Carlos Guillermo Leon '94

In addition to his role as Executive President of Capital Markets Division and Vice Chairman, positions he has held since 2014 when the Leόn Group of financial companies merged with Centro Financiero BHD, Carlos also serves as chairman of Grupo Financiero Leόn, the second-largest shareholder of Centro Financiero BHD Leόn. Grupo Financiero Leόn also is the holding company of the Dominican Republic’s third- largest bank, second-largest pension fund, and third-largest brokerage house. Carlos is a member of the “Initiative for National Competitiveness and Productivity” a public-private effort created by presidential decree to increase the Dominican Republic’s competitiveness. He is also a member of the board of Fundacion Institucionalidad y Justicia (FINJUS) a nonprofit dedicated to promote and strengthen the rule of law in Dominican Republic. He also serves as director of Fundacion Eduardo Leon Jimenes, a nonprofit institution established by the Leόn family, dedicated to promote art and culture, and which holds the largest private museum in Dominican Republic. In addition to his Kellogg MBA, Carlos earned his BS in Computer Science from the L.C. Smith School of Engineering and Computer Science, and an MS in Information Resource Management from the School of Information Studies, both at Syracuse University.

Carlos Guillermo Leόn '94

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