Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015



Kellogg Club of Dallas

Derek Gerow ’97

The 10th Annual Kellogg Leadership Symposium, one of the largest Kellogg Alumni Club events, took place on February 5, 2016. Featuring eight “Brave Leader” speakers, including keynote speaker, Doug Conant ’76, chairman of the Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute (KELI) and Derek Gerow ’97, president of DFW Alumni Club. The Symposium showcases best practices in leadership with break-out sessions, workshops and informal networking. There were 230 professionals in attendance, with one in three either a senior vice president, president or a C-suite officer.

The symposium was organized and managed by the Kellogg Alumni Club of DFW team of Holly Yao Duncan ’05, Jeff King ’87, Paula Rhea ’85, Teri Gordon ’97, Uma Prabhala ’00, Cheryl King ’04 and Bette Rothkrug ’96. Additional volunteers included Mark Howard ’98, Paul Johnson ’13, Ravi Karanam ’14, Brian Burdorf ’01, John Parolisi ’91, Ryan McKinney ’01, Courtney Getum ’14, Shiva Kalisetty ’02, Jen Miff ’05 and Srini Prabhala ’00.

Senior executives providing sponsorship packages included Joe DePinto ’99, Laura Gordon ’90, Babar Chaudhry ’10, Jared Day ’04, Mickey Fisher ’05, Marty Ellen ’87, David Gantt ’94, Brad Elledge ’76, Holly Yao Duncan, Derek Gerow, Paula Rhea ’85, Trudy Sullivan ’01 and Carlos Branger ’97.

Members of the Kellogg Leadership Forum who purchased corporate packages or sets of tickets included Jeff Dahl ’86, Nigel McMullen ’99, Jeff Hykin ’08, Devang Patel ’98, Chris Abbott ’05, Stacey Lawrence ’00, Mary Ellen Hess ’01, Cheryl Clifford ’89, Steve Schachter C87, Richard Schulze ’58, John Naoum ’08, Andrew Clancy ’92, Jason Ferrara ’04, Chuck Funai ’80, Shane Goodwin ’99, Mark Butterbach ’06 and Eric Edstrom ’91.

Barga LLC president Chuck Funai thanked the club for organizing such an informative event that benefited both alumni and the larger Dallas business community: “Good work in setting a new bar for alumni club events,” he said.