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Paul Rolfes works at Hospira, the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies. That means lots of travel to Brazil and India and some youth mission trips on the side. Paul’s son Nick is a consultant in Boston, and daughter Mary is a senior in college. Paul and his wife have achieved empty nest status and are reconnecting with friends and family.

Tom Zinsmeister and his daughter Sarah visited Steve Langer during a home visit from Malaysia. They are enjoying their lives in the Far East, sampling exotic fruits and other exceptional treats.

In July 2013, the Tourette’s Syndrome Association elected Annetta Hewko as its president. The TSA is the only national, voluntary health organization for people with Tourette’s Syndrome. It has a three-pronged mission of education, research and service. Like them on Facebook and support them if you can.

Wayne Westly’s daughter Taylor graduated college last spring, daughter Hannah is in college, while son Henry is a high schooler. Wife Kath is working part-time for the local watershed council doing “hippie-restoration” projects.

Ross Heller lives in St. Louis, where he is on the faculty of Saint Louis University. His wife is a former professional golfer who, after they married, decided she should become a surgeon instead.

Amy Wahlert Principi works at her local church and high school. Her daughter Molly graduated magna cum laude from Illinois Wesleyan, and is now a teacher where Amy works. Son Nick is a sophomore studying engineering. Amy and Joe have been married for 25 years.

Tom MacDonald and Diane Collins MacDonald sent their second child off to college. Son Todd is at Stanford and has joined the running club. Carissa is a sophomore, competing in horse shows, as does Diane. Kevin is in seventh grade and plays the trombone. Sarah, 21, is a member of the Ballet Theater of Maryland. Tom manages Intel’s Solid State Drive business.

Dennis Sheehan works for Immersion Technology and wants to break the record for rounds of golf played this year. Daughter Claire, 24, finished her masters in Chemistry and works in Vermont. Erin, 21, is a senior at Seattle University in Mechanical Engineering. Katherine, 22, is finishing up her schooling. The family’s last tuition bill will be paid midyear this year.

Pat Ciriacks and his wife, Kelly, became grandparents for the third time. Son Kevin is doing med school rotations. Daughter Jenny is in her third year at Marquette and is applying to veterinary school. Pat is co-president of his firm, Creation Technologies. Great trips to Colorado for Team Ciriacks, visiting family and going on fishing trips.