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Inside the Noid’s Dark Past—and Why Domino’s Brought Him Back Anyway – 04/30/21
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins discusses how Domino’s weighed the decision to bring back their beloved mascot ‘Noid’ following a traumatic event in relation to the character nearly two decades ago.


How Battling Climate Change Can Help The Economy – 04/30/21
Article by Professor Phillip Braun discusses how the Biden administration’s focus on environmental efforts could impact the economy, both short-term and long-term.

Forbes India

Are 'menu costs' messing up your supply chain? – 04/30/21
Article republished from Kellogg Insight features research by Professor Robert Bray that finds that lower menu costs allow stores to boost profit and better match supply with demand, ultimately making it easier to change prices more often.

U.S. News & World Report

At 100 Days, Joe Biden Tries to Turn Luck Into a Lasting Legacy – 04/30/21
Article features Professor Phillip Braun who reflects on Biden’s successes this far, saying his ‘loudest’ accomplishment was the passing of the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package.


Drug Development and Aggregate Productivity – 04/28/21
A research paper, Drug Development and Aggregate Productivity, by Professors Effi Benmelech, Jan Eberly and Dimitris Papanikolaou, has been chosen as a ‘featured paper’ by the National Bureau of Economic Research.


Creativity Is A Persistent Endeavor – 04/27/21
Article cites research by Professor Loran Nordgren, which finds that the belief that we generate our best and most creative ideas early on can squash creativity in the long run.


Who Won The World’s Top VC Competition? The Answer May Surprise You – 04/26/21
Article features current Kellogg students Kate Preston, Nick Giometti, Hayley Bohart, Ryan Keras, Daniel Sjolander, Rahul Nadkarni, and Jenieri Cyrus who recently won the annual Venture Capital Investment Competition, and their journey to the global finals.


P&Q’s 2021 Top MBA Startups: Smartworks, Northwestern Kellogg – 04/26/21
Article features a Q&A with alumnus Harsh Binani ’16, co-founder of Smartworks, India’s largest provider of agile flexible workplaces. Harsh expands on his entrepreneurial journey and his time at Kellogg.


Top MBA Startups of 2021 – 04/25/21
Three Kellogg startups [Smartworks, Leal and 2ndKitchen] made this year’s Poets&Quants top startups list, which evaluated startups based on their success in funding since 2016.

Chicago Sun Times

Payroll protection plan paid off for Illinois banks; see which of them got the most money – 04/23/21
Article quotes Professor Dimitris Papanikolaou, who discusses the generous processing fees that many banks received as a result of handling PPP loans.

The New York Times

Wealthy Families Look to Help Family Business in the Pandemic – 04/23/21
Article quotes Professor Jennifer Pendergast, who says that most family business owners aren’t actively seeking exit strategies, rather larger investments.


Earth Day Brings Big Social Impact News To Northwestern Kellogg – 04/22/21
Article announces a $3.5M gift from Golub Capital to sponsor Kellogg’s Board Fellow Program for five years and create a second Golub Capital Social Impact Lab that will facilitate advanced social impact research.

Fast Company

Try these science-backed strategies to achieve a win in your next negotiation – 04/20/21
Article by Professor Leigh Thompson features her new research in relation to why people lie  when negotiating. She provides practical to help recognize and influence situational cues that lead to more ‘win-win’ outcomes.


Where Stars Fall Short: The Positivity Problem With Online Ratings – 04/20/21
Article by Professors Derek Rucker and Loran Nordgren features their new research which reveals that the language in user reviews is a better predictor of success than the numerical ratings. Positive emotional language is associated with greater success.


For companies trying to diversify their workforces, good data might be key – 04/19/21
Article quotes Professor Brian Uzzi who states that data is important in trying to diversify workplaces, but what a company decides to do with the data is where the real challenge lies and where change can happen.

New York Times

Why Political Sectarianism Is a Growing Threat to American Democracy – 04/19/21
Article references research by Professors Eli Finkel and Cynthia Wang, on the rise of political polarization and its effect on progress.


Bonds. Corporate Bonds. – 04/18/21
Article by Professor Effi Benmelech discusses three potential explanations for the divergent behavior of bonds and loans during crises.

Crain’s Chicago Business

A new sugar substitute that sounds almost too good to be true – 04/16/21
Article quotes Professor Jim Lecinski who discusses the marketing strategy behind allulose, a new sweetener and sugar substitute.


What Value Investing Strategies Are Missing – 04/15/21
Article by Professor Dimitris Papanikolaou features his research which shows that value investors may be missing a key variable in constructing their portfolios: intangible assets.

Impact Alpha

Students of Impact – 04/15/21
Article announces this year’s Kellogg Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge winners, and quotes Professor Megan Kashner, who says that students in today’s world bring a higher desire to make an impact than ever before.

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