Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015



Kellogg Club of Chicago - West

Pek Lee Choo ’01

Linda Yang ’05

KACC-West held two networking events for Fall 2015. Standard Market, a business operated by Kellogg alumni Brett Verkaik ’10 and Ken Tsang ’10, hosted both events:

The September event, held at the Naperville Standard Market encouraged casual interaction and featured discounts and giveaways for all alumni in attendance.

The October event was a relaxed and friendly TG at the Bakersfield Restaurant in Westmont. This well-attended KACC-West event was praised by attendees for ease of socializing and connecting with other Kellogg alumni and guests in the western Chicago suburbs. Younger alumni were pleased to meet and interact with seasoned alumni as well. “It was fun for me to meet so many new Kellogg alums at the beautiful Bakersfield restaurant, a Kellogg alum-owned business that my family and I enjoy in the community,” said KACC-West CMO Joy Squier ’94.

Standard Market, which owns Bakersfield, co-sponsored the event with Honey-Can-Do, another alumni-owned business founded by Steven Greenspon ’09. Standard Market offered a free beverage to all Kellogg alumni and guests, plus preferred pricing on Bakersfield and Standard Market purchases.