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Case Summary

Financial and Environmental Impact Analysis of Sustainable Retrofitting

Case Number: 5-409-752, Year Published: 2009

HBS Number: KEL430

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Authors: Denise Akason; William Bennett; Louis Merlini

Key Concepts

Green Building, Green Real Estate, Sustainable Real Estate, Sustainable Development, Green Development, Green Retrofitting, Sustainable Property, Sustainable Retrofitting, Retrofitting Existing Buildings, Greening Existing Buildings, Sustainable Multifamily Real Estate


The case puts students in the position of a young analyst working for a Chicago-based student housing developer. The premise is that the analyst, Tricia, must prepare a report for the firm’s partners detailing her recommendations regarding a variety of green upgrades for a potential value-added acquisition project. The redevelopment project is based on two multifamily student housing redevelopment projects in Denton, Texas (led by Iconic Development). The case focuses solely on the operating expense reduction that took place at the property and does not address potential changes to property revenues.

Learning Objectives

The objective of the case is to provide a framework for students to evaluate various sustainable retrofitting projects in a multifamily property. Students must analyze the energy impact, cost, financial returns, and environmental impact of each potential property upgrade, and then decide which upgrades to recommend to management.

Number of Pages: 9

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Real Estate

Teaching Note Available: Yes

Geographic: Denton, Texas, United States

Industry: Real Estate Development

Organization Name: BTB Development

Decision Maker Position: Development Associate

Decision Maker Gender: Female

Year of Case: 2009