DECS-430 Course Requirements


The complete set of course materials is available online, organized into five week-by-week segments. The materials for each week are designed to be read after that week's class. Two books with the same title, "Statistics for Business and Economics," one by Newbold, Carlson, and Thorne, and the other by Anderson, Sweeney, and Williams, have been occasionally used in sections of related courses in recent years. If you feel the need for a traditional textbook, a used copy of either will probably serve you well.


There are sets of practice problems to be completed following each session: A full set of answers is attached to each set. Try them, reconcile your answers with those on the website, and contact me whenever uncertainties remain. You can reach me by email at, or by phone (at most reasonable hours, i.e., after 10 AM and before midnight, when I'm not in class) at 847-644-2585.

As well, there will be a short set of homework problems posted in Weeks 1-4. You must work on these problems individually, or with at most one or two classmates (this is an Honor Code requirement), and submit your answers individually (via the class website) no later than 11 PM on the Sunday after your Wednesday class. Answers will be sent out shortly after the submission deadline. Course policy: Your submission must have your name on it, and be submitted on time, in order to receive credit.


Should you bring your own computer and try to work along with me? That's a personal decision. Some find working in parallel to be very helpful, and others find it a counterproductive distraction. Having a computer with you in class is completely optional.


The evaluative components of the course consist of completion of the online precourse material before classes begin (20%) (completion = "A"), timely completion of (and performance on) the four homework assignments (30%) (the highest grade will be "A" (95), and the lowest will be "C" (75)), and an examination given June 8, a week after the last class (50%). The exam will be open-book and open-notes, and will require the use of Microsoft Excel for Windows on a personal computer. (If you have a Mac, KIS will set you up with emulation software [purchased] and a copy of Office for Windows [free].)