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Law 360

Biden’s Antitrust Policies Won’t Depart Entirely from Trumps – 08/24/21
Article features Professor Mark McCareins, who discusses former President Trump’s approach to antitrust challenges and mergers.


Why T-Mobile Customers Might ‘Shrug Off’ the Data Breach – 08/20/21
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who discusses how often competitor companies ramp up offerings and discounts as rivals are experiencing hardships, to try to pivot brand loyalty.


How to stop your dread of networking from hurting your career and start using it to your advantage – 08/19/21
Article republished from Kellogg Insight features research and insights from Professor Maryam Kouchaki, which explores how to make networking more approachable and successful for career progression.

Business Because

MBA Reading List: 19 Books To Read Before Your MBA – 08/17/21
Professor Neal Roese recommends The AI Marketing Canvas, written by Professor Jim Lecinski, as a book every MBA should read before stepping on campus.


Why America’s Failure To Deliver Sufficient Vaccines Worldwide Will Cost The U.S. Its Global Leadership – 08/17/21
Article by Professor Phillip Braun explains why it's critical for the U.S. to expand vaccine distributions globally.

Crain's Chicago Business

What's your data worth? Payday-advance startup raises $60 million. – 08/13/21
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who discusses the appeal behind the new app, Klover, which provides consumers advances on their paychecks.


Keep brainstorming—your best ideas are still to come – 08/11/21
Article republished from Kellogg Insight features research by Professor Loran Nordgren which finds that the most creative ideas often come later in the brainstorming process.


Return to the Office Five Days a Week? How About Never Again – 08/07/21
Article features Professor Lauren Rivera, who discusses the return to office, who says that flexibility will be crucial, and leadership responding appropriately to changing environments is pivotal for team success.


Why Sales Leaders Need AI—And The C-Suite Should Demand It – 08/03/21
Article by Professor Joel Shapiro describes why sales leaders must intertwine AI and Data Analytics, especially when allocating resources to allow teams to thrive.


Why Global Investors Need Sustainable Investing Standards – 08/03/21
Article by Professor Phillip Braun discusses the difficulty in measuring an investment’s social impact, and why a comprehensive framework for measurement is necessary.


Hiring Managers’ Top 3 Pet Peeves – and How to Avoid Them – 08/02/21
Article quotes Professor Carter Cast, who offers his most valuable advice for how to frame a resume to best impress a hiring manager.


Ben & Jerry’s Social Responsibility: ESG Without The G – 08/01/21
Article by Professor Effi Benmelech discusses Ben & Jerry’s long track record of sustainability, and its lack of governance overtime.


Favorite MBA Professors of the Class of 2021 – 08/01/21
Professor Harry Kraemer and Adjunct Lecturer Rick Desai were recognized as two of Poets&Quants favorite MBA professors of the class of 2021.

Northwestern Now

From Chicago to Cote d’Ivoire: Youn Impact Scholars are innovators for social impact – 07/29/21
Article announces Kellogg’s 2021 cohort of the Youn Impact Scholars.

Project Syndicate

Good and Bad Olympic Nationalism – 07/29/21
Article by Professor Nancy Qian discusses the political value behind the Olympics, and how the games’ can be both advantageous and detrimental to nations around the world.


Kellogg Board Fellows Program: Driver Of Social Change – 07/28/21
Article features recent graduate Sanat Daga’ 21 on his experience participating in Kellogg’s Board Fellows Program, and the direct impact he was able to make on the Chicago community.

Harvard Business Review

Breaking Free from a “9 to 5” Culture – 07/27/21
Article features Professor Ellen Taaffe who says that focusing on identifying clear goals and outcomes will allow employees to remain focused and diligent amidst the flexible back-to-work environment.


Want To Be A Great Leader? The First Step Is Self-Awareness – 07/26/21
Article references Kellogg Insight article featuring insights by Professors Brenda Ellington Booth and Karen Cates, on how to use self-reflection to your advantage as a leader.


McDonald’s Has Created A New Team To Focus On Customer Experiences – 07/26/21
Article references Kellogg Insight article featuring Professor Tim Calkins, which says that companies now need to ensure the online customer experience is just as carefully curated as an in person one, to uphold brand value.


Why ‘Doing Good’ With Sustainable Investing Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Doing Well – 07/23/21
Article by Professor Phillip Braun encourages investors to be more discerning in their pursuit of sustainable investing opportunities.

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