got a ton of talent and a ton of bandwidth. He's very effective.

Wall Street Journal

Family Meltdowns: When Everyone Is Arguing and No One Is Listening – 12/01/14
Article quotes Lecturer Susan Kuczmarski discussing how to recover from a family meltdown during the holiday season and notes her book, Becoming a Happy Family.

Washington Post

The racial bias embedded in Darren Wilson’s testimony – 11/26/14
This article, co-written by Professor Adam Waytz, says that the recent grand jury decision in Ferguson illuminates the “tragic side of superhumanization” of blacks in the media.

USA Today

Chrysler’s Pentastar going away for new FCA logo – 11/25/14
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins who said, "Consumers know Chrysler, they know Jeep, they know Dodge. The name of the corporate parent normally doesn't mean much."

Chicago Tribune

Smith Bros. hope TV can keep revival going – 11/21/14
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins who said, “It's not enough to just say we've brought this brand back to life. You've got to give people a reason to care that the brand is still available. So they've really got to make sure they communicate a benefit about the product that is different and unique.”


Schorsch’s RCS Seeks Distance From ARCP Accounting Errors – 11/20/14
Quotes Professor Thomas Lys, who said that from a corporate-governance perspective, it’s a nightmare because the real estate mogul is chairman of both litigants.”


The one thing you should know about how to deeply connect with anyone – 11/20/14
Features the research of Professor Brian Uzzi that claims there is a common origin that most important relationships in life have and that these relationships are formed from shared experiences.


Twitter’s junk rating not as stinky as it sounds – 11/20/14
Quotes Professor Thomas Lys, who said the word ‘junk’ oversells things. He said, "If the headline read 'S&P rates Twitter Below Investment Grade,' people wouldn’t be jumping quite as much at the headline as 'junk.’”


5 Essential Steps Toward Monetizing Your Data – 11/19/14
Article quotes Professor Russell Walker who said that velocity, precision and fusion of data can lead to data monetization.


Is Your Enterprise 'Sentient?' Building A Smarter, More Agile Business – 11/19/14
Article mentions Professor Mohan Sawhney’s Sentient Enterprise concept, which is a different way for humans to interact with data in business situations.

Huffington Post

A weak demand for Super Bowl ads? – 11/19/14
Article by Professor Tim Calkins argues that the team at NBC knows advertisers don't buy a Super Bowl spot at the last minute and must be very concerned about demand this year.


Thank Germany for Falling Prices of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines – 11/18/14
Article by Professor Harold Sirkin explains how Germany could become the prime tester of global renewable energy projects.

New York Times

The Thrill of the Hunt for Discount Prices – 11/18/14
Quotes Professor Kelly Goldsmith, who said, “We think we want all access, to know everything about everything in the consumer space. In reality, when we know everything about everything, it is exhausting.” Also appeared on Marketplace.


From Gross To Gourmet: A Tale Of Entrepreneurial Reinvention – 11/15/14
Article reports on the story of Levy Restaurants that Professor Lloyd Shefsky tells in his book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive.

Chicago Tribune

Top workplaces fight hard to keep top talent – 11/13/14
Quotes Professor Brenda Booth, who said, “Money is one thing, but sometimes an employee will stay even if the compensation isn't so great if they feel valued and they feel like they're moving in the right direction and growing as a person.”


The Sum Of All The Business School Rankings – 11/13/14
Article reports on the instability and possible insignificance of business school rankings by looking at the long term trends in various publications’ rankings of Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Booth, Sloan, Columbia and Kellogg.


McDilemma: Why McDonald's Needs a Relentless Relevance Strategy – 11/13/14
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “Great brands are clearly defined. They’re for some people and not for others.”