Kellogg India Business Conference Presents the 2011

 Social Innovation Competition

 Sponsored By CRTI


 In Partnership with The Carol and Larry Levy Social Entrepreneurship Lab  and National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA)



In the last two decades, there have been a number of innovations by companies operating in India that have had an enormous impact on society. Whether we talk about the world’s cheapest car or the world’s cheapest water purifier, the one cent shampoo sachet or the one cent phone-call, a Hepatitis B vaccine at 3% of the prevailing cost or an internet based bazaar for farmers to buy and sell goods, each idea had a strong business case behind it in addition to its ability to transform society.

With India growing the way it has been and with all the challenges it has yet to overcome, the opportunities for social innovation are immense. Keeping this in mind, we encourage ideas that can have a meaningful impact on the life of the ordinary man and, at the same time, can create sufficient returns for shareholders. Ideas that leverage technology to solve problems including but not limited to:

  • Education
  • Access to education in rural areas
  • New education delivery methods
  • Quality of Life
  • Access to drinking water and other life essentials
  • Improving sanitation systems in urban slums
  • Productive agricultural methods
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation bottlenecks
  • Broadband penetration
  • Health
  • Increasing access to preventive and maternity health care in rural areas
  • Vaccine/Drug administration in rural areas

 Submission of Entries

Registration – 10th December 2010 - 6pm CST (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Registration Form at the bottom of this page must be filled and entry fee of $30 per team must be made by either credit card (payment link below in registration section) or a check mailed to

Kellogg School of Management (Attn: Jennifer Johnson)

Donald P. Jacobs Center

2001 Sheridan Road Evanston, IL 60208

Initial Round - Submission of initial pitch deck by 10th January 2011 (6pm CST)

Final Round - Presentation of detailed business idea – 29th January 2011 at the India Business Conference (Finalists get free entry to the conference).


Participation is limited to undergraduate/postgraduate students of any educational institution in the United States of America.

Initial Round – 10th January 2011 - 6pm CST

The permitted team size is two to four students. Each team must submit a 8 slide deck including cover page, team information, logos and the executive summary. The deck should clearly address the following aspects -

  • Description of the Problem and the Solution
  • Financial Viability
  • Revenue Model
  • Scalability
  • Context (Target Customer Base, Size of Opportunity, etc.)
  • Uniqueness of the Idea
  • Social Impact and Metrics

There will be a panel of three judges for this round. Results of the initial round will be given out by January 16th 2011. Three teams will be selected for the final round.

Final Round – 29th January 2011 at the India Business Conference

Participants will be required to present a 15 slide deck which elaborates on the key aspects of the initial round and in addition identifies

  • Risks and competitive threats including macroeconomic conditions
  • Market Entry Challenges (specific to India)
  • Resources – (financing, IP, people required)

The judges for the final round will see the participants present their ideas and question them on the same. Results of the final round will be given out on January 29th 2011 itself.


 First Prize: $10,000

 Second Prize: $5,000

 Post Competition Support

  • Mentoring for Business Plan Development
  • Option for participation in the NCIIA program and incubation via a 2-Semester Course 
  • A Venture Lab for two worth $2500 including travel, hotel accomodation and workshop registration
  • If the winners are Kellogg/Northwestern students they will be offered in addition, invitations for final round interviews for the Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship in India from CRTI (fully paid summer internship) and the Levy Lab Social Entrepreneurship Internship (funded internship)





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