Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015



Kellogg Club of Benelux

Philippe Laval ’95

The Belgian section of the Benelux Club met for its annual Meet & Drink on Nov. 17 at Etiquette in Brussels. Eleven brave alumni decided to take on the worst traffic day of the year to catch up and network around a good glass of wine. Special credits to Steven Carnes ’89 who ended up driving four hours from the Netherlands and for generously declaring that it was totally worth it. Second prize went to Peter van de Sande ’04 for his two hour journey out of Eindhoven in the Netherlands and to Pierre Joris ’03 who drove straight back from Dusseldorf in Germany to ensure he would be with us on time. Philippe Laval ’95 had his own struck of bad luck with a car accident on his way to the event, which took another twist when the two ladies involved in the crash showed up by chance at the venue — Philippe did the only thing to do in that spot: He bought them a drink! Everybody had a great time and recommended we repeat this event in 2016 at the same venue.