Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015




Dan Rustin and his wife, Tam, have relocated to the Bay Area, specifically Menlo Park. He works in Palo Alto in the HP ENVISION practice as a facilitator. It’s extremely challenging and gratifying work with a wonderful collection of talent exploring “the Art of the Possible” with HP’s most strategic clients. Both kids have graduated from college (mercifully). Tyler is living and working in Austin, Texas and Brin has just moved out here and is looking for work in Silicon Valley in HR.

In November 2012, Brian Althoff became president of Star Hydraulics. Star has manufactured manual hydraulic pumps, lift jacks and cylinders since 1947. Since joining, there’s been good progress in operations, admin and finance. Sales and marketing has improved and results are just starting to show. He and his wife just celebrated their 35th anniversary with a trip to Paris and Barcelona in September. All three kids are out of school, with jobs and their own houses.

Gina Hinrichs, like many others, turned 60 recently. She thinks she’s 40 but admits 60 is better due to senior discounts. In 2015, she published Large Scale Change for Non-Profits: A Playbook for Social Sector Capacity Building with Dr. Cheryl B. Richardson, who became an author posthumously.

Brian Dietmeyer recently bought out his business partner, Dr. Max Bazerman, to become the sole owner of Think!, a negotiation consulting firm. Brian also rolled out a new company, 5600blue, that focuses on data that salespeople need to sell, cloud technology to house, distribute and update the data, and all the back end stuff to implement.