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The Kellogg School Summit for Sales Executives
The Kellogg School Summit for Sales Executives affords senior sales executives an annual opportunity to address critical business issues related to sales strategy and operations with leading authorities from industry and academia. Each year, the one-day Summit combines leading edge thinking with real world examples to explore a pressing topic to sales executives.

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Accelerating Sales Force Performance
This five-day program tackles all of the issues surrounding sales force productivity and shows how to develop strategies that will achieve your company's high impact sales force goals. The program begins with an exploration of effective go-to-market strategies, including those pertaining to telesales and the Internet. The world-class Kellogg faculty will then lead you through the latest innovative approaches for sizing, structuring, and resource management. Finally, you will build a framework for performance assessment in your organization. This framework combined with a Sales Force Performance Scorecard will help you to create an action plan to maximize the power of your sales force.

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Sales Force Incentive Planning: Compensating for Results
Compensation plans are more than just rewards - they are strategies. The right incentive compensation plan can empower a sales force and have a profound impact on an organization's earnings. This program will help you to understand the major issues and latest approaches to designing and implementing effective, motivational sales force incentive plans. Topics include: components of the compensation plan, measurement methods for sales force compensation, drivers of sales force performance, approaches to setting quotas, and implementation techniques.

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