Kellogg Magazine  |  Fall/Winter 2015




Paolo Cuomo helped lead the setup of a new Lloyd’s of London insurance business and is now COO of Charles Taylor Managing Agency. Give him a shout if you’re passing through London.

Denise Lazo is excited to report that she recently became co-owner of Intense Peru (, an online travel and tour operator in Peru and Bolivia. So, for those of you who’ve been itching to visit Lima, Machu Picchu, the Amazon or Lake Titicaca, you now have a friend who can help. She looks forward to seeing some of you in Peru in the future.

After six years heading corporate finance at Azul Brazilian Airlines, Alex Malfitani is now responsible for TudoAzul, the company’s loyalty program. This is a fresh opportunity for him to step outside his finance comfort zone and put that Kellogg marketing degree to good use. Alex was also part of the team that negotiated a strategic partnership with United Airlines, his previous employer.

After five years in Mexico, Aaron Martin traded continents and is enjoying life in Amsterdam with his single-speed bike and pedal brakes. Look him up if you pass through.

David Nunez was promoted to partner and managing director at Investar Financial, a private-equity firm with $500 million in assets under management, based in Dallas. It has been three years since he decided to move with his family from Madrid to Dallas. His wife and two kids are very happy living in the United States and also appreciate the chance to visit family and friends in Spain twice a year. He says everything is big in Texas, including their home, which can accommodate Kellogg friends.

Debbie Roever and Vincent Roever celebrated the birth of their daughter, Claire Isabel Kathleen Roever, on December 30, 2014.