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Kellogg on Finance
A great return on investment
A look at Kellogg's top-tier finance department and the industry leaders it produces
You bought a company.
Now what?

Four investors share what it takes to turn a company into a market leader
Funding farmers,
ending hunger

One Acre Fund's Andrew Youn '06 helps farm families stave off hunger and earn a living




Upgrading the brain
New research from Moran Cerf seeks to improve our long-term thinking

Serving the public good
Kellogg's new director of social impact returns to grow the programming that helped her succeed

Where are they now?
Conceived at Kellogg, these four startups continue to thrive after their founders' graduation

Years to build, seconds to break
Trust is an integral, complex part of building and maintaining any business, says Kent Grayson

brave thinkers

brave thinkers

The long-term visionary
Looking toward the future helped Ann Drake turn a warehousing firm into supply-chain powerhouse DSC Logistics

The gourmand
Steve Carley is out to rebrand burger chain Red Robin as an upscale dining experience

The paper trailblazer
As CEO, Sally Pofcher turned a local stationery chain into a national success

The patient executive
As CEO of, Kevin Counihan directs one of the most provactive initiatives in recent political history



Leveling the playing field of everyday investors
Title III of the JOBS Act gives everyday people the chance to invest in the next big startup

Will mobile kill the Internet star
Alumni weigh on the rise of m-commerce

Inside: India
Alumni discuss the investment opportunites in the emerging market

Why the U.S. needs to invest more in infrastructure
We shouldn't underestimate the importance of infrastructure for the national economy, say David Besanko '82

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video extras

Andrew Youn ’06 + One Acre Fund
Take an in-depth look at how One Acre Fund helps farm families in Africa.

Trust and Transparency
From The Trust Project: Jennifer Thompson ’12 explores ways clients can build trust during a challenging period.

my idea

A Win-Win for companies and investors

A Win-Win for companies
and investors

Divya Narendra '12 looks to turn SumZero into the Wikipedia of investment ideas

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