June 2-3, 2011

Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern University

Workshop Theme

It is widely accepted that there is insufficient spectrum available to meet the predicted demands for high-speed data over the next decade. This is due in part to inefficiencies inherent in current spectrum allocations.

One proposed solution is to enable "dynamic spectrum markets" that allow spectrum to be re-allocated over short time-scales. Such approaches could leverage advances in technology that enable more flexible devices that are not tied to a single band of spectrum. This workshop will focus on the technical, economic, and policy issues surrounding the design and deployment of dynamic spectrum markets.

The workshop will begin the morning of Thursday, June 2 and end the next afternoon. It will consist of a series of talks and panels. An objective of the workshop is to initiate discussion between experts in wireless networking, economics, and spectrum policy. Hence, there will be a mix of talks from experts from these different areas. The intention is that the talks will be accessible to a multi-disciplinary audience and emphasize key issues associated with the speaker's area of expertise.

Questions to Address

  • What types of market mechanisms are appropriate for trading spectrum?
  • What technical restrictions should be placed on spectrum users?
  • On what spatial and temporal scales should spectrum be traded?
  • Why are current spectrum markets (as defined by the FCC) relatively inactive?
  • What are the trade-offs in allocating spectrum for exclusive use and sharing (commons)?
  • What should be the role of spectrum sensing/cognitive radio in such markets?
  • How can/should mis-behaving users be policed?


  • Peter Cramton (Univ. of Maryland)
  • Dale Hatfield (Univ. of Colorado)
  • Bruce Hajek (UIUC)
  • Thomas Hazlett (George Mason Univ.)
  • Charles Jackson (George Washington Univ.)
  • Ramesh Johari (Stanford)
  • Scott Jordan (UC Irvine)
  • Sachin Katti (Stanford)
  • Ewan Kwerel (FCC)
  • Jon Peha (Carnegie Mellon; former Chief Technologist, FCC)
  • Charla Rath (Verizon)
  • William Sharkey (FCC)
  • Scott Wallsten (Technology Policy Institute)
  • Martin Weiss (Univ. of Pittsburgh)


schedule (.pdf coming soon)
list of participants (.pdf)


If interested in attending, please register below by May 20th 2011. There is a nominal registration fee of $20 to cover the expenses of coffee breaks and lunch for the two days.
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