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Crain’s Chicago Business

Why Biden Worries Big Pharma – 11/20/20
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite who expresses the concern Americans have for prescription medication prices in comparison to other countries.

Northwestern Now

The Moskowitz Prize Moves to Kellogg – 11/19/20
Kellogg is now the host of Moskowitz Prize, the premier global prize for research in sustainable finance. Among this year’s Moskowitz Prize judges are Kellogg professors Mitchell Petersen, David Chen and Ravi Jagannathan, along with Dean Francesca Cornelli and Lloyd Kurtz, founder of the Moskowitz Prize and visiting scholar at Kellogg. Also mentioned in Impact Alpha.


Does Advertising Actually Work? – 11/18/20
Podcast features Professor Anna Tuchman and her research which investigates the impact of television advertising for e-cigarettes.

Tech Republic

Brains Hacks to Boost Productive with Music. Should You Be Listening to More ABBA? – 11/18/20
Article features Professor Derek Rucker and his research which investigates if music can cause individuals to feel more or less empowered.

The Wall Street Journal

How Covid-19 Could Change Workplace Technology – 11/18/20
Article features Professor Mohan Sawhney who discusses how the design of workplaces and employee schedules will change as a result to Covid-19.

Associated Press

Amazon Opens Online Pharmacy, Shaking Up Another Industry – 11/17/20
Article features Professor Craig Garthwaite, who says that Amazon could become an attractive option for patients looking to fill prescriptions, making the experience more pleasant, and pricing more competitive. Also featured in Reuters, U.S. News & World Report, Chicago Tribune, MarketWatch, and The Washington Post.


Is Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine The Next Blockbuster Drug? – 11/16/20
Article by Professor Effi Benmelech discusses the economics of vaccines, in particular, how the vaccine for Covid-19 could impact the stock market.


The economic advisers vying for gigs in Joe Biden’s White House – 11/15/20
Article mentions Executive Director of KPPI and Visiting Professor Benjamin Harris as being an economic advisor in consideration for a position within the White House. 


4 Reasons Business Storytelling Matters In The Covid Era – 11/15/20
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Esther Choy cites research by Professor Adam Waytz that reveals that groups are most willing to reconcile when their respective needs are met. She uses this as supporting point to illustrate that storytelling can be used to connect with customers and consumers.

Business Insider

How to create workplace incentives and protocols your employees will actually embrace – 11/13/20
Article republished from Kellogg Insight features Professor Jillian Chown’s research and insight, which suggests that when leaders and employees co-create, they can align on goals and embrace failure as a stepping-stone to success.


What Trump could do after leaving the White House – 11/12/20
Article features Professor Tim Calkins who says that Donald Trump will leave his presidency with a brand that in some ways is stronger than it was when he was sworn in four years ago.

The Hill

Engaging in conversations and reframing conflict – 11/12/20
Article by Professor Michelle Buck provides recommendations for navigating the discomfort of conversations with others who hold divergent perspectives and beliefs. She references research by Professor Nour Kteily.

CNBC Europe

‘A lot of uncertainty’ as polls open on election day, Connect Frontier CEO says – 11/11/20
Newscast features Adjunct Professor Grant Harris who discusses the 2020 presidential election and the atmosphere at the polls. Also feature on CNBC Africa and on On The Couch Podcast.


Biden Seen Reining in Mergers and Cracking Down on Big Tech – 11/11/20
Article features Executive Director of KPPI and Visiting Professor Benjamin Harris mentioning his proposed reforms to labor and antitrust laws which would result in higher wages, safer workplaces and increased mobility.


Immigrants Create More Jobs Than They Take – 11/11/20
Article features research by Professor Benjamin Jones, which finds that areas with more immigration have seen higher gains in per-capita income.

Crain's Chicago Business

Ulta Beauty to open locations in Target Stores – 11/10/20
Article features Professor Alexander Chernev who says that Target’s robust fulfillments operations will benefit Ulta’s bottom line and the partnership’s success.


The Faster Company: How to Increase The Speed Of Your Organization – 11/10/20
Article by Professor Mohan Sawhney explains how organizations are naturally ‘built for speed’, and what other can do to compete.

Harvard Business Review

How to Brief a Senior Executive – 11/10/20
Article by Adjunct Professor Grant Harris shares how to get your point across under pressure by understanding the interpersonal dynamics at play between a Senior Executive and the rest of the team.

CNBC Africa

Here’s what Africa should expect under President-elect Biden – 11/09/20
Newscast features Adjunct Professor Grant Harris who discusses what U.S. relations with Africa will look like under the new administration. Also featured in this CNBC newscast on foreign direct investment.


Biden likely to rely on trust inner circle as he staffs new administration – 11/09/20
Article mentions Executive Director of KPPI and Visiting Professor Benjamin Harris who is expected to be tapped for key economic advisory positions for Presidential-Elect Joe Biden. Also mentioned in this Reuters article and in Foreign Policy.  

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