Gary & Catherine Briggs '89/'94

Originally from Stamford, Connecticut, Gary earned his BA at Brown University. Early in his career at Pepsi, Kellogg alumni encouraged him to pursue his MBA at Northwestern. Kellogg’s focus on team-based projects gave him a competitive edge in his career that demanded collaboration. Upon earning his MBA, Gary joined McKinsey and Company, later returning to Pepsi, where, as brand manager, he launched Aquafina, the company’s joint venture with Starbucks. His career includes brand strategy at IBM, marketing operations at eBay, marketing leadership at Motorola, and now VP, CMO at Facebook.

Gary Briggs '89

"The impact of this learning was so significant to me, I've kept my textbook."

Catherine hails from New Canaan, Connecticut, and earned her BA at Dartmouth. Upon completing her Kellogg MBA, she became a consultant at Marakon Consulting, and then on to beverage marketing and brand management at Guinness and Motts Cadbury Schweppes. "My time at Kellogg was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life and I was happy to help lead this fundraising effort," she explains. During 15 years raising twin sons, Catherine has dedicated herself to robust civic leadership, serving on Kellogg's KAC and Annual Giving initiative. She leads fundraising efforts at Dartmouth, including the creation of the Centennial Circle, a leadership women's philanthropy program that has raised more than $20 million for financial aid by women for women in two years. She also serves on the board of the Boys & Girls Club Silicon Valley. Catherine strongly believes that alumni philanthropy is essential. "We have to pay it forward. Without our support, so many talented, promising students might not be able to attend Kellogg."

Catherine Briggs 2Y '94

"I remember classrooms alive with robust dialogue and collaborative teamwork. The chance to learn from some of the world’s greatest business minds."