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Chicago Tribune

Crazy Rich Asians’ writer’s dilemma illustrates how Hollywood pay gap is alive and well – 09/12/19
Article quotes Professor Nancy Qian, attributing script writer Adele Lim’s lower pay to two things: on average, for the same level education and work experience, 1) women get paid less than men and 2) Asians in the U.S. get paid less than Caucasians.


Why The U.S. Shouldn’t Declare Victory Over China’s Tariff Exemptions – 09/12/19
Article by Professor Phillip Braun discusses how the trade war is affecting business and consumers even more many of the tariffs take effect.


Kellogg Chronicles: What I Discovered During My Internship – 09/11/19
Article written by Kellogg 2Y student Lauren Meyer recalls her internship experience at a tech startup on the West Coast, and how it changed her outlook on her career ahead.


All the New Faculty At The Top 25 Schools – 09/11/19
New faculty roundup features an interview with Professor Gregor Matvos, along with outlining all of Kellogg’s new faculty for the 2020 school year here.

Apple is playing catchup. New iPhones won’t help – 09/10/19
Article by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney says that the incremental level of innovation in the new IPhone11 lineup is a sign that Apple is running out of innovative ideas, and that the smartphone category is at its peak.

The Wall Street Journal

The Problem With Bonds in a Portfolio – 09/10/19
Article by KPPI Executive Director and Visiting Professor Ben Harris’s discusses whether bonds are the best choice for retirees to generate cash flow.

Walmart and other big companies are trying to recruit more teenage employees – 09/09/19
Video features perspective from Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman on the current ‘war on talent’ and why companies are having to turn to different groups of people to meet the demand for labor.


50 state attorneys general launch antitrust investigation into Google – 09/09/19
Article quotes Professor Mark McCareins who says that there is no value added when including state attorney general’s in the investigation of top tech firms. Also covered in Yahoo Finance.


How to persuade an audience that thinks it knows everything – 09/08/19
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Esther Choy gives readers actionable steps for persuading their audience such as acknowledging their point of view

Chicago Tribune

Serial entrepreneurs start boot camp to help Chicago women move ahead at work — to the C-suite, or however they define success – 09/06/19
Article is a feature on Bonfire, a startup aimed at helping women excel in their careers, co-founded by Professor Suzanne Muchin. Article also mentions Bonfire’s COO, Rebecca Sholiton, a Kellogg alumna.

The Atlantic

People Actually Quit SoulCycle – 09/06/19
Article quotes Professor Brayden King and his research, which says behavioral change is more likely if people feel like their peers are watching to see if they will follow through.


How CEOs Can Forge a New Kind of Shareholder Value – 09/05/19
Article by Professor Emeritus Alfred Rappaport questions the new Roundtable statement regarding CSR because of what the statement doesn’t tell us – such as how companies should allocate resources, CEO compensation, etc.


All Medicaid expansions are not created equal: The Geography and targeting of the Affordable Care Act – 09/05/19
Article discusses new research by Professor Craig Garthwaite and Professor Matthew Notowidigdo on the effect of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion on hospital services.

Fast Company

How being a speed skater prepared me for a successful career in tax law and tech – 09/05/19
Article cites research by Professor Paola Sapienza saying that women are more risk-averse than men in financial decision making, which is associated with differences in career choices.


Our 10,000-Year Challenge: Science, Values And The Future Of Food & Agriculture – 09/05/19
Article by Adjunct Professor Robert Wolcott features a video and conversation with Jack Bobo, CEO of Futurity Food, who says that to feed the population of the future, science will be essential.


These millennials were so burned out, they’re building a startup to combat burnout – 09/05/19
Article cites Professor Mohanbir Sawhney who says there are endless approaches to combatting burnout at work, such as eating healthy and exercising.


Here’s What It Would Take to Get to ‘Win-Win’ With China on Trade, Experts Say – 09/01/19
Article quotes Professor Phillip Braun who says that Trump’s current approach to trade with China isn’t working, and that it should be led with more mutual respect, creating a win-win situation.

Business Insider

Peloton says only 0.65% of its subscribers cancel each month. Here's why customer-retention experts think that number 'doesn't pass the smell test.' – 08/31/19
Article quotes Professor Joel Shapiro who says that Peloton’s churn rate calculation will be misleading if it includes customers on extended subscription plans.

Associated Press

Politics of Climate Change put Corporations in a Tough Spot – 08/30/19
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins who says that every industry that has long-term investments, is taking into consideration how they will plan and combat global warming.


To land top jobs, women need different types of networks than men – 08/30/19
Article features a republished Kellogg Insight article discussing research by Professor Brian Uzzi examining how women can network most effectively.

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