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What’s Next For the World Trade Organization? – 10/31/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how the U.S. was not at the table last week for a meeting with the WTO. Article details how other countries thought it would be better not to include the U.S. given the Trump administration’s criticisms of the organization. Also covered in Forbes here and here.


Thinking of Your Work Self as Separate From Your Home Self Could Lead to Unethical Decisions – 10/31/18
Article on the implications of separating your work self and your home self cites research from Professor Rima Toure-Tillery, who found that people who perceive their personalities as constant across their roles are more likely to act ethically.


How the Internet Can Make Hate Seem Normal — And Why That’s So Dangerous – 10/31/18
Article on the normalization of hate due to the internet cites research from Professor Nour Kteily, who found that a lot of our behavior is driven by what we think other people do and what other people find acceptable.

Megyn Kelly’s ‘blackface’ comment shows workplace diversity isn’t enough – 10/29/18
Article by Professor Nicholas Pearce discusses how Megyn Kelly recently defending blackface on television shows the necessity of not just diverse teams, but more inclusive teams.


Lust or True Love: Business, Universities And Artificial Intelligence – 10/27/18
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott discusses the long-term impact of AI in business schools. Cites research from Professor Benjamin Jones, who found that research focused on applied challenges more likely leads to commercialization and significant impact on theory.

Chicago Tribune

Venmo and Zelle Are Trying to Stop You From Sending Money to the Wrong Person – 10/26/18
Article describes the precautionary measures Venmo and Zelle are implementing to prevent users from sending money to the wrong people. Quotes Professor Sarit Markovich, who said the anger is amplified for Zelle users because it’s a bank-backed entity that’s handling the money.

Crain's Chicago Business

As it Scopes Out its Post-Merger Identity, Amita Looks Beyond Hospitals – 10/26/18
Article discusses the future identity of Amita Health, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said hospitals in Chicago and other markets have closed entire wings as people are increasingly seeking care in more affordable outpatient centers.


The Outrage Over Insulin Prices – 10/25/18
Article highlighting the rising price of insulin and the resulting outrage, quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said higher prices suggest insulin is better, and “that is an innovation that has been priced in.”


It Costs A Lot For A Huge Company Like Dunkin’ Donuts to Change Its Name. So What’s the Payoff? – 10/25/18
Article on the benefits of Dunkin’ Donuts dropping the end of its name, interviews Professor Timothy Calkins about his opinion on the rebrand.


Trump’s New Plan to Reduce Medicare Drug Prices, Explained – 10/25/18
Article explaining President Trump’s “America First” plan to combat drug prices, quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said the plan “fits with the Trumpian worldview … fits this idea of us against the world in trade and other policy.” He is also quoted in Reuters,, Newsweek, and Axios.


The Advice I Give Women Entrepreneurs About Navigating the Very Male-Dominated Venture Capital World – 10/24/18
Article by Professor Linda Darragh discusses the landscape for female entrepreneurs and provides advice on how to navigate a male-heavy venture capital industry.


When to Cancel A Presentation – 10/22/18
Article by Professor Timothy Calkins discusses when the right time is to cancel a business presentation.


Five Science-Backed Tips To Ace That Job Interview – 10/18/18
Article cites research by Professor Lauren Rivera, which indicates that interviewers get excited about candidates who share their own passions and are therefore likelier to serve as their champion in the final hiring-committee deliberations.

Huffington Post

Making America Hate Again – 10/18/18
Article, which cites research from Professor Nour Kteily, notes that the psychology of dehumanization can inspire a range of despicable cruelties – including separating children from their parents. The research shows that, when asked to rate racial, ethnic or religious categories on an evolutionary scale, groups of white Americans placed Muslims, Arabs and Mexican immigrants at the bottom.


Ready Or Not — Trade Agreements! – 10/17/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy examines the Trump Administration’s trade tactics, specifically focusing on how it announced new trade negotiations with Japan, the European Union, and the United Kingdom after negotiations with Korea went awry.


The Tables Have Turned: Candidate Questions You Must Be Prepared to Answer – 10/17/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses the questions from job candidates that recruiters must be prepared to answer.

Chicago Sun-Times

What’s Next For Sears? – 10/15/18
Article on the next steps for Sears after declaring bankruptcy, quotes Professor David Stowell, who said succeeding in the current retail environment, even as a smaller company will be tough.

U.S. News & World Report

Which MBA Programs Are Best For VC or PE Jobs? – 10/15/18
Article on the best MBA programs for venture capitalist and private equity jobs quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said, “At Kellogg we focus on a growth and scaling track. While much media hype continues to focus on ‘launching’ new ventures, real value is creating in actually ‘growing’ them.


“Thanks, But I’m Going to Pass.” – 10/12/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses the impact of extending lame job offers and not showing love to top job candidates. Hyman talks about how candidates are rejecting job offers at the highest rates he can recall in 25 years.

Harvard Business Review

Help Your Team Understand What Data Is and Isn’t Good For – 10/12/18
Article by Professor Joel Shapiro discusses the benefits and potential limitations of using big data and advanced analytics to solve company problems.