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Crain’s Chicago Business

Illinois' dominant insurer isn't sharing COVID-related savings with customers – 06/26/20
Article quotes Professor Amanda Starc who says that where you see insurers proactively returning revenues to customers are where customers are making the most noise.


Forget Bitcoin – Skills Are They Currency of the Future – 06/26/20
Article references research by Professor Lauren Rivera that finds that a key driver of perceived strength of job candidates is similarity to the interviewer.

Forbes India

When do we identify with the bad guy? – 06/26/20
Article republished from Kellogg Insight features research by Professor Derek Rucker that suggests that when someone feels similar to a fictional villain, an attraction develops.

Fast Company

Stimulus check 2 update: The latest news on second payments – 06/25/20
Article references research by Professor Scott Baker’s that explores how Americans are spending their stimulus checks, noting that it typically depends on the status of your bank account. Research also references in Business insider

USA Today

Boycotting Facebook: Eddie Bauer, Ben & Jerry’s and other companies join campaign to halt ads – 06/23/20
Article quotes Professor Brayden King who says that boycotts are often effective because they affect revenue, sales and most importantly, reputation.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Q&A Roundtable: The Future of Impact – 06/22/20
Article by Professor Megan Kashner discusses the Impact & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium and the trends and predictions she foresees being a focus moving forward.

The Hill

Are you Angry with the Fed? You should be – 06/22/20
Article written by Professor Emeritus Thomas Lys proposes an alternative economic policy that ensures greater equity for who benefits from the Fed’s actions in response to Covid-19.

Business Insider

10 books on race and leadership MBA professors at top schools like Stanford, Harvard, and Kellogg are recommending to incoming students – 06/19/20
Article quotes Professor Nicholas Pearce and Bernie Banks on leadership books they recommend for students, to help them prepare for times of civil unrest and crisis.


More companies offer a paid day off for Juneteenth – 06/19/20
Article features Professor Nicholas Pearce who says that companies recognizing Juneteenth as a holiday invites more accountability for discussing how to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Project Syndicate

Hard Data for Hard Choices – 06/19/20
Article co-written by Professor Dean Karlan discusses how data and social science can help confront the current crisis and anticipate the debates to come.

The Great Recession was especially bad for older workers. The pandemic could be even worse – 06/18/20
Article by KPPI Executive Director and Visiting Professor Ben Harris discusses the potential impact Covid-19 could have on retirement planning.


Favorite MBA Professors of the Class of 2020 – 06/18/20
Article features Professor Kent Grayson for being a ‘favorite MBA professor’ this year for his thoughtful approach in his marketing management classes.

The Wall Street Journal

Eddie the Repo Man Has Time on His Hands: What Happens When Your Debt Is Suspended – 06/18/20
Article quotes Professor Effi Benmelech who says that the ease of repossession is what keeps money moving between lenders and borrowers, in turn keeping the marketing steadily flowing.

Art of Manliness Podcast

How to Deal With Life’s Regrets – 06/17/20
Podcast features Professor Neal Roese who discusses regret and how it can often motivate someone toward greater improvement, action and agency.

Chicago Tribune

Advocate in talks to merge with large Michigan hospital chain, may form $17 billion health system, official says – 06/17/20
Article quotes Professor Amanda Starc, who says that Covid-19 could accelerate mergers and acquisitions of hospitals in Illinois.

Institutional Investor

UN PRI Revamps Reporting Rules to Focus on ‘Real-World’ Outcomes – 06/17/20
Article references Professor Aaron Yoon’s research on UN PRI signatories finding that asset managers who sign the stewardship code fail to show actual meaningful improvements in their ESG investment strategies.

CBS Chicago

Illinois Unemployment Numbers Higher Than Expected; ‘We Are Opening More Slowly Than Other States’ – 06/16/20
Newscast features Professor Phillip Braun who says that the decrease in the level of Illinois unemployment following re-opening is sufficient enough to bring us out of a looming recession.


How to Secure Credit During a Financial Crisis – 06/16/20
Article by Professor Effi Benmelech discusses his research finding that most companies in the US are more willing to issue debt in the trough versus the peak of a cycle.


The Secret to Great Leadership Is in How You Choose to Spend Your Time. This Is How You Do It – 06/15/20
Article mentions Professor Harry Kraemer's new book, Your 168: Finding Purpose and Satisfaction in a Values-Based Life, as an asset to becoming a value-based leader.

Financial Times China

Will responsible investment continue to receive support? – 06/14/20
Article reference Professor Aaron Yoon’s research on the relationship between ESG returns and employee satisfaction.

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