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Current Sales Issues


Current Sales Issues

If you have an issue you�d like to share, feel free to email me and I�ll post it online.

Sales forces face numerous diverse challenges, concerns and issues. Some issues occur regularly, while others are infrequent. The following figure and subsequent list attempt to classify many of them.

External-Customer Issues

  • How do I change my selling process and sales force organization to accommodate the following changes?
    • Customers are consolidating.
    • Customers are getting more sophisticated.
    • Customers are buying globally.
    • Transactional and consultative market segments are emerging.
  • Should I go direct? Should I go indirect?
  • How can my sales force support my channel partners?

External-Environmental Issues

  • The economy is growing rapidly - how do I manage the growth?
  • We may be in a recession - what do I do with my sales force?
  • How do I incorporate the Internet into my Go-to-Market Strategy?
  • How is technology changing the way that I need to sell?
  • The unemployment rate is high - how do I upgrade my sales force?
  • The unemployment rate is down - how do I attract and retain good people.
  • Our industry is getting deregulated - how do I adapt my selling organization?

External-Competitive Issues

  • How do I use our sales force for competitive advantage?
  • How do I restructure in the face of global competitors?
  • Our competitors are more customer focused - what do I do?

Internal-Strategy Shifts

  • How do I create a sales force?
  • How do I effectively integrate selling organizations after a merger, acquisition or alliance?
  • How do I change my sales force to successfully launch a new product or enter a new market?
  • How do we move from a product focus to a customer focus?
  • How do I adapt my selling organization to a new selling motion?
  • What should our service offering be?
  • Do we need to redefine our selling proposition?
  • How do I implement change without sacrificing revenue and profitability?

Internal-Performance Enhancement

  • How do I measure sales force performance?
  • How do I create the best sales force in the industry?
  • How do I ensure that I can make the sales goal?
  • How do I lower my cost of sales? How do I get more sales for less cost?
  • How can I motivate our salespeople and sales managers?
  • How can I increase the quality of our salespeople and sales managers?
  • Half of our people are using an outmoded selling model - what should I do?
  • How do we get everyone aligned behind the sales strategy?
  • What is the right size and structure for my sales force?
  • Who should we call on? How frequently?
  • How should we manage strategic accounts?
  • How much should I pay my salespeople? What is the role of incentives?
  • What is the best training program?
  • How can I get sales and marketing to cooperate?
  • How can I use technology effectively?
  • How can I establish territory potential?
  • How do I reduce turnover?
  • How do I create a high-performance sales force culture?