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Why ‘Doing Good’ With Sustainable Investing Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Doing Well – 07/23/21
Article by Professor Phillip Braun encourages investors to be more discerning in their pursuit of sustainable investing opportunities.


The 'Five Fs' of Successful Negotiations, and Other Tips to Get the Most Out of Any Deal – 07/23/21
Article by Professor Victoria Medvec provides tips from her new book, Negotiate Without Fear: Strategies and Tools to Maximize Your Outcomes, for how business leaders can exit any negotiation, successfully.

Fast Company

How to negotiate your current job instead of joining the Great Resignation – 07/22/21
Article featured Professor Victoria Medvec, who says that employees should always try to negotiate at their current company before exploring elsewhere.


3 Ways AI Can Help You Improve Diversity – 07/22/21
Article by Professor Brian Uzzi shares three different ways to use artificial intelligence to surface, understand and address issues related to diversity and performance.


How Northwestern Kellogg Became A Social Impact Hub – 07/19/21
Article features Kellogg Professors Angela Lee, Megan Kashner, David Chen, Klaus Weber, and Allison Henry, along with Evening & Weekend Student Sam Schiller ‘21, who discuss how social impact has evolved at Kellogg, and why a Kellogg MBA is beneficial to the industry. Also in Yahoo! News.

Chicago Tribune

This Chicago TikTok star built his following on videos about millennial work-from-home culture. And now — like many others — he quit his job. – 07/19/21
Article quotes Professor Lauren Rivera, who says that the transition period coming out of the height of the pandemic has inspired people to think about what they really need or want out of their job. Also featured in this FOX Chicago segment on similar subject.


So your company isn't getting the most out of analytics and AI. Here's what to do. – 07/16/21
Article references insight from Professor Eric Anderson, who offers advice for leaders who want to develop an analytics and AI process robust enough to make a real difference in their business.

Financial Times

FT business books: July edition – 07/14/21
Article features Professor Victoria Medvec’s book ‘Negotiate Without Fear: Strategies and Tools to Maximize Your Outcomes’, which was named to the Financial Times ‘business books to read this month’ guide.

International Society for Political Psychology

2021 JIm Sidanius Early Career Award – 07/13/21
Professor Nour Kteily was awarded the 2021 Jim Sidanius Early Career award by the International Society for Political Psychology, which recognizes prominent leaders within political psychology.

Network Science Society

Erdős-Rényi Prize – 07/08/21
Professor Dashun Wang was awarded the Erdős–Rényi Prize for his research achievements in the area of network science.

Project Syndicate

The Economic Fundamentals of Chinese Communism’s Successes and Failures – 07/05/21
Article by Professor Nancy Qian explores the successes and failures of China’s Communist Party, and necessary reflections for future success. Nancy was also interviewed by Project Syndicate on China’s economy here.

Crain's Chicago Business

Where's home for Kellogg? – 06/25/21
Article features Professor Neal Roese, who says that companies with such long histories should maintain ties to their origin stories for brand management advantages.


America's broken healthcare system encourages neurologists to prescribe a new Alzheimer's drug, even if they don't believe it works – 06/25/21
Article features Professor Craig Garthwaite who says the new Alzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm, is the ‘perfect storm’ to illustrate there is a need for pricing reform. Mentioned on the same topic in The Washington Post.

The Economist

America’s Supreme Court paves the way for college athletes to get paid – 06/22/21
Article references research by Professor Craig Garthwaite that explores what college athletics would look like if it operated as a free market.


Discovering Purpose In The Pandemic – 06/21/21
Article by Professor Nicholas Pearce asks readers to reflect on how the pandemic has steered them towards uncovering a greater purpose, and how to use that to their advantage.

Financial Times

Teaching recognition award for excellence in sustainable finance education: 2021 winners in full – 06/20/21
Article mentions Kellogg’s Impact and Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium, and its efforts to help business schools fully integrate sustainable finance into curricula.


Why big companies like DoorDash, 3M and HP are making films – 06/19/21
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who says that brands are now expanding in their efforts to reach consumers through short from videos as traditional TV advertising is on the decline.

The Washington Post

Some states are cutting off emergency food-assistance programs and making it harder to qualify – 06/18/21
Article features Professor Elena Prager whose recent research finds that the new requirements for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program benefits do not lead more people to working. Also featured on Vox’s The Weeds podcast. 


The Evolution Of Marketing: A Candid Conversation With The Father Of Modern Marketing – 06/16/21
Article by Professor Derek Rucker features takeaways from his conversation with Professor Emeritus Philip Kotler, on the evolution of marketing and his expectations for the future.


7 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Business – 06/16/21
Article features Professor Tim Calkins, who says that one of the biggest pitfalls for new companies is finding a name available for use, and one that won’t cause customer confusion.

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