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Healthcare at Kellogg (HCAK) is led by a group of renowned professors who are proven experts in the business, economics and policy of healthcare. Together, they conduct research and design courses around the most relevant, challenging topics business leaders and practitioners face in today’s market.

Kellogg’s healthcare MBA is led by professor Craig Garthwaite, who serves as HCAK’s faculty director.

At Kellogg, we understand that, first and foremost, healthcare is a market-based enterprise and leaders must therefore possess all of the fundamental tools of business management. We also understand that market participants must respect the unique features inherent to healthcare that dictate the costs and benefits affecting firms, providers and patients. Therefore, our research and teaching is focused on understanding and communicating the specific ways healthcare firms create and capture value in the market.

Craig Garthwaite / Director of Healthcare at Kellogg and Associate Professor of Strategy
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Democrats Debate Healthcare Plans: What Does it All Mean?

Segment features Professor Elena Prager who explains the “Medicare for All” system and it explains how it would impact the healthcare industry.

CLTV, 01 Aug 2019

Trump administration outlines plans for eventual importation of cheaper drugs

Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on his concerns about the importation of lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada.

The Washington Post, 31 Jul 2019

How a Medicare Buy-In or Public Option Could Threaten Obamacare

Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the potential destabilization of the A.C.A. if a proposed government alternative to private insurance is implemented.

The New York Times , 29 Jul 2019

Medicare For All Shouldn’t Be Driven By Simplistic Comparisons Across Countries

Article by Professor Craig Garthwaite discusses the democratic debate theme “Medicare for All” and while basing price regulations on those of developing countries seems reasonable, we should avoid it.

Forbes, 29 Jul 2019

Drug Pricing Policy Means Deciding When To Say “No”

Article by Professor Craig Garthwaite who says pharmaceutical pricing policy boils down to determining the optimal type of government intervention in the market.

Forbes, 25 Jul 2019

Why your organization sucks at change, and what to do about it.

Podcast by Adjunct Lecturer Sean Johnson features an interview with Professor Jillian Chown, who discusses the various challenges preventing companies from changing and how leadership can help to combat these challenges.

The Disruptors, 18 Jul 2019


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