Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015



Kellogg Club of Japan

Yoshimitsu Kaji ’97

The Kellogg Club of Japan organizes a variety of social, career and thought leadership events every month. Highlighted below are just a few of their events from the latter half of 2015:

  • Takeo Kamada ’09, president of Kamada Soy Sauce, presented a talk to the club on “Small to Medium Enterprises in Japan.”
  • This past summer, the popular “Ask Fellow Kelloggians” dinner series brought together 13 alumni from classes 1975 – 2009.
  • Motohiro Hojo ’03, senior advisor at McKinsey Japan, was a guest speaker for the club’s Morning Speaker Series in September.
  • Takashi Hata ’86, senior vice president of Nissan, was the keynote speaker at the club’s annual meeting on Nov. 1.
  • Asako Hoshino ’88, senior vice president at Nissan, shared her career history with Kellogg alumni.
  • Tadao Yoshida ’72, Yoshiyasu Fujiwara ’78 and Nobuo Makino ’78 led a discussion at the club’s Family Enterprises Meeting on Jan. 18.

Yoko Mase ’01 has been hired as the Executive Director of the Kellogg Club of Japan. She can be contacted at

A special thanks to Mariko Ohsato ’92 for her help with club administration and Katy Horiuchi ’96 for website assistance. Visit the Kellogg Alumni Club of Japan’s website at to learn more about the club and view upcoming events.