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Business Insider

Here are 5 psychological reasons Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's bartender past gets brought up again and again – 07/05/19
Article references research by Professor Nour Kteily, who says that unlike racial or gender hierarchies, which many people perceive as unfair, Americans generally accept that there are some jobs that are inherently "better" than others.

Andrew Yang’s no-tie look, Elizabeth Warren’s blazer: How wardrobe choices can make or break a brand – 07/04/19
Article by Professor Tim Calkins says that political candidates must be strategic in creating a unique brand that aligns with their political views, from what they say and do to how they present themselves.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Jim Belushi's new role: Marijuana mogul – 07/03/19
Article by Professor Tim Calkins says that political candidates must be strategic in creating a unique brand that aligns with their political views, from what they say and do to how they present themselves.

The Washington Post

Would Medicare-for-all mean hospitals for none? – 07/03/19
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who discusses the direct effects that the Medicare-for-all proposal would have on hospitals and patients.

Business Insider

The 'Oracle of Tampa' explains why he avoids private equity in favor of stocks and bonds — even though the strategy has raised some red flags – 07/02/19
Article quotes Professor Phillip Braun, who says that companies should ensure they have a sufficient support staff before opting out of consultant help.

The Atlantic

Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think – 07/01/19
Article cites research by Benjamin Jones who found that the most common age for someone producing a magnum opus is the late 30s.


Quotes for Simplifying Complex Information For Your Audience – 06/30/19
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Esther Choy uses quotes to explain why turning abstract and complicated ideas into concreate and understandable concepts is important

Business Insider

The 5 leadership strategies Trump needs to employ in order to win the G20 negotiations – 06/28/19
Article quotes Professor Harry Kraemer, who says that prior to any type of negotiation or in a crisis, you need to come prepared with a solution or strategy.


3 Ways to Make a Solid First Impression as a Recent Graduate at Your First Job – 06/28/19
Article by Professor Tim Calkins discusses how creating a positive brand perception at your first job leads to better opportunities and less scrutiny.


Illinois Playbook – 06/27/19
Column references a Kellogg Insight article featuring insights from Professor Therese McGuire, who discusses the impact of local taxes on economic growth


Walmart Trims Pharmacy Jobs as Company Mulls Health Strategy – 06/26/19
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on Walmart Inc.’s recent decision to eliminate jobs inside its U.S. pharmacy business, seeking to reduce costs and keep up with the ever evolving health-care landscape.


When Mind Meets Machine: How AI Can Boost Your Creativity – 06/26/19
Article by Professor Brian Uzzi discusses the benefits to using both human minds and machines in the workplace to push past human biases, which could boost creativity and value in the organization.


According to a New Study, You Need to Do This 1 Thing to Boost Workplace Ethics – 06/26/19
Article on research by Professor Maryam Kouchaki says that integrating employee home life and work life is key to curbing unethical behavior and gives us four main tips for maximizing employee ethics.


10 tips for starting your own business when you’re over 50 – 06/26/19
Article mentions Professor Benjamin Jones’s research, which concludes that age predicts success in entrepreneurs, but in the opposite way that many investors think.


Trump Maps Path on Health Costs That Has Few Clues for Consumers – 06/24/19
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite regarding the new executive order signed by President Trump, and how he believes that the transparent costs may lead to medical firms maintaining tacit collusion and cutting their prices in order to gain more market share. Also covered in this CNBC broadcast.

The New York Times

Why Transparency on Medical Prices Could Actually Make Them Go Higher – 06/24/19
Article quotes Professor Amanda Starc, who believes that the new executive order signed by President Trump, pushing for more transparency in healthcare prices may actually make collusion more probable.

Chicago Tribune

From open-air cafes to ice cream trucks, Chicago’s rainy stretch is taking a toll on seasonal business – 06/21/19
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who says that unfortunate weather during the summer season can be detrimental to a ‘season specific’ business’s bottom line.

The Hill

Facebook’s Libra could serve the underserved – 06/21/19
Article by Professor Sarit Markovich discusses Facebook’s new Libra coin virtual currency, which will offer payment capabilities globally to those who don’t have bank accounts or access to financial services.


Why do whistleblowers risk speaking out? – 06/20/19
Professor Adam Waytz delivers a Ted talk where he discusses the act of whistleblowing to understand why some people risk everything to speak out against wrongdoings. Further discussion on the topic can be found in his TedMed blog post.

Harvard Business Review

Why Authentic Workplaces Are More Ethical – 06/19/19
Article by Professor Maryam Kouchaki discusses her research that suggests that enabling people to bring their whole selves to work endows them with a greater sense of authenticity that ultimately leads to more ethical behavior, reducing business risk.

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