Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015




  From left: Lauren Schadt Baker, Cindi Bigelow, Ruth Rossman Lightman, Lori Winters Samuels, Allie Shemitz Walker and Christina Schmidt Fawcett (all ’86)

Allow Lauren Schadt Baker to brag a bit about her classmate, Charlie Baker ’86. He’s the most popular governor in the United States, according to a nationwide survey conducted by Morning Consult. Charlie has had an unprecedented 74 percent approval rating (and just a 14 percent disapproval rating) for more than a year! All that collaboration and teamwork at KGSM was valuable training for a Republican governor solving problems in a deep blue state. Congratulations, Charlie! Can’t wait to see you all at the reunion in May!

Lori Collins is enjoying a fabulous year in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh for a master’s degree in Carbon Management.

Hard to believe it’s been 30 years. Kal Silverberg is sorry he won’t be able to make it up for reunion; his wife, Karen, had job-related activities that weekend. Their kids are now out of the house. Son Steven is in Oklahoma working on his PhD in Astrophysics, while on loan to NASA in Washington, D.C. Check out to see the project he’s working on. Daughter Sarah is a freshman at Saint Louis University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Kal will be with BNSF for 30 years in June. He said to call him if anyone ever comes to Fort Worth.

James White was recently named partner at William Blair, an independent and employee-owned global investment banking and asset management firm based in Chicago, with offices in 19 cities across five continents.

  Lori Collins '86 in Edinburgh