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Crain's Chicago Business

A sports drink giant is taking a hit – 02/19/21
Article quotes Professor Kevin McTigue, who says that Gatorade’s dominant market share could put the brand in a vulnerable spot given rapidly changing consumer behavior.


Repeat Exposure Makes Ads More Effective. Here’s Why. – 02/18/21
Article quotes Professor Angela Lee who says that the repeated exposure to an advertisement, doesn’t always result in a consumer’s inclination to liking, or buying a product.


4 Ways To Bridge The AI-Integrity Gap – 02/18/21
Article by Professor Brian Uzzi recommends 4 ways to bridge the gap between AI and ethical concerns through considering net-net cost-benefits and creating supportive networks.


What A 30,000-Person Survey Reveals About Day-To-Day Life In The Pandemic – 02/18/21
Article features research conducted by Professor Dean Karlan dissecting the socioeconomic impact of Covid-19 in lower- and middle-income countries. Also in the NPR article

Chief Executive

Gen. Bernard Banks: ‘Fortune Favors The Prepared’ – 02/17/21
Podcast features Professor Bernard Banks who discusses how he believes people develop the mindset behind leadership, and how it directly impact their success.

The Wall Street Journal

CFOs Invest in Employee Training, Software to Speed Up Forecasting – 02/16/21
Article quotes Professor Tom O’Toole, who discusses the need for business leaders to be able to connect data science to business outcomes.

Crain’s Chicago Business

How to get the vaccine to workers? Bring it to them. – 02/12/21
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who says that having the vaccine readily available on location could help a company’s image to the public, and reputational standing with its employees.


Why income inequality is the key predictor of COVID-19 death rates, according to 3 Kellogg School professors – 02/12/21
Article republished from Kellogg Insight features Professors Sergio Rebelo and Martin Eichenbaum on their research exploring why Covid-19 death rates are higher in certain countries and US states.

Northwestern Now

Kellogg to host ClimateCAP summit in 2022 – 02/12/21
Kellogg will host ClimateCAP: The Global MBA Summit on Climate, Capital & Business in spring 2022. This annual summit, in partnership with business-school programs across the globe, brings together students and leaders across industries to discuss business engagement with issues of climate change.


Be Wary Of Predictions Of Rising Inflation – 02/11/21
Article by Professor Phillip Braun discusses the concept of inflation and the downside to predicting the direction of the current pandemic-induced inflation rates.


The Best, The Worst And The Interesting: A Look At Super Bowl’s 2021 Advertising – 02/11/21
Article by Professor Derek Rucker breaks down this year’s Super Bowl Ad Review’s results according to the Kellogg panel, providing insight as to which ads received raving reviews, and which didn’t do so well.

The Wall Street Journal

How Much Does a C-Section Cost? At One Hospital, Anywhere From $6241 to $60,584 – 02/11/21
Article quotes Professor Amanda Starc, who says that the penalties for failing to meet pricing-disclosure requirements is not enough to force large hospitals to be compliant.

ABC Chicago

Aunt Jemima rebranding rankles family of some women who portrayed her, who say they're being erased – 02/10/21
Broadcast features Professor Nicholas Pearce, who says that the answer is not for corporations to erase their past, but rather tell their story and how they evolved to where they are today.

Northwestern Now

Measuring the impact of innovation at Northwestern – 02/09/21
Article features Professor Dashun Wang and his new research project which is positioned to provide a clear understanding of Northwestern University’s research progress.

CBS News

Super Bowl commercials: Winners and losers from the big game – 02/08/21
Broadcast features Professor Tim Calkins who discusses the best and worst ads of this year’s Super Bowl according to Kellogg’s panel. Also featured on ABC Chicago and the Associated Press on post-game thoughts.

Fox Chicago

Best Commercials from Super Bowl 55 – 02/08/21
Broadcast features Professor Derek Rucker who discusses the best and worst ads of this year’s Super Bowl. View the ‘Worst Ads’ segment here. Also featured in CNBCCBS Chicago and BBC World.

Fast Company

How much does a Super Bowl ad cost? Here’s how 2021 compares – 02/07/21
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins who discusses the nuances behind Super Bowl advertisement pricing, and the various considerations that brands run through.

The Wall Street Journal

Super Bowl Ads Go for Comedic Catharsis – 02/07/21
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins who states that “advertisers are reflecting our behaviors and the life we’re leading, but only in the most positive way.”


Some Super Bowl commercials will strike a different tone this year due to the pandemic – 02/06/21
Article quotes Professor Derek Rucker who discusses how Super Bowl advertisers are playing it safe this year due to the pandemic, the social justice movement and other societal issues.


Why Super Bowl Ads Are A Tough Sell In 2021 – 02/05/21
Article by Professors Derek Rucker and Tim Calkins outlines various reasons why Super Bowl advertising might be down this year, including a volatile economy and tonal sensitivity.

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