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MKTG 463 - Sales Force Management

Sales Force Management is a course designed for anyone who will, at some point in his/her career, manage salespeople (e.g., VP sales and marketing, VP sales, regional or district sales manager), or will be a general manager in a company in which the sales force is an integral part of the marketing mix. The course takes both a strategic and a tactical perspective. Strategic issues include: What part does the sales force play in the company's go-to-market strategy? What is the best size for the sales force? How should the sales force be organized? What is the best way to allocate sales force resources? Tactical issues include: What are effective approaches to selling? How do we hire the best salespeople and train them? How do we motivate the field force? How do we compensate our people? What are effective ways for evaluating performance? How do we align sales territories?

  Sec. 61 - Day Class: download (pdf)
  Sec. 71 - Evening Class: download (pdf)

Course Content and Administration:    
  Sec. 61 - Day Class: download (pdf)
  Sec. 71 - Evening Class: download (pdf)

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