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Healthcare at Kellogg (HCAK) is led by a group of renowned professors who are proven experts in the business, economics and policy of healthcare. Together, they conduct research and design courses around the most relevant, challenging topics business leaders and practitioners face in today’s market.

Kellogg’s healthcare MBA is led by professor Craig Garthwaite, who serves as HCAK’s faculty director.

At Kellogg, we understand that, first and foremost, healthcare is a market-based enterprise and leaders must therefore possess all of the fundamental tools of business management. We also understand that market participants must respect the unique features inherent to healthcare that dictate the costs and benefits affecting firms, providers and patients. Therefore, our research and teaching is focused on understanding and communicating the specific ways healthcare firms create and capture value in the market.

Craig Garthwaite / Director of Healthcare at Kellogg and Associate Professor of Strategy
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Coronavirus Highlights the Pitfalls of Health Deductibles

Article includes quote from Professor Craig Garthwaite who states that the two main reasons to consider cost sharing as efficient is that it dissuades excess care and allows movement of people to more cost-effective options.

The New York Times, 09 Mar 2020

Coronavirus hurting supply chain to Chicago-area companies

Article quotes Professor Philip Braun's on the coronavirus’ effect on the local Chicago business landscape, and how it potential could result in layoffs. Also featured in this WGN broadcast.

Chicago Tribune, 28 Feb 2020

Coronavirus hits mask maker Medline's operations

Article includes Professor Sunil Chopra’s view on the impact of coronavirus on mask maker Medline’s operations, citing a cause for concern when supply and demand move in opposite directions.

Crain’s Chicago Business, 27 Feb 2020

Episode 28- Craig Garthwaite

Poscast episode featuring Professor Craig Garthwaite explores a variety of topics including how to lower drug prices, how US drug spending drives global innovation, and the definition of “Medicare for All” in relation to Bernie Sander’s healthcare plan.

A Second Opinion, 24 Feb 2020

US survey finds smaller decline in medical bill worries

Article includes quote by Professor David Dranove on how out of pocket costs for patients may counter gains they make in an improving economy. Story originated from Associated Press.

The New York Times, 12 Feb 2020

‘American Dirt’ Is Proof the Publishing Industry Is Broken

Article references the research of Professor Craig Garthwaite, which notes that the selection of five books in Oprah’s Book Club’s decreases the sales of other adult books.

The New York Times , 27 Jan 2020


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    Data from two ERs suggest that patients at teaching hospitals aren’t losing out on face time with senior physicians.

    Would "Medicare for All" Really Reduce Healthcare Costs in the U.S.?

    Single payer drives significant savings in countries like Canada. But new research suggests it might play out differently in the U.S.

    When an Industry Consolidates, What Happens to Wages?

    A surprisingly consistent answer has emerged in one sector: healthcare.

    There’s a Better Way to Manage Your Inventory

    Using data from a drug-store chain, a new model finds opportunities to prevent shortages and boost profits.

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