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Richard Lenny, Ann Drake, Dean Sally Blount and Roslyn Brock (L-R) gather to celebrate alumni achievements

Kellogg celebrates alumni leaders at May 3 “With Gratitude”

Dean Sally Blount ’92 honored Roslyn M. Brock ’99, Ann M. Drake ’84 and Richard H. Lenny ’77

By Amanda Norton

5/4/2018 - EVANSTON – Dean Sally Blount ’92 joined alumni and friends to celebrate the recipients of the 2018 Kellogg Alumni Awards and members of the Kellogg Leadership Circle, who make a pivotal difference in supporting the school’s mission with their annual gifts and sustained commitment to Kellogg.

Roslyn M. Brock ’99, Ann M. Drake ’84 and Richard H. Lenny ’77 were recognized for their significant impact as business leaders and Kellogg alumni.

Courageous and data driven

Brock, vice president, advocacy and government relations, Bon Secours Health System and chairman emeritus, NAACP, received the Schaffner Award in recognition of her bold and strategic direction in healthcare provision and advocacy and her decades of engagement and leadership with the NAACP.

Brock knows that being courageous and data driven is key in healthcare and social impact. “When we’re concerned about the overall health and well-being of communities and individuals, the social impact is much greater. There’s a pursuit of greater good rather than solely a focus on profit margins. It’s important we never forget why we started the business in the first place.”

Brock’s commitment to community engagement doesn’t end with her workday, though. “As a civil and human rights leader, I’ve often had to ask additional probing questions, to identify and address the root causes of insidious societal problems,” says Brock, adding that Kellogg instilled in her an ability to use the power of data to make tough leadership decisions.

Dream big, think boldly

Drake, chairman and CEO, DSC Logistics, Inc., received the Distinguished Alumni Service Award for her work on Kellogg’s Global Advisory Board, support of the 2018 Global Women’s Summit, establishment of the Drake Scholars, innovative leadership at DSC Logistics and sustained civic engagement. The Distinguished Alumni Service honors alumni who have made significant investments in shaping Kellogg’s strategy, culture and brand to compete in the global marketplace.

Drake is optimistic about the future for female business leaders, but she knows there is still a long road ahead.

As the first woman to receive the prestigious Distinguished Service Award from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Drake founded AWESOME, which stands for Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education, in 2013 to help women network and excel in the supply chain industry.

Drake’s own network today includes Kellogg’s Global Advisory Board and the Global Women’s Summit. “Kellogg was transformational and took me to a whole new place,” she says. “I was an entrepreneur and I didn’t know about large-scale business at all, but that’s what the Executive MBA program is all about – it’s a sort of level-setting for people with potential coming from a wide variety of places. It gave me the tools and the mindset and network to call upon and be called upon to make things happen.”

Collaboration as competitive advantage

Lenny, chairman of the board, IRI and former chairman and CEO, the Hershey Company, received the Wade Fetzer Award for his sustained dedication to Kellogg, including among many roles his leadership of the Campaign Steering Committee and work on the Global Advisory Board, as well as his service as co-chair of Kellogg’s Corporate Governance Conference. The Wade Fetzer Award recognizes outstanding dedication and loyalty in support of Kellogg’s alumni.

While a student, Lenny was struck by Kellogg’s collaborative atmosphere. “We all worked hard and wanted to do well and get a good job, but there weren’t the 'sharp elbows' that at the time seemed to be indicative of other business schools,” he says. “Now when one talks about a cooperative and collaborative environment it sounds very commonplace, but it wasn’t always commonplace, and this has been one of Kellogg’s competitive advantages for many decades.”

Lenny sees the collaboration he first witnessed at Kellogg only increasing. “Years ago, people joined companies because they wanted to work at that company. Now, people want to join a community.”

The awards celebration kicked off Reunion 2018, where more than 2,000 alumni are expected to reconnect with their Kellogg experience.