Kellogg - India Business Conference 2004
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RASHMI MISRA - Founder and Chairperson, VIDYA (Vidya Integrated Development For Youth and Adults)

Rashmi Misra is the founder and chairperson of VIDYA (Vidya Integrated Development For Youth and Adults) a well known Indian non-profit organization working towards the empowerment of women and children from urban slum areas in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa.

Over 20 years, VIDYA's unique grass-root development programs have proved to be very successful in transforming the lives of many of India's most underprivileged. The organization is known for its ability to develop educated and empowered women and children who in turn become leaders of social change within their communities. This is achieved through a wide range of integrative development programs which include schools, pre-school crèches, health-care clinics, and income generation skill training centers. In addition to the above, VIDYA facilitates micro-enterprise and micro-credit programs aimed at catalyzing entrepreneurship at the grassroots level.

VIDYA is run almost entirely by volunteers. The organization is frequently profiled in the Indian and international media, and its founder has received several prestigious awards. VIDYA was one of only two New Delhi based social development programs featured during Hillary Clinton's state visit to India in 1995. VIDYA works closely with other organizations and corporations including Monsoon & Accessorize (UK), GE India, IIT Bombay, the Rotary Club, and NTPC.

Rashmi Misra, VIDYA's founder, currently lives in Mumbai. She has a degree in History from Lady Sri Ram College (New Delhi). In addition to her work with VIDYA, she is involved in many social development programs both in Delhi and Mumbai.

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