Riverside vs. DEC: Another Negotiation Exercise

Please fill out the form below when you and your compatriot have completed your negotiations. DON'T press the 'Enter' key until the form is complete: Move from field to field using your mouse, or the 'Tab' key. (If you make a mistake and submit an incorrect or incomplete form, just fill out and submit another one.)


Employer: Riverside

Name of other negotiator:

Pair number: Section: day

Has an agreement been reached?

yes (fill out remainder of form)
no (go to end of form)

The drop-boxes on the form below should display all the options when you first click the down-triangles. If they don't, please note that you can use the scrollbar in a dropped box to display (and then select) any option.

Technology: If Technoclean: Guaranteed?
Subsidy of $ 000
Plant Operations:
Public Relations: PR Amount:
Liability Assistance:
Compliance Incentive: