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Business Insider

How to prepare for 5 important career moments, according to experts at Kellogg School of Management – 11/08/19
Article republished from Kellogg Insight features Professors Tim Calkins, Craig Wortmann, Victoria Medvec, Rob Apatoff and Ellen Taaffe on how to best prepare for key work situations.

Business Insider

Research confirms that you should tackle harder tasks first if you actually want to be productive – 11/06/19
Article republished from Kellogg Insight references research conducted by Professor Maryam Kouchaki on how tackling more difficult tasks first helps to increase productivity, satisfaction and growth.


Impeachment: Would Things Be Different If Nancy Pelosi Was Ned Pelosi? – 11/06/19
Article includes insight from Professor Leigh Thompson on the double standards women leaders experience and how Nancy Pelosi satisfies both those standards.

The Wall Street Journal

If Warren Scraps Private Health Care, Beware the Unintended Consequences – 11/06/19
Article references research conducted by Professor Craig Garthwaite on healthcare’s dependency on government resources in relation to Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All plan.


Party Spending Pledges Suggest A Return To The Heights Of The Dreadful 1970s – 11/04/19
Article features perspective and research by Professor Sergio Rebelo, who finds that it is the actual tax rate that affects the growth process of a firm, and cutting the corporate tax rate can spur activity.


Want Better Conversations? Learn 3 Listening Skills from StoryCorps – 11/03/19
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Esther Choy recommends that replicating the StoryCorps process will improve the quality of your personal conversation.


What companies don’t tell you about extended warranties – 11/01/19
Article republished from Kellogg Insight highlights research by Professor Yuval Salant that explores why so many consumers buy extended warranties despite their high prices.


Five Predictions About U.S. Higher Education In 2040 – 10/30/19
Article by Professor Sally Blount makes five predictions about what US higher education will look like in 2040 based on data and the marketplace.


Kids Have Been Eating Smarties on Halloween for 70 Years. Here's the Story of the Family-Run Company Behind It All – 10/30/19
Article references research conducted by Professor John Ward, which says that just 15% of family businesses in the United States make it to the third generation.


How managers can work well together, even when they don't agree – 10/29/19
Article includes quote from Professor Jeanne Brett on specific dispute resolution strategies such as analyzing the pros and cons of a dispute to figure out if it’s worth fighting for.

North by Northwestern

New Kellogg center seeks to uncover the science of science itself – 10/29/19
Article highlights the opening of Kellogg’s Center for the Science of Science and Innovation.


It's Time More Nonprofits Consider M&A – 10/28/19
Article cites research conducted by Professor Donald Haider on the positive impact of mergers on nonprofit organizations.


The World’s Best MBA Programs For Entrepreneurship – 10/28/19
Article ranks the best MBA programs for entrepreneurship. Kellogg is mentioned for its entrepreneurial involvement on campus. Also covered in Inc.


Best MBA Entrepreneurship Programs: The Data Dump – 10/28/19
Article breaks down the results of the entrepreneurship ranking, detailing every group of data used. The breakdown mentions Kellogg in several categories.

Stat News

Democrats’ new logic on drug pricing: Developing slightly fewer medicines is OK if it means lower prices – 10/28/19
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite who says that a new drug pricing bill may impact the pharmaceutical industry and lead to a decrease in pharmaceutical products.

The New York Times

How Early-Career Setbacks Can Set You Up for Success – 10/27/19
Article highlights research conducted by Professor Dashun Wang on how early career setbacks can result to a stronger career long term as failures can inspire self-growth. Also reported on Inc, WTTW, and Quartz and Inc.

Discovery Channel

Why We Hate: Tools and Tactics – 10/26/19
Episode three of the “why we hate” series on Discovery Channel features Professor Nour Kteily’s research on dehumanization.

The Wall Street Journal

When Annuities Are a Better Deal for Women Than Men – 10/25/19
Article by KPPI Executive Director and Visiting Professor Ben Harris on how women attain better benefits than men when buying an income annuity through their workplace retirement plan.

Business Insider

SoftBank could have just walked away from WeWork and its $9 billion investment. Business experts explain why it didn't. – 10/25/19
Article quotes Professor Filippo Mezzanotti who says that the value of WeWork’s brand will be detrimentally affected if it follows through with bankruptcy.

Harvard Business Review

Why Purpose – Not Passion – Should Guide Young Professionals – 10/25/19
Article by Professor Nicholas Pearce shares why pursuing an opportunity with a purpose is more beneficial for a young professional.

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