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Think you’re too
small for big data?
Think again.


It has transformed online commerce.
Now middle-market companies and startups
are mining big data for business growth.

Embracing a big data mindset
Micro answers to macro trends
The application of data




High-speed social impact
Alumni build organizations that meet
medical and financial needs

Jan Eberly is back
The U.S. Treasury’s chief economist
returns to teach macro economic
policy at Kellogg

Inside: Greater China
A look at Kellogg alumni who are
making names for themselves in
the region

brave thinkers

brave thinkers

The translator
Leslie Flagg ‘91 works in emerging
markets to close the information gap

Braking for value
Ashleigh Patterson ‘12 slowed expansion
at her alternative fuel company
to focus on research and quality

A new digital direction
Tim Simonds ‘98 returns to Kellogg
as chief marketing and engagement officer

research initiatives

research initiatives

Wired entrepreneurs
New Kellogg course teaches students
how to manage technical teams

Alpha co-workers:
Make way for democracy

Leigh Thompson’s book offers
a new approach to creative

You are the
center of the universe

Greg Carpenter explains how
customers are reshaping the modern corporation

video extra

What's next for Next Media?
Cassian Cheung '78 outlines plans for the future of his media empire.