“The Multifaceted CFO”
October 27, 2010
James L. Allen Center, Evanston, Illinois

Each year, the Kellogg Investment Banking and Capital Markets club, the Kellogg Corporate Finance Club and the Kellogg Investment Management club support a flagship finance conference.

The 2010 Kellogg Finance Conference is set to be an exclusive gathering of top C-level finance professionals from around the country sharing their ideas and insights on the expanded role of the Chief Financial Officer in today’s changing environment.  In the past, the role of the CFO was more generally an accounting role, managing the firm’s finances and tallying its accounts, with responsibilities confined to classic debt versus equity questions.  Today, the CFO is quickly becoming the person upon whom many boards now depend for answers.  Although CEOs are still firmly piloting the ship, many of their orders of late seem to be landing on the CFOs desk.  As a recent survey of 500 senior executives conducted by Business Week demonstrates, the CFO is pivotal in restoring public trust and he or she has to serve as an important bridge between the CEO and the board on governing matters.  In addition, the CFO must expand the role of economic corporate steward, dissenting when necessary, and providing the CEO with effective strategic insights on the affairs of the company and its businesses.  In a recent survey, 71% of the CEOs reported that their CFO is their closest business confidante.

The 2010 Finance Conference, The Multifaceted CFO, shines the spotlight on the drastically changed responsibilities of the CFO.  Key leaders including CFOs of major Fortune 100 companies will elaborate on necessary skills for success in this environment of changed expectations.  The keynotes and panel will focus on specific areas where the CFO’s role has grown dramatically, from a massive deal to personal viewpoints on the changed role.  Participants will get an opportunity to gain insider perspectives from top CFOs and new leaders in the finance function on a charting a career path in the ever shifting marketplace.  An exclusive networking reception allows participants of the conference to mingle with several recruiting companies in Investment Banking, Corporate Finance and Investment Management.