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Global Hub Update Issue No. 1
The opening of the Global Hub is an important time for the entire Kellogg community. To support a smooth transition to the new building, we are launching a series of Global Hub Updates to faculty, students and staff. Later this summer we will also establish a microsite that will serve as a one-stop-shop for move information.

Key dates
  • Construction scheduled for completion in late 2016 and classes in the new building begin in Spring Quarter 2017
  • Phased moves of faculty, staff, students and operations scheduled during Winter Quarter 2017
Faculty and staff moves
  • Nearly all of us in Evanston will move - either to new space or within existing space
  • The Global Hub, Jacobs, Allen Center and Church Street locations will all be impacted
Preparing to move
  • Preparing for the move will include de-cluttering our current spaces – scanning files, shredding confidential documents and recycling unwanted papers
  • This summer we will place secure containers throughout Jacobs where you can deposit your confidential documents for shredding. We will also place containers for recyclable materials.
What to expect in coming months
  • More specific moving details
  • Preparation suggestions (shred, scan and de-clutter)
  • New location training schedules
For more, read the latest overview of the building’s progress and what its distinctive design and features mean for the Kellogg community.
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