Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015



1999 Full-Time

Geoff Bolan just accepted the COO role with Sustainable Travel International. STI is a global nonprofit working to ensure that people and places are not adversely affected by tourism (think preserving reefs and forests, limiting the impacts of resort growth, helping small business owners, supporting communities, protecting cultural heritage destinations). If you have any professional or personal interest in the topic, let Bolan know. The Bolan family is on its eighth year in Seattle and hope people will visit!

Ned Smith recently celebrated his one-year anniversary as the director of finance and revenue for the Metropolitan Council - Environmental Services. MCES provides water reclamation and planning services for 2.7 million people in the Twin Cities metropolitan region. When not working, he is Scoutmaster of Troop 3046 for his two sons (Alex, 15 and Tim, 12) and plays French horn in the Minnetonka Symphony Orchestra.