Andris A. Zoltners

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Sales Management Courses


Building a Winning Sales Force—Powerful Strategies for Driving High Performance
(with P. Sinha and S. Lorimer)
2009, Amacon Books/American Management Association

Building a Winning Sales Force provides current and aspiring sales leaders with innovative yet practical advice for dealing with many of their most critical and frequently faced sales force challenges and opportunities. The book outlines a Sales System framework for organizing the components and linkages that exist within sales organizations to help sales leaders diagnose problems, recognize opportunities, and adapt their sales forces appropriately. Throughout the book, the authors draw on their extensive experience as teachers and consultants to sales organizations. The ideas have been tested and developed through interactions with sales leaders at over 400 sales organizations that the authors have personally worked with, and also through classroom discussions with over a thousand executive-level students in corporate programs and at world-leading business schools. Enlightening case study illustrations with accompanying figures and descriptions are used throughout to bring ideas to life.

The Complete Guide to Sales Force Incentive Compensation: How to Design and Implement Plans that Work
(with P. Sinha and S. Lorimer)
Aug. 2006, Amacom Books/American Management Association

The Complete Guide to Sales Force Incentive Compensation: How to Design and Implement Plans that Work is intended to help sales, marketing, finance and human resource managers and executives master the concepts, tools and processes necessary to create incentive compensation plans that motivate the sales force, drive sales results, and increase the bottom line. Bringing together a depth of experience, theory, insight and detail, this comprehensive sourcebook describes the major sales force compensation issues and explains in detail innovative approaches for designing, assessing, and implementing effective plans.

Sales Force Design for Strategic Advantage
(with P. Sinha and S. Lorimer)
2004, Palgrave Macmillan

A sourcebook for strategic sales force planning and management, this book delves deeply into core issues of sales force design, including sales and go-to-market strategy, sales force size, structure, roles and territory alignment, managing change, and sustaining success. Blending sales management science with real-world examples and practical frameworks, it is written for sales executives and managers with strategic sales responsibility, to help them successfully create, expand, downsize, merge or restructure a sales organization for maximum impact.

Available through online booksellers, bookstores or the publisher. Translated from English to Polish.

The Complete Guide to Accelerating Sales Force Performance
(with P. Sinha and G. Zoltners)
2001, Amacom Books/American Management Association

Based on in-depth analysis and insights from more than 25 years of teaching, research and consulting, this book provides a comprehensive, practical guide to improving sales force effectiveness in today�s rapidly changing environment. Today�s sales managers and executives face a tight economy, increasing sales costs, aggressive competition, and more demanding customers. As a result, managing and motivating a sales force has never been more difficult �or more important.

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The Fat Firm: The Transformation of a Firm from Fat to Fit
(with P. Sinha and S. Murphy)
1997, McGraw-Hill

One of�s �50 Most Humorous Business Books�, The Fat Firm mixes seasoned management expertise with talented cartooning to reveal the inner workings of real companies � how they let fat creep in and weaken their competitive edge, and how they can get fit and stay successful over the long haul. It�s serious fun for everybody who cares about the health and future of their company.

Available through online booksellers, bookstores or the publisher. Translated from English to Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish and Chinese.

Marketing Planning Models
Editor, 1982

Marketing Decision Models
Editor, 1981