Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015




Eileen Clune would like everyone to remember her friend and classmate, Judith Plummer ’92, who passed away on Feb. 17, 2015 after a brief illness. Clune will always remember Judy with fond memories of their days at Kellogg together. How lucky for all who attended our 2012 reunion, that our last memory of her will be that she seemed to be in a good place, talking to everyone that night and just enjoying being there. She is survived by her parents.

William K. Graham practices environmental engineering at Compliance Partners. He retains an interest in politics and recently filed objections to the statement of candidacies of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, each of whom he said is not a natural born citizen and is unqualified to serve as President or Vice President. The Illinois State Board of Elections disagreed and offered unprecedented legal opinions on Constitutional law that each is a natural born citizen. Outcomes were covered in national media.

In recent months Joe Feldman has been in touch with Tony Paoni, Bill Kaczynski, and Mike Lukasiewicz and sends his best to the whole of EMP24! This year he celebrates 10 years of independent consulting: Joseph Feldman Associates provides buy-side acquisition and related corporate development services to middle market companies. Jan and Joe celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last year and also became empty nesters. Feldman looks forward to the next EMP-24 get-together.