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Healthcare at Kellogg (HCAK) is led by a group of renowned professors who are proven experts in the business, economics and policy of healthcare. Together, they conduct research and design courses around the most relevant, challenging topics business leaders and practitioners face in today’s market.

Kellogg’s healthcare MBA is led by professor Craig Garthwaite, who serves as HCAK’s faculty director.
Craig Garthwaite

At Kellogg, we understand that, first and foremost, healthcare is a market-based enterprise and leaders must therefore possess all of the fundamental tools of business management. We also understand that market participants must respect the unique features inherent to healthcare that dictate the costs and benefits affecting firms, providers and patients. Therefore, our research and teaching is focused on understanding and communicating the specific ways healthcare firms create and capture value in the market.

Craig Garthwaite / Director of Healthcare at Kellogg and Associate Professor of Strategy

Professor Mohanbir Sawhney on Technology’s Disruption in Healthcare

Kellogg MBA student Michael Salna (1Y 2021) interviews Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, associate dean of digital innovation and clinical professor of marketing, on technology’s disruption in the healthcare industry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Hospitals, big investors, and insurers bought 22,700 doctors during the pandemic in a race that could shape the future of healthcare

Article features insight and research by Professor David Dranove, whose work found that when hospitals acquired physician groups, patients got better referrals and utilized more healthcare.

Insider, 09 Jul 2021

America's broken healthcare system encourages neurologists to prescribe a new Alzheimer's drug, even if they don't believe it works

Article features Professor Craig Garthwaite who says the new Alzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm, is the ‘perfect storm’ to illustrate there is a need for pricing reform. Mentioned on the same topic in The Washington Post.

Insider, 25 Jun 2021

America’s Supreme Court paves the way for college athletes to get paid

Article references research by Professor Craig Garthwaite that explores what college athletics would look like if it operated as a free market.

The Economist, 22 Jun 2021

Some states are cutting off emergency food-assistance programs and making it harder to qualify

Article features Professor Elena Prager whose recent research finds that the new requirements for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program benefits do not lead more people to working. Also featured on Vox’s The Weeds podcast.

The Washington Post, 18 Jun 2021

Medicare Must Study Unproven, Expensive Alzheimer’s Drug

Article by Professor Craig Garthwaite argues that Medicare shouldn’t simply cover a the new Alzheimer’s treatment without evaluating it first, and understanding if paying for it stands to help its users. On the same topic in the Financial Times, Politico and Yahoo! Finance.

Bloomberg, 15 Jun 2021

Work rules for SNAP benefits don’t lead to more people working, study finds

Article features Professor Elena Prager whose recent research finds that the new requirements for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program benefits do not lead more people to working.

Marketplace, 09 Jun 2021


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    During COVID, governments eased hiring restrictions. A Kellogg economist explains why the labor market should stay flexible.

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    As healthcare gets more complex—and more expensive—business models are adapting to address misaligned interests and incentives.

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    There are tangible benefits for quality of care when hospitals compete for higher-paying patients.

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