Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015



Kellogg Club of Chicago

Miguel Ramirez ’14 (EMP-92)

Since August 2015, the Kellogg Alumni Club of Colorado (KACCO) has a new leadership team: Miguel Ramirez ’14 (EMP-92), Manasi Modi ’10, Julia Andert ’13, Traci Brooks ’13 and Jeff Ahbe ’93. They have organized several Kellogg and Northwestern happy hours around downtown Denver as well as some MBA networking and educational events in conjunction with the Denver Business Series, a top 20 MBA alumni organization in the Denver area. Miguel and Julia serve as board members at DBS. In September, in collaboration with DBS, the club hosted an MBA networking event at the brand new NATIV hotel in downtown Denver.

On Oct. 1, Jeff and Nina Ahbe generously hosted a cocktail reception to welcome the new Kellogg alumni classes of 2013-2015 who recently moved to Colorado.

On Oct. 20, in collaboration with DBS and Denver University, we organized “The Art of Negotiation Event” intended to provide powerful negotiation techniques.

On Dec. 12, in collaboration with DBS, we had our holiday party at the Colorado Museum of History.

We have several activities planned in 2016, so we would love to hear from fellow Kellogg alumni in Colorado that have not contacted us yet.