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Redefining Social Impact:
Changing the Scope of Changing the World.


The Kellogg School of Management invites you to attend the 9th Innovating Social Change Conference to be held at Northwestern University's James L. Allen Center on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 8th, 2008.

What do Al Gore, Bill Drayton, and Muhammad Yunus have in common? All have innovated social change in their own right, by identifying sustainable solutions to societal and environmental problems that have fundamentally altered our world.

There is a revolution going on in the business world and the challenges of implementing and executing social change will not merely be encountered by those who pursue traditional social change roles in the nonprofit or NGO sector.  Increasingly, businesses such as Wal-Mart and Starbucks are incorporating the social change vocabulary into their daily business practices.  No longer must business leaders choose whether to make money or make a difference.  Today’s business leaders are learning that making a difference is increasingly possible, profitable, and required.

The 2008 ISC Conference will broaden the scope of the social change sector.  For-profit, nonprofit, and hybrid models each exist in a range of successful forms.  This year’s speakers and topics will draw attention to the variety of exciting avenues for business leaders to explore in their careers. 

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