Case Listing

A1 Steak Sauce: Lawry's Defense
A&D High Tech (A): Managing Projects for Success
A&D High Tech (B): Managing Scope Change
Abt Electronics: Next Steps in a Parent/Sibling-Managed Family Business
Strategic IT Transformation at Accenture
The Cradle Dilemma: Investing in Adoption Learning Partners
Air France Internet Marketing: Optimizing Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Kayak Sponsored Search
Airline Ticket Sales: From Distribution to Retailing with New Distribution Capability (NDC)
Aliada: An Online Platform Matching Maids with Customers in Mexico
Alpha Corporation: The Buying Process for Projection Televisions
Amazon's Kindle: Crossing the Chasm
Reinventing E-Commerce: Amazon's Bet on Unmanned Vehicle Delivery Winning the Online Book Wars
AMG Inc. & Forsythe Solutions: Lease vs. Buy Decisions
Amgen: Launching Repatha
Announcing Waiting Time in Emergency Departments
Apple Computer, Inc.: Think Different, Think Online Music
Arbor City Community Foundation (A): The Foundation
Arbor City Community Foundation (B): Managing Good Fortune
Arbor City Community Foundation: Executive Education Version
The Proposed Affiliation of Arbor Vitae and Helping Hand
Argentina Currency Peg and Fiscal Reforms (A)
Ariba Implementation at MED-X: Managing Earned Value
Arthur Andersen (A): The Waste Management Crisis
Arthur Andersen (B): From Waste Management to Enron
Arthur Andersen (C): The Collapse of Arthur Andersen
Asahi's Single-Brand Strategy
Asera: Positioning and Partnering for Success
Aspire Inc.: Financing Options for Healthier Nonprofits
AstraZeneca, Prilosec, and Nexium: Case Supplement
AstraZeneca, Prilosec, and Nexium: Marketing Challenges in the Launch of a Second-Generation Drug
AstraZeneca, Prilosec, and Nexium: Strategic Challenges in the Launch of a Second-Generation Drug
Atari: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
ATF, Inc.: Fasteners and Family
Aura: Designing Strategy and Status in Saudi Arabia
Back Office Cooperative
Back to School: Real Estate Development of Off-Campus Student Housing
The Fall of Banco Espirito Santo: Holy Spirit or Devil in Disguise?
B&K Distributors: Calculating Return on Investment for a Web-Based Customer Portal
Bank of America: Consumers Fight Back
Leadership and Vision at Barrington United Methodist Church (A)
Leadership and Vision at Barrington United Methodist Church (B)
Bartleby Ventures Values Vrooom Marketing
Baxter Dialysis Crisis
Bayer & Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Bed Bath & Beyond: The Capital Structure Decision
Bel Brand: The Laughing Cow Challenge
Jennifer Strom-Simonte: Growing Belly Dance Maternity Through Franchising
Best Buy: Creating a Winning Customer Experience in Consumer Electronics
Betting on Failure: Profiting from Defaults on Subprime Mortgages
The Chicago Blackhawks: Greatest Sports Business Turnaround Ever?
Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation: Growth Strategies for 1995
Blockbuster Inc.: Casting a New Movie
Blockbuster Video
Focus on Diamond Retailing: Blue Nile, Zales, and Tiffany
Boards of Directors
Boeing and Airbus: Competitive Strategy in the Very Large Aircraft Market
BP's Office of the Chief Technology Officer (A): Driving Open Innovation through an Advocate Team
BP's Office of the Chief Technology Officer (B): Driving Open Innovation through an Advocate Team
Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family
Germany's Bundesliga: Does Money Score Goals?
The Future of Bush Brothers & Company: Developing a Shared Vision for a Complex Family Enterprise
Business as Unusual: Managing Commercial Property in Distress
Cafe Media: Creating a Community for Contemporary Acculturated Latinos
California Power Crisis
Technical Note: Call Centers and Rapid Technological Change
The Cambodian National HIV/AIDS Program: Successful Scale-Up through Innovation
Cancer Health Alliance of Metropolitan Chicago
Career Central Corporation: Building Critical Mass
Career Transfer and Development at UPS
Carolina Lunker Sauce
Carvajal, S.A.: Building on a Century of Business Growth and Family Values
Cause and Effect: Performance Attribution in Commercial Real Estate
CBD vs. Casino: How Brazil's Biggest Retailer Fought a French Governance Takeover—and Lost
CDK Digital Marketing: Addressing Channel Conflict with Data Analytics
CEMEX: Information Technology, an Enabler for Building the Future
Cerberus and the U.S. Auto Industry
CF Industries
Change Without Compromise (A): The Decline and Turnaround of Temple Baptist Church
Change Without Compromise (B): The Growth of NorthRidge Church
Making the Most of the Chicago Benchmarking Collaborative
Coming from Behind: The Chicago Cubs' Resurgence as a 100-Year-Old Startup
Chicago Public Education Fund (A)
Chicago Public Education Fund (B)
Chipotle Mexican Grill: Food with Integrity?
Chlorhexidine Adoption in Nigeria
Cisco Systems: Launching the ASR 1000 Series Router Using Social Media Marketing
Citigroup's Shareholder Tango in Brazil (A)
Citigroup's Shareholder Tango in Brazil (B)
Clemens Family Corporation (A): The Struggle from Family First to Business First
Clemens Family Corporation (B): The Process of Change
Clemens Family Corporation (C): Post Transition (August 2001)
Closing Time
Clothes 'R' Us Point-of-Sale Initiative: Managing IT Programs
Coca-Cola Amatil: A Bottler Recharging Growth With Energy Drinks
Colfax Corporation: Designing a Middle East Oil and Gas Distribution System
Microsoft Office: Gaining Insight into the Life of a College Student (A)
Microsoft Office: Gaining Insight into the Life of a College Student (B)
Comitron (A)
Comitron (B)
Comitron (C)
Commonwealth Edison: The Use of Social Media in Disaster Response
From Low Cost to Global Leadership: Computime Leads Through Innovation
Conseco: Market Assumptions and Risk
Conseco Senior Health Insurance: A Strategic Problem of Reputation and Regulation
Convertible Bonds of Countrywide Financial Corporation
Measuring and Managing Risk in Commodities: Corn and the Golden Kernel
Corning, Inc: 1999
Technical Note: Corporate Venture Capital
Credit Solicitations as Market Experiments in the U.S. Credit Card Industry
Cristo Rey St. Martin College Preparatory School: Promoting a Culture of Continuous Improvement
CRU Computer Rentals
Body Scans and Bottlenecks: Optimizing Hospital CT Process Flows
Technical Note: Customer Experience Systems
Customer Focus at Neiman Marcus
Customer Lifetime Value
Danaka Corporation: Growth Portfolio Management
Danaka Corporation: Healthcare Solutions Portfolio Management
DataLink, Inc: Manufacturing Strategy for Cordless Telephones
Forecasting Denosumab
Is Destira My Destiny? Whether, When, and How to Join One's Small Family Business
Diagnosis for Organizational Analysis
Technical Note: Putting Discovery-Driven Planning to Work
Diskit Khartsan Ltd. in 2013: Hatching a Solution
Disney Crisis Exercise
d.light Design: Marketing Channel Strategies in India
Doug Cook: Acquiring a Business (A)
Doug Cook: Acquiring a Business (B)
Doug Cook: Acquiring a Business (C)
Dragon Soup and Earnings Management (A)
Dragon Soup and Earnings Management (B)
Dream Big Academy Charter Schools (A)
Dream Big Academy Charter Schools (B)
Dry Goods
The Mexico-China Dual Sourcing Strategy Simulation
DuPont NASCAR Marketing
DuPont Tyvek(TM): Commercializing a Disruptive Innovation
Wrigley's Eclipse Gum: Managing Brand Adolescence
Educational Technology Corporation: Crossing the Chasm
El Cerrito: Driving Growth
Elan Corporation Turnaround
Electronic Cigarettes in the EU: The Political Economy of Product Regulation
Electronic Data Systems and Large Outsourcing Deals
Jonathan Miller: Custom Energy Bar Entrepreneur Pitches Sharks
Elevate College Access and Success Program (Board Meeting Role-play Exercise)
Eli Lilly: Xigris (A)
Eli Lilly: Xigris (B)
Enbrel: The Sting of Success
The Crisis at Encyclopaedia Britannica
Energy Gel: A New Product Introduction (A)
From Banker to Baker: Enjoy Life Foods
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
The Environmental Entrepreneur
Should the Ethanol Blender's Credit Be Eliminated?
Eurotunnel versus the Ferries
Evaluating the Cognitive Analytics Frontier
Excel Logistics Services
Excel(lence) with Interest
Expect the Unexpected: Risk Measurement and Management in Commercial Real Estate
Extraordinary Value Partners, LLC
Technical Note: The Family Constitution
FedEx Kinkos vs. UPS Stores
Fel-Pro (A): A Five-Generation Winning Workplace
Fel-Pro (B): After the Sale-The Lehman Family Transition
Fighting Childhood Pneumonia in Uganda
Finance Department Restructuring at the Field Museum
Firestone Liberia's Battle against Ebola
Fiserv Takes on the E-Billing Market: How Can We Get Them to Turn Off Paper?
Optimizing Flu Vaccine Planning at NorthShore University HealthSystem
Flying J: Governance through Crash and Takeoff
At Ford, Turnaround Is Job One
Freedom Communications, Inc: Family Enterprise or Liquidity?
Freeport-McMoRan: Financing an Acquisition
Fueling Sales at EuroPet
Shock to the System: Galante and Read Merger (A)
Shock to the System: Galante and Read Merger (B)
Shock to the System: Galante and Read Merger (C)
Shock to the System: Galante and Read Merger (D)
Genzyme: The Renvela Launch Decision
Genzyme: The Synvisc-One Investment Decision
Global Aircraft Manufacturing, 2002–2011
Global Brand Management: Best Practices and Learnings from Efforts to Build the Business "Over There"
Lean Transformation at Global Connect
Golden Opportunity: Commercial Real Estate Valuation
Good Capital and Better World Books (A): A Better World for Investing
Good Capital and Better World Books (B): A Better World for Investing
A New Approach to China: Google and Censorship in the Chinese Market
Google and the Government of China: A Case Study in Cross-Cultural Negotiations
Financial and Environmental Impact Analysis of Sustainable Retrofitting
Green Fields Investments: Evaluating Biofuels Investment Options
Growing Managers: Moving from Team Member to Team Leader
Grupo Familia: Monetizing a Digital Marketing Campaign in Colombia
Grupo Pao de Acucar: Strategic Use of Trade Credit
Harley-Davidson: Chasing a New Generation of Customers
Hemisphere Development LLC: Betting on a Brownfield
Analyzing Low Patient Satisfaction at Herzog Memorial Hospital
High-Speed Rail in Portugal
With a Little Help from "Nuestros Amigos": Hispanics and Kidney Transplants
Balancing Access with Accuracy for Infant HIV Diagnostics in Tanzania (A)
Balancing Access with Accuracy for Infant HIV Diagnostics in Tanzania (B)
H. J. Heinz M&A
Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG: Break-Even Analysis
Hollywood Rules
Building Hoopes Vision
Horse Trading: Food Sourcing in the Twenty-First Century
Hotel Perennial
How to Perform Sensitivity Analysis with a Data Table
How Venture Capitalists Evaluate Potential Investment Opportunities
HP: Imprinting the Global Health Sector
HP Product Variety Management
A Diamond in the Rough: J. M. Huber and the PATH Business
The Demise of the Jane Addams Hull House Association: Internal or External Factors to Blame?
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Using Digital and Social Media for Brand Storytelling
Illinois Superconductor: Forecasting Demand For Superconducting Filters
Infant HIV Diagnostics: Supply Chain in Sub-Saharan Africa
Innovation and Invention: A Patent Landscape
Innovation in Government: U.S. Department of Defense
Intellectual Property: The Ground Rules
Investment Banking in 2008 (A): Rise and Fall of the Bear
Investment Banking in 2008 (B): A Brave New World
Invisalign: Orthodontics Unwired
Ireland: Celtic Tiger
Iridium Global Satellite Phone System: Lost in Space?
IT Challenges at Great Plains Bank and Trust
Joyoung Soymilk Maker: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Driving Strategic Change at The Junior League (A)
Driving Strategic Change at The Junior League (B)
Keddeg Company (A): Succession to the Next Generation of Small Business
Keddeg Company (B): Twenty Months Later
Keddeg Company (C): March-December 2008: From Go-Go Succession to Non-Family Sale
Keurig At Home
Keurig: From David to Goliath: The Challenge of Gaining and Maintaining Marketplace Leadership
Key State Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan: A Strategy for Winning in the Market through Customer-Focused Service
Kheyti: Product and Business Development at an AgTech Social Enterprise
Kindle Fire: Amazon's Heated Battle for the Tablet Market
Kirat Housing Development Society
Kmart, Sears, and ESL: How a Hedge Fund Became One of the World's Largest Retailers
Kookaburra Cricket Bats: Dealing with Cannibalization
Krispy Kreme: The Franchisor That Went Stale
Kueski: Revolutionizing Consumer Credit in Mexico
Launching the Shuttle by United
Technical Note: Lease vs. Buy Decisions for Technology
Leclerc: The Growth Challenge
How to Motivate the Fifth Generation? Balancing Engagement and Entitlement at Lee Kum Kee
LEGO(tm) Friends: Leveraging Competitive Advantage
London's Congestion Charge
Look Before You Leap (A): Considering a Job Offer With an Early-Stage Company
Loop Capital: Funding Growth in an Investment Bank
Lululemon Athletica
Families, Fortunes, and Footwear: Reaching Out to the Fourth Generation of Brazil's Lupo S.A.
What's in a Family Legacy? Balancing Family Emotions and Business Growth at Luse Holdings
The Changing of the Guard: Planning for Succession at Madison Children's Foundation (A)
The Changing of the Guard: Planning for Succession at Madison Children's Foundation (B)
Magid Glove and Safety Manufacturing
Gil Mandelzis and Traiana: Value Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Marketing @ Microsoft: The Value of Customer Perception
Corporate Governance at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia: Not "A Good Thing"
Maru Batting Center: Customer Lifetime Value
Mary Kay Corporation: Direct Selling and the Challenge of Online Channels
Mast Kalandar: Prioritizing Growth Opportunities
Maybelline Inc.: About Face
Maytag: Takeover Strategies
A New Mission Statement for the MBC Corporation
McDonald's, Wendy's, and Hedge Funds: Hamburger Hedging
M-Changa: Leveraging Kenya's Mobile Money Market for Community Fundraising
MDCM, Inc. (A): IT Strategy Synchronization
MDCM, Inc. (B): Strategic IT Portfolio Management
MedImmune: FluMist Introduction
Mending the Fractures: Creating a Multi-Stakeholder Framework for Building Shared Purpose in Unconventional Oil and Gas
MentorMob and the Reinvention of Learning
Mercedes and the Moose Test (A)
Mercedes and the Moose Test (B)
Merck: Pricing Gardasil
Meteor Solutions: Measuring the Value of Social Media Marketing
Micawber Capital: For Mission or Profit?
Michael's Craft Stores: Integrated Channel Management and Vendor-Retailer Relations
Microsoft Corporation: Branding and Positioning .NET
It's a New Day: Microsoft's Office 2007 Launch Campaign
Leading Corporate Renewal: Selim Bassoul at Middleby Corporation
Milk and Money
Mobile C.A.R.E.
Mobile Telecommunications: Two Entrepreneurs Enter Africa
Modu: Optimizing the Product Line
Nonmarket Action and the International Counter-Money Laundering Act
Motorola's Droid 2: The Product Manager's Dilemma
Motorola in the Wireless Handset Market
Motorola Wireless Data Group: The Envoy
Movie Rental Business: Blockbuster, Netflix, and Redbox
M-Pesa and Mobile Money in Kenya: Pricing for Success
MRT Micro: The CardioScope
Museum XYZ, Major City, USA
Myriad: Breast Cancer Testing in Britain (A)
Myriad: Breast Cancer Testing in Britain (B)
Myriad: Breast Cancer Testing in the United States (A)
Myriad: Breast Cancer Testing in the United States (B)
Entrepreneurial Sales Strategies: Namaste Laboratories Pursues New Markets for Hair Care Products
NASCAR: Leading a Marketing Transformation in a Time of Crisis
Negotiating for Fertilizer
Nestle Ice Cream in Cuba
Netflix Leading with Data: The Emergence of Data-Driven Video
New York City Audubon Society
The Night Ministry: Facing the Loss of a Founder
Nintendo, Inc.
Marketing the Nissan Micra and Tata Nano Using Social Media
A City's Desert: No Apples in the Big Apple? (A)
A City's Desert: No Apples in the Big Apple? (B)
Nokia's Supply Chain Management
Nonprofit Mergers: Suburban Job Link-STRIVE/Chicago
The North Side Children's Agency (A): Finances versus Mission
The North Side Children's Agency (B): Finances versus Mission
Northlands Ledger (A): Management Style, Strategy, and Performance
Northlands Ledger (B): Bringing Customer Focus to a Newspaper
Numbers Alone Tell An Entrepreneur's Story
Managing Foreign Exchange Risk: Acquiring Nusantara Communications Inc.
The Oberman Family and Omeda Communications Inc.
Office Space, A Company's Frontier: The Corporate Decision to Buy or Lease
Old Spice: Revitalizing Glacial Falls
Old Spice: Repeating Success in the Face of Competitive Threat
Omnicom (A)
Omnicom (B)
One Acre Fund: Outgrowing the Board
Innovation at One Acre Fund: Seeing the Forest for the Trees
One Acre Fund (A)
OnePlus: Crossing the Chasm in the Smartphone Market
Ontela PicDeck (A): Customer Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Ontela PicDeck (B): Customer Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Orangia Highways (A)
Orangia Highways (B)
Orexigen: Valuing Contrave
OurCrowd: Growing a Crowdfunding Platform in a VC World
Outsourcing at Office Supply Inc.
PageWell 2.0: Using Customer Research for Product Development
Palm, Inc. (Dana) no permission
Universal Display Corporation: Go Long or Short?
Parmalat USA Turnaround
Pedigree Growth Strategy (A)
Pedigree Growth Strategy (B)
Pedigree vs. Grit: Predicting Mutual Fund Manager Performance
Pepita Disco PPM: Margins and Elasticity
The Perils and Pitfalls of Leading Change: A Young Manager's Turnaround Journey
Tartans in Thailand: Pernod Ricard's Thai Whisky War of 2007
Plymouth Tube Company: How to Build Ownership Consensus
Polaris Industries Inc.
Polaris Battery Labs: Startup Risk Management
Polio Eradication-Within Our Reach?
Porsche, Volkswagen, and CSX: Cars, Trains, and Derivatives
BHP Billiton: Mining Potash
Practical Regression: From "Stylized Facts" to Benchmarking
Practical Regression: Building Your Model: What Variables to Include
Practical Regression: Causality and Instrumental Variables
Practical Regression: Discrete Dependent Variables
Practical Regression: Convincing Empirical Research in Ten Steps
Practical Regression: Fixed Effects Models
Practical Regression: Noise, Heteroskedasticity, and Grouped Data
Practical Regression: Log vs. Linear Specification
Practical Regression: Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Practical Regression: Introduction to Endogeneity: Omitted Variable Bias
Practical Regression: Regression Basics
Practical Regression: Time Series and Autocorrelation
Technical Note: Presenting Well
ProSight: New Millennium Financial Technology Portfolio Management
PTC: Launching an Entirely New Product Platform
Quaker Oats's Oatmeal Division
Quality Wireless (A): Call Center Performance
Quality Wireless (B): Call Center Performance
Quantitative Easing in the Great Recession
San Francisco International Airport and Quantum Secure's SAFE for Aviation System: Making the Business Case for Corporate Security
Quintiles IPO
R. J. Reynolds's Dakota Cigarette (A1)
R. J. Reynolds's Dakota Cigarette (A2)
R. J. Reynolds's Dakota Cigarette (B)
Rand McNally: Navigating the Wireless Landscape
Reawakening the World's Most Famous Office Building: Economics behind a Groundbreaking Energy Efficiency Retrofit
Recyclers v Superfund (A)
Recyclers v Superfund (B)
Recyclers v Superfund (C)
Recyclers v Superfund (D)
Redeveloping Newcastle: Public Incentives to Spur Commercial Development
Reducing Delinquent Accounts Receivable
Reintroduce Thalidomide? (A)
Reintroduce Thalidomide? (B)
The Return of the Loan: Commercial Mortgage Investing after the 2008 Financial Crisis
The Right of Acquisition: Options in Commercial Real Estate
Roche and Tamiflu: Doing Business in the Shadow of a Pandemic
Rockwell Automation: The Channel Challenge
Creating a Family Business: The Genesis of Rogers Family Enterprises
ROI for a Customer Relationship Management Initiative at GST
Royal Reels: Enhancing the Customer Experience for Slot Machines and Beyond
Rufus Rivers and Career Choices in Private Equity and Venture Capital Finance
Saama Technologies: Growth Through a Focused Vertical Market Strategy
Creating a Culture of Empowerment and Accountability at St. Martin de Porres High School (A)
Creating a Culture of Empowerment and Accountability at St. Martin de Porres High School (B)
Saks Fifth Avenue and Transgender Rights
The Future of Same-Day Delivery: Same as the Past?
Samsung Electronics: Using Affinity Diagrams and Pareto Charts
San Diego City Schools: Enterprise Resource Planning Return on Investment
Sara Lee: A Tale of Another Turnaround
Satellite Radio: An Industry Case Study
The End of the Beginning of Venture Capital
Succession and Continuity for Johnson Family Enterprises (A)
Succession and Continuity for Johnson Family Enterprises (B)
The Schneirocksie Corporation
Schumpeter Finanzberatung GmbH: Evaluating Investment Risk
Scott Family Enterprises (A): Defining Fair Process for Cousin Owners
Scott Family Enterprises (B): Addressing Family Goals and Visions in the Family Enterprise
Scott Family Enterprises: Building the Path to Effective Governance
The Search for Property: Institutional Investment in Real Estate
Selecting Mutual Funds for Retirement Accounts (A)
Selecting Mutual Funds for Retirement Accounts (B)
Seven-Eleven Japan Co.
Through the Eyes of a Whistle-Blower: How Sherry Hunt Spoke Up About Citibank's Mortgage Fraud
Shilling & Smith Acquisition of Xteria Inc.: Data Center Technology Leasing
Siemens Medical Solutions: Creating a Customer-Focused Organization for Solutions Marketing
Six Sigma Quality at Flyrock Tires
Smart Beta Exchange-Traded Funds and Factor Investing
Reforming Social Security Around the World
Scandal at Societe Generale: Rogue Trader or Willing Accomplice?
Solid as Steel: Production Planning at thyssenkrupp
Solo Cup in 2007: Dollars in the Details
Sondologics: Product Diversion and MAP Violations in Internet Channels
Sony Targets Laptop Consumers in China: Segment Global or Local?
Sony-FIFA Partnership Marketing Program: The Value of Sponsorship
Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 (A)
Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 (B)
Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 (C)
Technical Note: No Assets, No Products, No Business Plan: Risks Associated with Special Purpose Acquisition Companies
Spiegel Online
Sports in Your Pocket (A)
Sports in Your Pocket (B)
Hip to be Square: Disruption in the U.S. Mobile Payment Market
Culture and Compensation: Considering Performance and Variable Pay at SRF Limited
Star Machining Services, Inc.
Growing Big While Staying Small: Starbucks Harvests International Growth
Starbucks: Driving Growth Through New Dining Occasions
Starbucks: A Story of Growth
Steel Wars: A Battle for the Future of American Steel
Steve & Barry's: To Save or Not To Save?
Stihl Incorporated: Go-to-Market Strategy for Next-Generation Consumers
Stripe: Helping Money Move on the Internet
Stumbling Giant: R. J. Reynolds in the 1980s
Subsidies and the Global Cotton Trade
Sugar & Spice Desserts: Strategic Position Defensibility
Sugar Daddy: Quotas and the U.S. Government
Supply Chain Outsourcing at DB Toys
Survivor Scios: Reality Biotech
Surya Tutoring: Evaluating a Growth Equity Deal in India
The Case of Synthroid (A): Marketing a Drug Coming Off Patent
The Case of Synthroid (B): Marketing a Drug Coming Off Patent
TabletTeach: Opportunity Analysis for a New Educational Technology Product
Taco Bell: The Breakfast Opportunity
A Tale of Two Hedge Funds: Magnetar and Peloton
A Tale of Two Turnarounds at EDS: The Jordan Rules
Target Corporation: Maintaining Relevance in the 21st Century Gaming Market
Target Stores: Strategic Brand Alliance Exercise
Positioning the Tata Nano (A)
Positioning the Tata Nano (B)
Teach For India: Marketing an Idea
Technical Note: Ten Secrets of Successful Business Families
Teradata Data Mart Consolidation Return on Investment at GST
Terlato Branding Strategy
Terlato Wines International: Managing Rutherford Hill Merlot in a Post-Sideways Market
Student Supplement: Terlato Wines International: Background Note on the U.S. Wine Market and Terlato Wines International
Teuer Furniture (A): Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
Teuer Furniture (B): Multiples Valuation
The BAT Case: Putting Tech Support on the Fast Track
The Best Deal Gillette Could Get? Proctor & Gamble's Acquisition of Gillette
The Case of the Missing Time
The Cradle (A)
The Cradle (B)
The Harilela Empire: An Indian Family Business in Hong Kong
The Hawaiian Airline Industry, 2001-2008
The Mother of All (Pricing) Battles: The 1992 Airline Price War
The Murugappa Group: Centuries-Old Business Heritage and Tradition
The Private Equity Industry
The Toys "R" Us LBO
The Trouble with Trains: How the Union Pacific-Southern Pacific Merger Went Awry
The U.S. Airline Industry in 1995
The Value of Flexibility at Global Airlines: Real Options for EDW and CRM
Technical Note: Third-Party Logistics: Current Issues and World Wide Web Resources
Thomson Financial: Building a Customer-Centric Firm
ThoughtWorks (A)
ThoughtWorks (B)
Lie, Cheat, and Steel: Governance and Scandal at ThyssenKrupp
TiVo: Changing the Face of Television
TiVo Segmentation Analytics
Maxxed Out: TJX Companies and the Largest-Ever Consumer Data Breach
The Politics of Tobacco Control: The U.S. Tobacco Industry in 1996
Unintended Acceleration: Toyota's Recall Crisis
Trend Micro: Responding to a Service Failure (A)
Trend Micro: Responding to a Service Failure (B)
Trilogy Corporation: Customer Value-Based Pricing
The Trouble with Lenders: Subtleties in the Debt Financing of Commercial Real Estate
ttools (A): The Value of a Patent to the Entrepreneur
ttools (B): The Value of a Patent to the Entrepreneur
Tupelo Medical: Managing Price Erosion
Uber China
Under Armour: Creating and Growing a New Consumer Brand
Unilever's Mission for Vitality
United Learning (A)
United Learning (B)
UPS Supply Chain Solutions
Uptown Cigarette
U.S. Automotive Retailing: 1995–2002 (A)
U.S. Automotive Retailing: 1995–2002 (B)
U.S. Automotive Retailing: 1995–2002 (C)
U.S. Credit Card Industry
U.S. Food Aid: Cash or Commodities?
The U.S. Gasoline Tax: Time for a Change
ValuJet Airlines
Vendor Managed Inventories
Venita Fields: What Private Equity Professionals Really Do
Verklar Austria
Video Surveillance Innovation: Anixter Closed-Circuit Twisted Pair System (CCTP)
Vioxx: Too Risky for Merck?
VMock: Pivoting to Succeed and Scale in a Technology Startup Company
The Volcker Rule: Financial Crisis, Bailouts, and the Need for Financial Regulation
Wal-Mart's Katrina Aid
Wal-Mart: The Store Wars
Washington Mutual (A): A Very Old Bank Can Grow - A Lot!
Washington Mutual (B): From Forty-Six to Sixteen
Wawa: Building a New Business within an Established Firm TN
Gaming the Gamers: Using Experience Maps to Develop Revenue-Generating Insights
Weight Solutions Clinic Bariatric Surgery Center
West Teleservices
Western-Southern Enterprise
Weston Nurseries Inc.(A)
Weston Nurseries Inc.(B)
The Whitney Clinic
Technical Note: Why Bond? The Benefits of Family Ties across Time, Space, and Generations
Triumph of the Commons: Wikia and the Commercialization of Open-Source Communities in 2009
Wikipedia in the Spotlight
Wild Oats: Sowing vs. Reaping
Wildcat Capital Investors: Real Estate Private Equity
Wills Lifestyle in India
Wingcast: Creating and Capturing Value in Telematics
Winn-Dixie Stores in 2005 (A): Cleanup on Aisle 11
Winn-Dixie Stores in 2005 (B): Cleanup on Aisle 11
WMS: Revenue Model Innovation for Gaming Solutions
Working at Workouts: Commercial Real Estate Debt in Distress
World Bicycle Relief: Social Enterprise Business Model
Writing Great Marketing Plans
Xbox One
Yaowawit School Kapong
YouTube, Google, and the Rise of Internet Video
Neighborhood Watch: The Rise of Zillow
Zimmer: The Gender-Specific Knee
Zithromax Z-Pak and the "Biaxin BBQ" (A)
Zithromax Z-Pak and the "Biaxin BBQ" (B)
Zopa: Time for a Brand Redesign?