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How to Make Your Next Business Pivot More Graceful – 04/03/14
Article discusses how all businesses change a fundamental part of the business model, citing the book, “Resurgence: The Four Stages of Market-Focused Reinvention,” co-authored by Professor Gregory S. Carpenter.


Sneaky Tactics that Influence People – 04/03/14
Professor Ithai Stern discussed his research on influencing people.

Business Insider

Why Banning 'Bossy' Isn't The Answer – 04/02/14
Bylined article by Professor Karen Cates argues that fostering confidence, persistence and resilience in young women will help change cultural norms.

Chicago Tribune

Stars catch breaks in baseball, work and life – 04/02/14
Article discusses Professor Brayden King’s research on baseball umpires’ unconscious bias to favor all-star pitchers when calling strikes. Article also appeared in Red Eye Chicago.

Crain's Chicago Business

It's a mouthful, but will new name for merged Koenig and Rubloff sell more homes? – 04/01/14
Article reports on real estate merger with the name Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices KoenigRubloff Realty Group, and quotes Professor Tim Calkins as saying, “it's a ‘bit of a jumble’ and may just be transitional name that ultimately will be shortened.”

CNN iReport

Values Based Leadership is the New Rule of Business Success Says Business Connector Muneesh Wadhwa – 03/31/14
Opinion piece arguing that leaders need to have shared values with their employees and mentions Professor Harry Kraemer, author of “From Values to Action: The Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership.”

Financial Times

A patriarch Murdoch should have emulated – 03/31/14
Article reports on Rupert Murdoch’s decision to name his sons as successors to lead News Corp and 21st Century Fox. Article quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky on the danger companies face when a family business grows past first and second generations.

HealthCare Finance News

Safety rankings: should hospitals care? – 03/31/14
Professor Joel Shalowitz explains why hospitals shouldn’t worry about rankings, saying, “As far as individuals are concerned, publishing these report cards does not seem to make a lot of difference in their choice of which hospital to go to. There have been a number of studies over several decades that demonstrate this.”

MBA Admit

EMBA Programs That Don’t Require GMAT: Part 2 – 03/31/14
Article reports that Kellogg does not require students to take the GMAT, although recommends it to strengthen candidate’s application.

The New York Times

Accounts and People of Note in the Advertising Industry – 03/31/14
The American Marketing Association, New York chapter, named three people who will be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame for 2014 including Professor Philip Kotler.


Rural residents confront higher health care costs – 03/30/14
Article reports that the cost of health care is more expensive in rural areas, and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite as saying, “Insurers have fewer levers to adjust premium pricing and the health care law makes it easier for rural health insurance shoppers to see what city residents are paying."

Chicago Sun-Times

The new look of Chicago charity – 03/29/14
Profiles alumna Julie Hughes O’Conner, who says she “ended up majoring in non-profit management and was really inspired by [Professor] Don Haider.”


Tax Fears Remain a Fertile Ground for Marketers – 03/26/14
Article reports on marketing strategies for tax filing programs that leverage people’s fear of committing errors in the process, and quotes Professor Tim Calkins.

U.S. News and World Report

Study: Women Heavily Discriminated Against in Math Hiring – 03/26/14
Article covers research by Professor Paola Sapienza on the gender gap in hiring decisions caused by an underestimation of women’s mathematic ability compared to men.


Family Businesses Are a Safe Bet for Long-Term Survival – 03/25/14
Discusses a Kellogg magazine article on family businesses in bad economies, quoting Professor John Ward who said, “Our experience with family businesses has confirmed that in down times, family businesses will take advantage of the negative economic conditions to make some seemingly unconventional and courageous decisions.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

Northwestern-Cadence merger sidesteps industry payment trends – 03/24/14
Reports on Northwestern Memorial Healthcare and Cadence Health’s merger and their measures to prepare for sweeping industry changes in payment models. Quotes Dr. Joel Shalowitz saying, “You cannot just flip the switch. You can't tell doctors all the time, 'Volume, volume, volume,' then all of a sudden say, 'Stop and do things differently.’”

All Africa

Rwanda: American MBA Students Study Transformation in Post-Genocide Rwanda – 03/21/14
President Paul Kagame engaged 30 MBA students from Kellogg in a Q&A session with topics ranging from leadership qualities to development agendas.

Financial Review

How to win sales by finding your customers’ ‘justifiers’ – 03/21/14
Professor James C. Anderson co-authors article about the role of a justifier: an element of a sales offer that makes a noteworthy difference to the customer.

The Motley Fool

Starbucks Teams With Oprah for Tea – 03/21/14
Starbucks has announced that they will offer a Chi Tea at Tevana named after Oprah. Article mentions Kellogg’s research on her influence in President Obama’s elections. Professor Craig Garthwaite comments on the significance Oprah’s endorsement has.


Stupid things employers ask job candidates – 03/20/14
Professor Lauren Rivera research has found that employers also tend to hire people they'd like to hang out with.

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