Kellogg in the News


Kellogg Grad Student, Booth MBA Turn Love Into A New Venture – 12/28/20
Article features current student Raj Kamaria ’22 on his journey to starting his company Pyaari Weddings, and why he chose Kellogg as the school to help him grow and scale.


Bonuses for whistleblowers: Those who discover grievances should be rewarded – 12/27/20
Article by Adjunct Professor Axel Wieandt says that more supervision and negative incentives like liabilities and penalties alone will not be enough to detect corporate fraud in large, complex organizations.

The Nonprofit Times

The Future Of Donor Behavior: Linking Giving To Daily Life – 12/23/20
Article by Professor Dean Karlan explains how fundraisers can use Giving Tuesday as an on-ramp to more regular giving, rather than a one-off donation, by leveraging the bundling and heterogeneity concepts in behavioral economics.

Chicago Business Journal

Q&A: Novel Coworking founder on why his firm is still expanding amid Covid-19, remote work – 12/22/20
Article features Q&A with Adjunct Lecturer Bill Bennett, who is also the principal and founder of Novel Coworking – which rents furnished workspaces and offices to businesses. He discusses how Novel Coworking has continued to grow its business during the pandemic.

The Washington Post

Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s new merchandise site signals ‘new era’ of criminal defense – 12/22/20
Article features Professor Tim Calkins, who discusses how the tools of brand-building are being used to frame Kyle Rittenhouse as a role-model rather than an accused criminal.


What a Second Round of Stimulus Checks Could Mean for the Economy – 12/22/20
Article features perspective from Professor Ben Jones, who notes that the effectiveness of the latest U.S. stimulus package will depend on how rapidly coronavirus vaccinations are rolled out.


Why The U.S. Must Buy Every Vaccine Dose It Can Access – 12/21/20
Bloomberg’s The Tape podcast features Professor Craig Garthwaite, who discusses how the U.S. can distribute and administer the Covid-19 vaccine most efficiently.


3 Storytelling Secrets To Winning Major Gifts – 12/20/20
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Esther Choy shares storytelling tips for organizations who are tailoring their content to appeal to donors.

Forbes India

Family businesses are experiencing the COVID-19 crisis in unique ways – 12/18/20
Article republished from Kellogg Insight features Professor José Liberti, who discusses the differences between how a family business and a normal corporation experience Covid-19.


Why multimillion-dollar Super Bowl ad slots are slower to sell out this year – 12/18/20
Podcast and article features Professor Tim Calkins, who discusses how it’s unusual to have ad spots left for purchase this close to the Super Bowl.

Atlantic Council

To grow jobs, Washington must fight for US companies abroad – 12/17/20
Article by Adjunct Professor Grant Harris says that as President-elect Joe Biden joins office, he should prioritize modernizing U.S. commercial diplomacy.


A Clever Strategy to Distribute Covid Aid – With Satellite Data – 12/17/20
Article features an initiative led by Professor Dean Karlan and his involvement with Kellogg’s Global Poverty Research Lab.

Yahoo Finance

Long-Term Unemployment Has Hit ‘Dangerous Levels’: Fmr. Biden Economic Advisor – 12/17/20
Interview features Director of KPPI and Visiting Professor Benjamin Harris who predicts the 2021 economy - a painful first half, an expected bounce back in the second half and a long-run 2% growth in 2022 and beyond. Also featured in Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Money.


Trends In 2021: The Future Of Life, Learning And Play – 12/16/20
Article by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney discusses how hybridization, instrumentation, and servicization will shape the business landscape in 2021 and beyond.


‘Hiring more diverse people isn’t enough’: 4 things to really focus on to promote racial equity in 2021 – 12/16/20
Article by Professor Bernard Banks offers advice for companies looking to become more sustainable in their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

The New York Times

America, We Have a Problem – 12/16/20
Article quotes Professors Cynthia Wang and Eli Finkel in respect to their research related to political sectarianism and its impact on election outcomes.

Kellogg Magazine

Evanston Small Business Advisory Initiative – 12/14/20
Linda Darragh, the executive director of the Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, takes us inside the Kellogg Small Business Advisory Initiative — an effort to support the local business community during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.


Revolutionize Team Building Through Business Storytelling – 12/13/20
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Esther Choy quotes Professor Cynthia Wang who discusses the effectiveness of business storytelling and the importance of sharing values.

Business Insider

8 of the biggest stock market crashes in history — and how they changed our financial lives – 12/11/20
Article quotes Professor Carola Frydman who discusses the ‘panic of 1907’ and what the country learned from the economic crash.

NASA’s Houston We Have a Podcast

The Science of Teams – 12/11/20
Podcast features Professor Noshir Contractor who discusses his team composition research at NASA and the role teams play in human spaceflight and space exploration.