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Case Summary

Customer Focus at Neiman Marcus

Case Number: 5-405-750, Year Published: 2006

HBS Number: KEL145

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Authors: Robert Dewar

Key Concepts

Customer Service Management, Organizational Culture, Organizational Design, Human Resources Management, Branding, Competitive Strategy


This case describes the winning formula at Neiman Marcus that has allowed it to achieve a position as the number one luxury retailer in the United States in terms of sales per square foot and profitability. The case highlights Neiman Marcus’s efforts to define who its customers are and are not, and to achieve superior focus on its customers by aligning location, price, service, and merchandise to fulfill these customers’ every need. The case highlights ways in which Neiman Marcus prevents typical silo behavior between merchandising and selling, and how it ensures that the right merchandise gets to the right customer despite the challenge of doing this in thirty-six micro markets.

Number of Pages: 43

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategy

Teaching Note Available: Yes

Geographic: United States

Industry: Retail

Organization Name: Neiman Marcus

Organization Department: Management

Organization Size: Medium

Year of Case: 2005