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The Kellogg School’s Marketing curriculum provides students with the insights needed to identify marketing opportunities and develop appropriate strategies to put them into action.

A variety of teaching methods assures a balanced exposure to theoretical problems and actual managerial situations, addressing issues in consumer and business products and services. Courses assess or analyze behavioral concepts and quantitative methods and provide opportunities for applying knowledge in a wide range of situations.

The Marketing Department offers two majors: Marketing and Marketing Management. The Marketing major is designed for students seeking a broad understanding of marketing. It is appropriate for students planning careers in areas such as management consulting and general management.

The Marketing Management major is aimed at students planning careers in marketing. As with the Marketing major, courses expose students to the major concepts and tools that serve as the foundation for the theory and practice of modern marketing. The Marketing Management major requires a greater breadth of understanding of the concepts and tools and a greater depth of understanding of their application. This major is particularly suited for careers in industries such as packaged goods, high tech, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, business marketing, consulting, retailing, sales management and marketing research.

The Marketing Department, rated at the top in all national and international ranking surveys conducted during the past 15 years, has produced leading textbooks in three key areas of marketing — marketing management, channels of distribution and sales promotions. Kellogg marketing faculty also have received many awards for outstanding articles in leading academic journals and they have held significant positions with professional organizations and publications, including as editors of academic journals. The Kellogg School faculty includes a former president of the Association of Consumer Research, a recipient of the prestigious Marketing Educator of the Year Award from the American Marketing Association, and the 2006 L.G. Lavengood Professor of the Year. In 2005 the Financial Times rated one member, who is the recipient of numerous honorary degrees from other institutions, as the fourth most influential person in shaping business thought. Additionally, many marketing educators at other top business schools earned their PhD at the Kellogg School.

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