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Healthcare at Kellogg (HCAK) is led by a group of renowned professors who are proven experts in the business, economics and policy of healthcare. Together, they conduct research and design courses around the most relevant, challenging topics business leaders and practitioners face in today’s market.

Kellogg’s healthcare MBA is led by professor Craig Garthwaite, who serves as HCAK’s faculty director.
Craig Garthwaite

At Kellogg, we understand that, first and foremost, healthcare is a market-based enterprise and leaders must therefore possess all of the fundamental tools of business management. We also understand that market participants must respect the unique features inherent to healthcare that dictate the costs and benefits affecting firms, providers and patients. Therefore, our research and teaching is focused on understanding and communicating the specific ways healthcare firms create and capture value in the market.

Craig Garthwaite / Director of Healthcare at Kellogg and Associate Professor of Strategy
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Healthcare at Kellogg Bolstered by Gift for Biopharma

Article shares that Kellogg alumnus, Kent Hawryluk ’07, gifted $3 million to the business school, establishing the Hawryluk Biopharmaceutical Scholars Endowed Fund.

Clear Admit, 04 Mar 2021

How Much Does a C-Section Cost? At One Hospital, Anywhere From $6241 to $60,584

Article quotes Professor Amanda Starc, who says that the penalties for failing to meet pricing-disclosure requirements is not enough to force large hospitals to be compliant.

The Wall Street Journal, 11 Feb 2021

In The Covid Era, A Different Kind Of Elite Case Competition

Article by Professor Tim Calkins discusses the history of Kellogg’s Healthcare Case Competition and why it’s different this year, much associated with its focus – building Covid-19 vaccination rates in a world of vaccine hesitancy.

Poets&Quants, 02 Feb 2021

For Elite Golfers, Money Talks

Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite who discusses how appearance fees can create perverse incentives, making athletes less inclined to participate without a reward.

The New York Times, 20 Jan 2021

Why The U.S. Must Buy Every Vaccine Dose It Can Access

Bloomberg’s The Tape podcast features Professor Craig Garthwaite, who discusses how the U.S. can distribute and administer the Covid-19 vaccine most efficiently.

Bloomberg, 21 Dec 2020

It’s Not Just You: Picking a Health Insurance Plan Is Really Hard

Article quotes Professor Amanda Starc and her recent research that shows that some Medicare Advantage plans may leave patients better off than others.

The New York Times, 11 Dec 2020


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    Is Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine the Next Blockbuster Drug?

    Investors are keeping a close eye on the drug firm's vaccine advances. But the company's longer-term fortunes may lie elsewhere.

    Choosing the Right Health-Insurance Plan Could Add Years to Your Life

    New evidence suggests that certain Medicare Advantage plans increase life spans more than others. Here’s what the best plans have in common.

    Pharma Companies Argue That Lower Drug Prices Would Mean Fewer Breakthrough Drugs. Is That True?

    Probably not, a new study suggests—as long as the price decreases are modest.

    Why Well-Meaning NGOs Sometimes Do More Harm than Good

    Studies of aid groups in Ghana and Uganda show why it’s so important to coordinate with local governments and institutions.

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