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Business Insider

Sharing a mutual work enemy with a friend could make you perform better, according to research – 01/09/20
Article republished from Kellogg Insight references research conducted by Professor Brian Uzzi, which correlates balanced social triangles with better work performance and unbalanced social triangles with the spread of malcontent.

Los Angeles Times

California eyes selling its own brand of generic prescription drugs to battle high costs – 01/09/20
Article includes insight from Professor Craig Garthwaite , who questions the motive behind California’s new proposal – is it to decrease aggregate spending on drugs or fix market failures? Also cited in Axios.

The New York Times

These Patients Are Hard to Treat – 01/08/20
Article includes quote by Professor Craig Garthwaite on how difficult it is to find ways to improve patient care and reduce costs.

Business Because

Lifelong Learning Crucial For Business Schools In 2020, Say MBAs – 01/07/20
Article quotes Kellogg students Bruna Beccaro ’20 and Jon Leist ’21 on what attracted them to Kellogg, including the Zell Fellows program and the technology pathway.


Elizabeth Warren reignites feud with Joe Biden over personal bankruptcy policy – 01/07/20
Article references research by Professor David Dranove, which states that a causal link in medical problems was evident in only 17% of personal bankruptcies, providing a source of criticism to Elizabeth Warren’s evidence for her bankruptcy policy.

Financial Times

Economists fear US is approaching limit of monetary policy – 01/07/20
Article includes quote by Professor Janice Eberly on how monetary policy cannot impact demographics, which has been a factor in driving down the US’s natural rate of interest.


10 health policy questions to answer in 2020 – 01/06/20
Article includes quote by Professor Craig Garthwaite on Medicare for All in relation to the possibility of passing other pharmaceutical and pricing reforms in the Senate and the House.

Investor Place

7 Excellent Value Stocks to Buy for 2020 – 12/31/19
Article quotes Professor Phillip Braun who says that as market uncertainty continues to prevail, dividend funds will continue to be popular.


Economists like annuities; consumers don’t — here’s the disconnect – 12/28/19
Article by KPPI Executive Director and Visiting Professor Ben Harris explains why economists see annuities as insurance, and consumers see them as investment vehicles.


The best days of Party City may be in the past. Here’s what happened to it in 2019 – 12/27/19
Video includes commentary from Professor Kevin McTigue (3:54), who discusses how Party City became a category killer, discouraging others to join the same market.


There Are No Age Limits To Becoming An Entrepreneur – 12/26/19
Article references research by Professor Benjamin Jones which finds that older entrepreneurs are more likely to start successful businesses than younger entrepreneurs.

New York Magazine

Are We at Peak Boycott? – 12/26/19
Article references research and includes insight from Professor Brayden King, who notes that boycotts can succeed even if they don’t inspire a behavior change.

Chicago Tribune

5G arrived in Chicago in 2019. What will happen with the fifth generation of wireless in 2020? – 12/24/19
Article quotes Professor Mohan Sawhney on 5G – while it means faster internet, there are more innovative breakthroughs to come after 2020.

The New York Times

8 Ways to Be Kinder To Yourself in 2020 – 12/24/19
Article quotes Professor Neal Roese on how to use regret to your advantage in the new year.


B-Schools Predict What 2020 Has In Store – 12/23/19
Article features Professor Linda Darragh who predicts a surge in early-stage investment in emerging markets for 2020, and an increased emphasis on global focus and opportunities for MBA students.

Popular Science

Emotions may be universal, but they aren’t easy to – 12/23/19
Article features research and insight by Professor Hyejin Youn, who explores logical next steps to decoding physiological signals for emotions in different languages.


Recent Study Shows Early Career Setbacks Are Key To Long Terms Success – 12/22/19
Article references research conducted by Professors Dashun Wang and Professor Benjamin Jones on early career setbacks and long term success. Also mentioned in Inc.


California Companies Are Scrambling to Add Women Board Members as Deadline Approaches – 12/18/19
Article features Professor Lauren Rivera’s research in conjunction with Crunchbase and social-impact venture Him For Her, that finds that the boards of private companies are lacking women members. Also featured in Fox Business.

Harvard Business Review

Building an Ethical Career – 12/17/19
Article written by Professor Maryam Kouchaki provides steps for professionals to follow in order to lead an ethical career, based on her research.


Hallmark’s same-sex marriage gaffe shows how social media is raising the stakes for marketers – 12/17/19
Professors Tim Calkins says that Hallmark’s quick reversal in stance regarding their advertisement shows how brands have to move more quickly in the age of social media.

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