Photo courtesy of © Josh McKinnon

Presidential Address: H. Peyton Young presentation
Chaired by Paul Milgrom
Sunday 5:30-6:30

Address of the President Elect: Sergiu Hart
Chaired by Shmuel Zamir
Monday 5:30-6:30

Nobel Panel: Robert Aumann, Eric Maskin, Roger Myerson, Thomas Schelling
Introductions, Henry Bienen, President, Northwestern University
Moderated by Ehud Kalai

At each congress three lectures named in honor of some of the significant pioneers of the field are given.

This years von Neumann lecture will be delivered by Abraham Neyman.
Chaired by George Mailath

The Morgenstern lecture will be delivered by Jean Tirole.
Chaired by Drew Fudenberg

The Shapley lecture will be delivered by Tim Roughgarden.
Chaired by Éva Tardos