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Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s convention and tourism workers are feeling the ripple effect of events canceled because of the coronavirus – 03/09/20
Article includes quote from Professor Sunil Chopra’s who says coronavirus effects will hit the tourism industry the hardest, leading to cut hours and as a worst-case scenario, layoffs.


How Greater Transparency Can Help Calm Market Fears – 03/09/20
Article by Professor Philip Braun suggests that to combat coronavirus caused fear and uncertainty which has led to stock market versatility, business leaders must increase transparency to their investors and their employees.

The New York Times

Coronavirus Highlights the Pitfalls of Health Deductibles – 03/09/20
Article includes quote from Professor Craig Garthwaite who states that the two main reasons to consider cost sharing as efficient is that it dissuades excess care and allows movement of people to more cost-effective options.


5 Quotes to Help You Have Better Conversations at Work – 03/08/20
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Esther Choy offers tips on how to amplify conversations at work to encourage a culture of corporate storytelling,

Business Insider

Activist hedge fund Elliott Management's attack on Jack Dorsey is the first shot in brutal new reality for tech founder CEOs who have lost their protective halo – 03/05/20
Article includes quotes by Professor David Schonthal on the topic of tech CEOs having the power to overrule investors who may want them removed.

Forte Foundation

Perfection is Not the Price of Admission – 03/05/20
Article by Professor Ellen Taaffe discusses the internal struggles women face when deciding to purse an MBA degree, and what they can consider to make the decision easier.

Law 360

Will The FTC Get Burned By Arch Coal Again? – 03/05/20
Article include perspective from Professor Mark McCareins who comments on the FTC’s current endeavor to block an Arch Coal transaction that will test how far the coal industry has come.

The New York Times

Are You an Anti-Influencer? – 03/05/20
Article references research by Professor Eric Anderson that finds that products ultimately discontinued due to low demand, often shared the same fanbase.


Wall Street’s watchdog is obscuring data that could protect investors – 03/03/20
Article references research by Professor Gregor Matvos that examines the market for financial adviser misconduct.


Legal Pot Means Marketing A Brand New Industry – 03/03/20
Podcast features Professor Kevin McTigue who discusses the marketing challenges and opportunities that marijuana businesses are currently facing.

Business Because

MBA Professors To Look Out For | 2020 – 03/02/20
Article features Professor Artem Timoshenko and details his background, research, and advice for MBA students.

Business Insider

DoorDash's food deliveries earned it a $13 billion valuation, but experts say its IPO plans amid market turmoil and a virus outbreak are a recipe for disaster – 02/29/20
Article quotes Professor David Schonthal on DoorDash’s IPO, saying “"It's hard to see how a business like this will convince investors and retail investors that they've figured it out, when other businesses of similar DNA have struggled to find the answer that leads to a profitable business model.”

Chicago Tribune

Coronavirus hurting supply chain to Chicago-area companies – 02/28/20
Article quotes Professor Philip Braun's on the coronavirus’ effect on the local Chicago business landscape, and how it potential could result in layoffs. Also featured in this WGN broadcast.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Coronavirus hits mask maker Medline's operations – 02/27/20
Article includes Professor Sunil Chopra’s view on the impact of coronavirus on mask maker Medline’s operations, citing a cause for concern when supply and demand move in opposite directions.


RIAs Fear Continued Client Solicitation – 02/26/20
Article includes insight from Professor Mark McCareins regarding the concerns Charles Schwab faces from RIAs about poaching clients, stating that it is more of a breach of contract issue rather than an antitrust issue.

RSF Bulletin

Winter 2020 Presidential Authority Grants – 02/26/20
Professor Paola Sapienza received a Presidential Authority Grant from The Russell Sage Foundation for continuation of her work in Race, Ethnicity and Immigration studies.

Are the Most Successful Entrepreneurs in Their Twenties? [Episode 352] – 02/25/20
Podcast featuring Professor Benjamin Jones discusses his research linking age and entrepreneurial success.


Feedback Is A Gift—And Wise Leaders Give It Generously – 02/25/20
Article includes Professor Harry Kraemer’s views on how feedback from superiors may benefit employees and why it is sometimes hard for leaders to provide team members with feedback.

A Second Opinion

Episode 28- Craig Garthwaite – 02/24/20
Poscast episode featuring Professor Craig Garthwaite explores a variety of topics including how to lower drug prices, how US drug spending drives global innovation, and the definition of “Medicare for All” in relation to Bernie Sander’s healthcare plan.

Financial Times

Academic focus limits business schools’ contribution to society – 02/23/20
Article cites Professor Aaron Yoon’s research on corporate sustainability and capital allocation as one of the most impactful pieces of research with strong social value.

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