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About Stanley Reiter

Over his career, Stanley was an inspiration to many people.. Please take a moment to read this letter from J. Michael Harrison, one of Stanley's colleagues. He relives a day he spent visiting Fairfield Manufacturing Co. in Lafayette, Indiana, with Stanley, that continues to impact the way he thinks today.

Stanley co-invented a computer system to "unsnarl the job shop problem." The results of this work has had far-reaching influences. A 1966 Business Week article featured this endeavor. For a step back in time, including a picture of Stanley and his colleagues with old-fashioned tools and machines, you can read this article here.

Finally, please read this piece by Jennifer Byrd about the impact Stanley has had on Kellogg.

The Artwork of Stanley Reiter


In addition to his work at Northwestern, Stanley was also a master artist and sculptor. Below are a few examples of his artwork. His bronze sculpture, "The Runner," is on display at the James Allen Center, on the 2nd floor, outside Classroom 240.

"The Runner"
Bronze Sculpture
Bronze Sculpture Bronze Sculpture



Bronze Sculpture
Based after a Matisse paper cut out named "Woman with Amphora"

Stone Sculpture Stone Sculpture