Summer Institute in Social Psychology (SISP)

Welcome to the Web site for the 2009 Summer Institute in Social Psychology (SISP). This year’s Institute will be held in lovely Evanston, Illinois, at Northwestern University.

Click on the links below to learn more about SISP 2009. The “Dialogue Article” is a draft of an article to be published in Dialogue (the newsletter of the Society for Personal and Social Psychology). This article contains extensive information about SISP, so please consult it first.

The “SISP Application Form” is a downloadable application to be completed by students interested in applying for admission to SISP.

Dialogue Article (File Size: 89kb)

SISP Application Form (File Size: 163kb)


This year's SISP offers the following five courses:

Conflict and Negotiation
(instructors: Adam Galinsky and Michael Morris)

Emotions in Group and Intergroup Contexts
(instructors: Ernestine Gordijn and Eliot Smith)

Biological Basis of Social Behavior and Personality
(instructors: Iris Mauss and Oliver Schultheiss)

Prejudice and Stereotyping
(instructors: Jack Dovidio and Laurie Rudman)

Relationship Development and Maintenance
(instructors: Eli Finkel and Jeff Simpson).


In addition to these five classes, students will have the opportunity to attend one of three day-long workshops focusing on methodological and statistical issues:

(1) Item Response Theory (instructor: Steve Reise),
(2) Meta-Analysis (instructor: Blair Johnson), and
(3) Ambulatory Assessment (instructor: Matthias Mehl).


If you have any further questions you may contact one of the SISP co-chairs:

Eli J. Finkel,

Derek D. Rucker,