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Requirements for Major in Marketing Management

The Marketing curriculum provides flexibility for students seeking careers in the field of marketing. The courses deal with behavioral concepts and quantitative methods from a marketing-management point of view and provide opportunities for applying knowledge in a wide range of profit and nonprofit situations.

The Marketing department offers two majors: Marketing and Marketing Management.

The Marketing major is designed for students seeking an in-depth knowledge of the concepts, tools, and practice of modern marketing but who do not necessarily plan to follow a career path structured around marketing responsibilities. Students anticipating careers in areas such as management consulting, general management, high technology companies, and investment banking, may find this option attractive.

To earn the Marketing major, students are required to complete four courses. After completing Marketing Management (430), students must complete Market Research (450) and two other marketing electives. Electives can be chosen based on particular student interest from a broad range of marketing department electives.

Marketing Management
The Marketing Management major is designed for students who envision a career in which marketing plays a central role. Such a career might be developed in any number of settings, including consumer goods, advertising, business-to-business, technology, services, and not-for-profit. The reason to choose this major is not an interest in a particular industry. Rather, it is the desire and commitment to making marketing insight and skills the basis for rising to the top of whatever type of organization the person joins.

Like the Marketing major, the courses required for the Marketing Management major expose students to the major concepts and tools that are the foundation for the theory and practice of modern marketing. The Marketing Management major, however, requires a greater breadth of understanding of the concepts and tools and a greater depth of understanding of their application.

To earn a Marketing Management major, students complete are required to complete six courses. Beyond Marketing Management (430), Marketing Research (450), three electives, and the Advanced Marketing Practicum (922) are required. Electives can be chosen to allow students to develop a particular expertise in an area of interest, such as consumer marketing, business marketing, technology marketing; media, entertainment and cultural marketing, or services marketing.

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