Kellogg Magazine  |  Fall/Winter 2015




Eileen Clune would like to ask those who attended EMP-24’s most recent reunion and had the chance to spend time with Lou Kacyn to remember that special time and cherish the memories shared with him before he was taken entirely too soon. The thoughts and prayers of all his classmates are with his family during this time.

Bill Graham has accepted a new position as principal engineer at Compliance Partners. Bill works within the Environmental Compliance and Management Systems at Compliance Partners, addressing air, water, waste and other requirements, as well as compliance auditing and litigation support.

Michael Silverman started Duo Consulting 15 years ago, creating digital marketing platforms and custom Drupal applications. He and his wife, Arlene, look at their kids — Ben, 14, and Noah, 17 — and being at Kellogg 21 years ago seems like another time.